Your Universal Crypto Wallet is Here – Flow “Free Will” with Arax

By February 11, 2019LaLa World

After endless coffees helping us go through long and exhausting nights, we at LALA World can’t contain our excitement to make our next big announcement marking the commencement of our festive celebrations. We introduce to you a product that holds the power to address challenges crippling the crypto community and more. We have thoughtfully named it Arax, after the perennial river of Albania that maintains its flow round the year. We expect our wallet to have the same effect in the lives of our users.

For the guesses that our community made, many of them hit the bull’s eye, as Arax is a crypto wallet. But hold on, it is not just a wallet that would hold LALA Tokens, but has a lot more in the bag to serve the purpose.

Here is what we bring to you in our beta release of Arax.

1. Near By

Now with Arax you can send cryptocurrency to a friend or family member nearby. It brings you the real convenience of sending crypto instantly via GPS to nearby Arax Wallet Users without any fee.


2. Multi-coin and Multi-asset Support

Arax natively supports 12 different types of tokens and coins, making it one of the most versatile wallets in the industry, as well as, the most convenient one. New coins will keep on adding with time through community voting. Here is the list of supported cryptocurrencies and we intend to add more coins every week via community vote on the official Arax website.

3. Money Transfer (coming soon)

Waiting to send and receive money overseas is a thing of the past. With Arax, send funds to your friends, family and business associates using your cryptocurrencies in a swift, cost-effective and secure manner. This has taken a lot of work in the background.

4. Utilities

Arax enables you to utilize the true potential of cryptocurrencies by offering utilities. You can now make mobile recharges, pay phone and utility bills via crypto using the wallet in over 140 countries. Try it to believe it, how seamless this is.

Our Expected Timelines

While we are going beta today, this is how we plan to take the things forward:

  • Arax iOS Beta release by March 2019
  • The Android Beta App update by end of March 2019
  • Arax Wallet Web App launch by start of Q2 2019

Public Beta Testing, Our Expectations

“As the crypto market steadily makes an upward trend, we believe that ARAX is going to revolutionize the way people use Crypto.”  – Sankalp Shangari

The ARAX team is sparing no effort to deliver a user-friendly and secure wallet. This is our best foot forward for mass adoption of crypto currencies. We aim to bring a positive change to the crypto market by addressing its challenges. In this beta release, we would like to give a shout-out to everybody to participate in further development of this new age universal wallet.

From LALA to Arax

With Arax, LALA World establishes that it is 100% crypto-focused. LALA is channelizing all its energies and efforts to build Arax into one of the most competitive products in the crypto space to look out for and later support features like Dapps, newer blockchain integrations, trading signals, remittance, star ratings & in app loyalty rewards, online payments, staking of coins, kiosk payments along with a new iOS & web app and more, as we move into new geographies.

Arax is the first installment from LALA World to make cryptocurrencies a globally accepted phenomenon. This project works in-line with the company’s aim to facilitate financial access to the masses. Arax will enable the same by providing the ease of access to funds, surpassing borders and boundaries by leveraging the true power of cryptocurrencies.

Team LALA welcomes you to experience Arax: Your Universal Crypto Wallet.


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