Why Beta is good?

By February 18, 2019LaLa World

Why go beta first ?
For a start-up, releasing their product or application is like the D-Day, laying foundation of victory and
going live in the industry. It takes months of planning, brainstorming and efforts to shape the app into
its final form and launch in the market. All these efforts go down the drain, if users find bugs and report
issues with this app. And it is evidently a troublesome task to improve negative impressions set by such

What went wrong?
While everything was planned and your app was believed to take the world by storm, a little overlooked
speck ended up in a blunder and it all came crashing. This is what usually the case is, where little errors
result in the maximum damage for the app and brand image.

The UI/UX was choppy, a few functions were hit and miss, designers of the project incorrectly assessed
what the users wanted, and the list is endless. One can never have enough testing done on their end
before launching the app in the market. By the time it is out and user start finding issues with your app,
there is no option to retreat.

Is there a solution?
It is indeed one of those dicey situations for which William Shakespeare wrote, ‘to be or not to be’. The
app is ready and tested a gazillion times, but what if there somehow are a few bugs left here and there.
Dilemma of launching the app will continue with no solace.The solution of all these challenges comes in a very simple way: Beta Launch of the App.

Wondering why it is important to launch the Beta version of your app? To get it tested by the right
audience. Eventually, the product or app you have created is to cater the requirements of your users
and there is nothing better than that audience assisting you to mold it the way they actually require.

It is a strategic approach to launch Beta, as it assists in opting for the major decisions prior to the final
and official launch of the app. It can be of public or private or both in nature, depending upon your
audience, goals and position of the app to achieve in the market.

Is launching Beta a disgrace?
For many minds out there, there comes a thought that releasing a Beta version of their app would ruin
their image in the industry. As per their words, it will make people believe that we failed to make a bug-
free app. But luckily, it is not the case.

Beta launch can be for a number of reasons, ranging from testing some features and response to finding
direction and acceptability of your app. Beta testing is much more than what meets the eyes.
Here are a few things you can assess through Beta testing:

. Feature testing
. Bug fixing
. Direction and future of the app
. Percentage of acceptability
. Viral growth
. Potential risks

These assessments will only help you to serve your audience better and gain advantage over
competitors by releasing something that your users look forward to.

Why Beta Launch?
If the reasons listed above weren’t enough, here is why you should consider Beta launch:
1. Acceptance: At times you cannot define what the audience wants. Beta release will help you
identify what the market requirements are and this way, you can make the necessary changes.
All you need to keep in mind, you can never satisfy 100% of the audience, but you can always
serve them with the best.

2. Cost Effective Testing: Recalling the famous idiom, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’, for start-
ups, every penny counts. Reaching out the audience is always a win-win situation, as they not
only help you understand their requirements, but point out the issues without much of the
expenses. Targeted approach facilitates in identifying specific bugs and the road ahead is clear
to work upon.

3. Launch Control: By dividing stages of Beta launch, you can set goals and act as per their
achievement. This will also help you find what feature the users prefer more over others.

4. Connections: With the Beta launch, you can identify and establish connections with testers that
will be mutually beneficial in the future for different projects.

Beta launch is indeed a fruitful procedure to rectify, adapt and grow for start-ups and at the same time
for established businesses as well, while the purpose is to serve the users and add value to the industry.

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