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LALA Loyalty Rewards for LALA World Users

To LALA World App Users

Letting go of a good thing today will bring you something better tomorrow!

That tomorrow has finally arrived for all the LALA World App users today. We have an awesome surprise in store for you. In this week of love, we have decided to express our gratitude by bringing you a product that holds the power to address challenges crippling the crypto community and more. We have thoughtfully named it – ARAX, after the perennial river of Albania that maintains its flow round the year. We expect our wallet to have the same effect in the lives of our users.

Now for our loyal LALA users, we have designed a Special Loyalty Campaign that’ll further incentivise your adoption of this universal crypto wallet – Arax.

On your transitioning from LALA World App to Arax Wallet, each user will be rewarded with 500 LALA Tokens. All you have to do is share your previous LALA ID and the new Arax ID after you download and register on Arax, with us at https://goo.gl/EuiVAd and we will credit this assured reward in your Arax Wallet.

Please Note: To receive your LALA Tokens you have to create a new LALA Token Address in Arax. The old LALA wallet addresses will not be entertained.
The surprises don’t end here! Once registered on Arax Wallet, will also make you eligible for our weekly give away campaign having 1 million LALA up for grabs, where 100 lucky users will receive 2000 LALA Tokens each, every week.
We are sure that this must have got you all excited and ready for this new experience with our all new seamless Arax App.

Sankalp to panel at Accenture Fintech Asia Event as part of Singapore Fintech Festival Week

LALA World continues to set benchmarks and lead, with the latest addition of invitation by Accenture as a panellist at the FinTech in Asia Event, Singapore.

This event is organized by Accenture and Singapore Fintech Association, to be held on 15 th November 2018, at WeWork, Level 17, 60 Anson Road, Singapore. This esteemed invite to the event is in relation with the reputation earned by Lala World at Tokyo Accelerator Program, organized by Tokyo Government and Accenture.

Looking forward to see you there!

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LALA World in Tokyo – Selected To be a Part of an Exclusive FinTech Business Camp

FinTech Business

LALA World has been selected to be part of an exciting Accelerator Program, in Tokyo, Japan. The Accelerator Program “ Fintech Business Camp Tokyo ” is held by TMG (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) and run by Accenture with the aim of inviting foreign start-ups with cutting-edge technologies and business models to come to Tokyo. TMG’s goal with the program is for the start-ups to deepen their knowledge of both Japan’s market and various needs of the companies in the capital city. This program envisions to cultivate business networks and attract foreign companies.

LALA World is amongst the few start-ups handpicked by TMG for this camp. LALA world’s achievements in a short period of time were acknowledged. Our essence of our socio-business, gave us this inspiring chance to project our vision and business structure to Japanese market.

Not only this, we will get acquainted with the Japanese citizens, who are culturally inclined towards believing in inventing something new each day.

LALA Legacy is expanding its business and building an ecosystem that positively accommodates an increasing number of global citizens. Imprinting our footprints in Japan is just a step towards our aim.

Furthermore, LALA World is also interested in the TMG’s Financial One-Stop Support  Service, which offers a range of business and lifestyle assist, equipping startups with information and advice on Japan’s regulations, etc. They would additionally assist in all aspects from establishing a local company to infrastructure needs like office space and information on living in Tokyo.

We extend our gratitude to the community. It is because of their continuous support and feedback that we are able to maintain this accelerated development.

We are look forward to an enriching experience in Tokyo!

From the CEO’s Desk – Letter to LALA Family

LALA Family

I could think of no better time to express how grateful and proud I am to have such a dedicated and self-driven team at LALA World. They have yet again proved that a company’s success is a collective effort by a good team and not just a good leader. When I talk about the team, I mean LALA Family as a whole. Be it Tech, Business Development, Content or Human Resource, inputs from every one remains valuable for the future of LALA World.

The effort which marketing team has put in during our enlisting on KuCoin, one of the popular exchanges, was commendable. Working continuously for 48 hours was a task that nobody could have imagined is possible. But I am sure my team shares the same spirit of keeping LALA World’s community happy that must have pushed them to work beyond their physical and mental boundaries. The same goes for the tech team who has spent the sleepless nights at the time of LALA World’s Blockchain integration with Stellar and completed it in an amazingly short span of time.

I hope my LALA family feels appreciated for the efforts they are putting in. I am aware of the fact that they are performing many tasks which are above and beyond their KRAs. This has really helped us in meeting our deadlines on time.

My team has seen me at my best and worst frame of mind. At times when I am harsh, it’s only to draw out the best in them so that the team can outperform themselves. With team’s success comes the success of LALA World and I’ll be constantly standing behind them and provide all the support they require.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. 

Steve Jobs

I’m grateful to all of them for fighting this battle against financial deprivation with me. Together LALA Family can bring the change in the lives of millions!

LALA & Stellar protocol Integration Process Completes

Stellar protocol

After months of super hard work, we are glad to announce that we have reached a point where LALA & Stellar protocol integration process completes. We have signed NDA’s and agreements with various partner anchors of Stellar like Coins.Ph, TEMPO, MOIN etc. and are now in various stages of integration, documentation, and implementation.

Delivering a Stellar Product —LALA Transfer

We studied and considered almost every Blockchain for the remittance process for LALA over the last 8 months. Keeping our goal and vision of helping humanity and targeting the migrants and unbanked, we scrutinized several payment channels. We chose Stellar after several rounds of internal and external feedback because of its

• Negligible transaction fees of €0.000001

• Settlement times of 5s on average

And also because each payment would arrive directly from LALA Wallet sender to direct LALA Wallet receiver via your unique LALA ID acting as your full KYC — true peer-to-peer Satoshis vision.

Further, we have developed a white label Stellar platform solution, and we intend to work very closely with Stellar for helping other clients to use this platform in a plug and play fashion.

We have also developed algorithms and a central treasury desk to make markets between Fiat / LALA / XLM — an essential element of Stellar protocol that not many have been able to crack so far. We are immensely proud of the entire LALA team in delivering the results as expected.

In essence, LALA Transfer is a one-stop money transfer platform that combines traditional money transfer platforms (western union, transfer wise, express money etc.), Blockchain based remittance solutions (Stellar now and more to come later), aggregators of remittances, MTO’s (Money transfer operators) and new age money sending methods (USSD SMS, mobile vouchers etc.) all in one place to give best rates at different locations globally.

Product roadmaps and deliveries are also starting to roll out for other LALA Products. A detailed roadmap with updates will be out soon.

Stellar Network is an open-source Blockchain network which allows financial institutions and diverse payment services to be interoperable, making payments cheaper, more efficient, and faster.

LALA & Stellar protocol integration will open doors to the real people who need remittance services by utilizing Blockchain as a solution. This will open a wide range of opportunities for other partners and anchors as well, by using the LALA white label remittance solution.

With further testing and integration with couple more anchors, we expect to make live transactions within next 60 days. LALA TTokens will further ride with XLM as base market making currency providing a huge opportunity for LALA to be used widely.
In summary, LALA has yet again delivered what was promised.

1. LALA continues to make human life better by focusing on migrants and unbanked, and their families back home.
2. Stellar with their open source foundation, and almost nil fees advance our financial inclusion goals one step further.
3. LALA has developed white label solutions on top of Stellar — one of the best Blockchain payment solutions today.
4. Market making helps both LALA as well as XLM equally to make LALA widespread along with other products like LALA Lends and LALA Pay.
5. LALA ID becomes the global E-KYC standard across the unbanked population to deliver sustainable solutions to such communities.

Cross-border Remittance services coupled with LALA ID’s global E-KYC service is the centre of all LALA World’s offering. With the LALA & Stellar protocol integration, a strong foundation for the delivery of other services has been set, and we hope that this update would be a cause to rejoice for our community.

We are pushing ourselves to ensure that we can meet the gruelling timelines we have set. Our current processes and development positioned in sync and with our LALA partners, will only further strengthen the prowess of LALA. We believe that we are on track and couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.

To stay updated on the latest happenings & product news, join our Telegram community here.

Many thanks for being the driving force in this tough, but a meaningful journey!


Alternative banking

The traditional banking system has undergone vast development in the last few decades. From being remote organizations to becoming connected via technology, the financial institutions have experienced multiple changes. Despite all the digitalization and gradual reduction of formalities, banks are still far from developing accessibility and secured facilities. This has resulted in the need for an alternative banking system.

The banks have been trying hard to facilitate customers with the ease of banking anywhere, anytime. Creating a financial alternative to traditional banking was possible with the development of the Internet. But, it wasn’t until 2004 that a peer to peer lending system was developed.

LALA World has come up with multiple solutions that would prove to be alternatives to the existing services offered by traditional banks. It intends to provide payments services, peer to peer lending, micro-finance & remittance services, to name a few. The services are based on the creation of an immutable digital identity and seek to digitalize paperwork.

With the introduction of Blockchain, the possibility of having a better replacement of traditional banking system became feasible. Such is the impact of Blockchain that the traditional banks are trying to adopt it. A World Economic Forum report suggests that more than 15% banks across the world would adapt to Blockchain by 2018. This testifies its impact on this sector and the apprehensions of conventional players who are afraid to lose out to the alternative banking players.

“In the simplest sense, the key to the performance of any traditional commercial bank … is the profitability of the loans it makes.”

Robert Wilmers, chairman and CEO of M&T Bank

Read More: https://blog.lalaworld.io/how-lala-world-is-connecting-poor-families-through-its-global-financial-ecosystem/

LALA Id, for example, is a feature of LALA World’s global financial ecosystem that creates a unique digital identity for the users; the Id can be used to avail different financial services. LALA Wallet which is the primary product of LALA world is supported by LALA Id. LALA Wallet offers services such as bill payments, lending, and remittance.

We have been featured in Blockonomi – a fast growing blog on the Blockchain Technology, in its Nov 2017 edition: https://blockonomi.com/lala-world/

The ultimate objective of the LALA World is the financial inclusion of the underbanked. Our services would save them from high transaction costs and delays in transfers. The availability of quick loans in lieu of liquid assets is another added advantage of the financial ecosystem LALA World is building. People are shifting towards these alternative banking solutions as they are based on advanced technologies like Blockchain and offer better customer services.

The following features of Blockchain-based alternative banking are clear indicators of its huge success in the future:

  1. Faster transactions: Since Blockchain helps in transfers of funds through mere ledger entries, alternative banking based on this technology is much faster in comparison to the traditional banking. This technology allows inter-state fund transfer verification within minutes in contrast to the conventional banking process which takes 1-3 days.
  2. Improved security: The security of the transactions recorded on the shared ledger is ensured in the following ways:

First, since the transactions happen at a very fast pace, there is very less time for anyone to fiddle with the same and divert the money to some other account.

Secondly, the entries in the ledger, once verified, become part of a linked and irrefutable chronological history.

  1. Improved Data Quality: In traditional banking systems, it is very difficult to regulate who’s making what changes as everyone has the access to the information and can make changes without any intimation to other people in the system, unlike alternative banking. There is an entire industry devoted to data management for financial institutions, still, challenges persist. This is where Blockchain – based alternative banking comes in.

Present day Blockchain Technology is capable of keeping multiple copies of data that can be accessed and changed only as per a set of existing rules. The true value of the shared ledger technology is the fact that it is a single source of truth.

Blockchain is exactly the kind of technology that will enable LALA World to help migrants across the globe. We are extremely confident that we would be able to make a difference in the lives of the people worldwide.

Just Ask, Don’t Hesitate! Sankalp is excited to answer all your queries in the next AMA Session!

AMA session


We, at LALA World, always value transparency and are keen to reach out to people directly. And this doesn’t mean hiring a bunch of people for community management. As our very first (Ask Me Anything) AMA session turned out to be a huge success, we’ve decided to host another exciting AMA session with our CEO & Founder – Sankalp Shangari.

Transparency runs deep into our roots and is the guiding principle of whatever we do! This ideology has been driven aggressively by our top managers and leaders. This is one of the many steps that LALA is taking to ensure transparency, and we firmly believe this small step would help you to open your hearts and further strengthen the bond between us.

“A Lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity” –  Dalai Lama

Click here to visit LaLa World Subreddit

You can ask anything regarding the LALA World’s vision, future of Blockchain technology, and so on. In short, you can ask anything about the decentralized economy. With this #AMA, we are trying to clear all your doubts & concerns, and address them in a detailed and transparent way, in front of the whole world.
In order to participate in the #AMA, follow the steps as mentioned below:

1.  Click here to visit LALA World Subreddit #AMA thread.
2.  Ask your question in the comments thread.
3.  At the “end of the week”, the top 10 most up-voted questions will get answered during the AMA session.

We want to thank everyone for the continued support. We are persistently working towards our mission of a LALA powered global financial ecosystem and inching toward decentralization. We hope that this AMA session will bring more transparency to our LALA community.
Note: Do subscribe to LALA World Subreddit to get updates of all the happenings on the AMA session.
We hope that after this session you would have a better understanding of the product roadmap, partnerships, present status of the product, exchange listing etc. Our goal for conducting this session is to dispel all the doubts and misleading facts/news since your confidence in LALA World and in its vision means everything to us.
As truly said by Mahatma Gandhi – “Truth never damages a cause that is just”

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey!

LALA World Empowering Women for the Upliftment of Society

empowering women

It’s no secret that women are always considered less technically inclined. But, there are women who are associated with the Blockchain industry in a big way. This technology is playing a key role in empowering women by facilitating the financial independence. Women entrepreneurs in this industry themselves are inspiring role models for economically driven women groups.

Mariza Monteiro – educator and speaker in the cryptosphere; founder of “SheKnowsCrypto” in an interview with Forbes said she would like to provide women with the crypto space where they can ask all the questions about this technology without getting intimidated.

Roya Mahboob, founder of “Digital Citizen Fund” is a crusader of digital literacy in Afghanistan, where a mere 5% of the population has internet access. “Digital Citizen Fund” also provides training to young girls on Blockchain and cryptocurrency. And the list goes on.

These empowering women are playing a prominent role in uplifting society and contribute to the global economy. Blockchain enterprises can induce credible changes at ground level too. LALA World is an exemplary enterprise which through its various partnerships & initiatives is working for the upliftment of women in the society with its dynamic financial ecosystem on Blockchain.

Blockchain enterprises like LALA World can bring great prospects for women running the household, agricultural work, informal jobs, and small SMEs. These women deserve to be formally acknowledged and accounted for bringing economic growth with equal significance as men. Focusing just on attaining gender equality shall not serve the purpose. Governments all across the world can coalesce together to enable financial support for empowering women. Women should be given the opportunity to acquire financial independence quickly and easily.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.   

-Kofi Annan

LALA World’s vision is beyond the exchange of cryptocurrencies. From establishing digital identity to money transactions, to payments, women’s economic empowerment can be pillared around the functionalities of LALA World’s Blockchain-based global financial ecosystem.

LALA World’s initiative for the unbanked population which includes empowering women is also covered by Techbullion here: https://www.techbullion.com/emerging-blockchain-based-financial-platform-banking-unbanked/

Personal records: According to the World Bank, women are less likely than men to hold an official ID, often because they lack necessary documentation. LALA ID’s ability to store personal records in a safe and secure way can generate digital IDs for women, which in turn could allow them to own land and bank accounts or take advantage of job opportunities in the formal economy.

Payments: LALA Transfer provides a secure way to complete financial transactions. Importantly, payments made with LALA Transfer cost considerably less in comparison to cross-border money remittance services provided by traditional banks, since the technology is based on peer-to-peer transactions, functioning without a third-party intermediary such as a central bank. Likewise, there are no costs associated with opening a LALA wallet, removing a significant barrier to entry for many women in the financial ecosystem. Women are less likely to afford maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements than their male counterparts.

Lending: LALA Lends help women running small SMEs to avail peer to peer loans, and payback in EMIs. It could bring financial independence to 42% of the women worldwide who are still without bank accounts.

Read more: lala lends product and token economics

Bill Payments: Women supporting their families financially from foreign countries can take care of the bills through LALA BILL PAY, by making payment from any place in the world.

Card payment: Within the LALA Wallet, women can choose to order a LALA Card which gives facility of debit, credit, and loyalty in one card. It is a pre-paid card is synced with the LALA Wallet spendable at PoS, ATM or online transactions. This feature of LALA Card financially liberates women in a broader way.

LALA World is even beginning to explore the possibility of Blockchain payments by introducing LALA KIT which includes a smartphone with a sim, that can be made available to the women who can’t afford one. With the women accessing internet 23% lesser than men across the developing world, fueled by deeply entrenched cultural norms and women-specific financial constraints, the ability to make payments with the help of LALA KIT can possibly eliminate financial challenges the women commonly face, especially in rural areas.

empowering women

The Blockchain technology is not a miracle. 90% of economies still have laws on the books that impede women’s economic opportunities. Blockchain can’t change the law, nor can it alter societal norms. But it can serve as a transformative tool for boosting and empowering women and their economic opportunities in places where they have rights, but lack the infrastructure to realize them. This way empowering women can be accelerated in the global economy. LALA World is striving hard to achieve this goal and hopes to realize this dream with the help of its partners and LALA community.

LALA World Partnered with SmartPesa to Reach 8000+ Merchants in the Developing Countries

Partnered with SmartPesa

At LALA World, forging strong and long-lasting partnerships has become our strength as we leverage on existing infrastructures. More local level community engagement and helping out the needy has been our priority.  And today, it gives us immense pleasure to announce that LALA World partnered with SmartPesa. It is a meritorious organization that is trying to make a difference in the lives of small entrepreneurs that don’t have access to the credit, something similar to what LALA World is trying to achieve.

The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion. – Sarah Maclean

SmartPesa aims to create a hassle-free world by primarily focusing on abolishing the difficulties faced by the people in remote areas. It helps them in making payments and money transfer by allowing a range of ways to pay securely, benefiting both merchants and their customers. SmartPesa processes thousands of transactions daily from 8,000 merchants in 5 countries. SmartPesa’s approved turnkey platform allows banks to quickly implement and run agency banking under their own brand, reaching millions of new customers with a low-cost and secure solution.

LALA World shares a similar vision of “making human lives better” by providing ingenious technological solutions for the problems faced by the unbanked and unserved groups across the globe. We would be able to reach out to millions of new customers who are getting benefitted from SmartPesa’s payment solutions. Now that LALA World has partnered with SmartPesa, we hope to strengthen its community through it’s established and strong financial network.

“SmartPesa looks forward to working with LALA World to drive financial inclusion by solving real-world financial last mile problems.”

LALA World partners only with the firms that are complementary to its present offering and have the ability to bring considerable ground level changes. We have never believed in doing partnerships just for the sake of marketing and PR. We partnered with SmartPesa because, we foresaw great potential and bright future for the LALA World’s Global financial ecosystem, as the saying goes – “Alliances and partnerships produce stability when they reflect realities and interests.”
Our active collaborations are dear to us, as nurturing & supporting the relationship always takes the vision closer to reality.
More meaningful partnership announcements are on the way. Stay tuned for more updates from the LALA Team.
Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. We’re blessed to have your continued support!

LALA WORLD to propel BLOCKSOCIAL’s idea of utilising Blockchain for Social Impact

Blockchain for Social Impact

There are only a few promising startups that are using Blockchain technology to solve social issues and let’s face it, the world needs more of such zealous entrepreneurs with a clear goal to make a difference in the society. Talking of such organizations, BlockSocial is a platform that stands for “Blockchain for Social Impact,” and gives the space to talk about groundbreaking ideas in the domain of social entrepreneurship through Blockchain.

It is an invite-only event build to promote networking and connectivity among the like-minded individuals who are working to apply Blockchain for social impact through their Blockchain projects.

We need to make sure we’re all working together to change mindsets, to change attitudes, and to fight against the bad habits that we have as a society – Justin Trudeau

Being a pioneer of social upliftment through technology, LALA World intends to promote the idea -“Technology with a Purpose.” With BlockSocial, LALA World is embarking on the journey to attend a series of events, planned to span out across the world. These events would help in identification of technological advancement in Blockchain domain, aimed towards solving problems of the marginalized group.

BlockSocial’s objective is to establish a global community of investors, entrepreneurs, legal experts and business heads, sharing a vision of compassionate prosperity. It intends to promote Blockchain for Social Impact BlockSocial and offers free of cost invites to the events it organizes and it also supports the idea of decentralization.

BlockSocial has organized two events till date, both in different countries and to serve the same motive i.e. to popularize the idea Blockchain for Social Impact. The first event was held at The SpokeClub, Toronto on 16th March 2018. Toronto was the host to the gathering of around 100 enigmatic entrepreneurs, who listened to the inaugural address by LALA World CEO & Founder – Sankalp Shangari. His address was followed by that of Michael Gord – Founder & CEO, MLG Blockchain., Guiseppe Gori – CEO, Gorbyte Inc., MawaddaBasir – Executive Director, ColliderX, and Cali Haan – Writer & Editor, CryptoChicks.

The second event took place at The Address Hotel, Dubai on 17th April 2018. It was another success in a row. Sankalp shared his vast knowledge and understanding of the financial world while enunciating the impact of Blockchain on it. He motivated the attendees to inculcate the spirit of social entrepreneurship since it can be the solution to most of the human problems. LALA World endorses social entrepreneurship through its attempt to bring financial inclusion for the 2.5 billion unbanked across the world.

If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack – Winston Churchill

…and that’s why we are going to make it big the third time. We’re thrilled to announce that LALA Word is going to be the proud sponsor of the next event that BlockSocial is going to organize, on 18th May 2018, at 80 Robinson Road, Singapore. Sankalp would be delivering yet another spectacular address followed by one of the Top 10 Global ICO Advisors Amarpreet Singh – TokenAsia,  Rune Evensen -Founder/Visionary Officer at Coss.io & CEO of Exulto Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Bhuwan Arora – CEO and Founder of RTS Network, Nicholas Dimitriou – Associate at John’s Day. These industry veterans will discuss what more can be done for the society utilizing Blockchain.

After Singapore, the upcoming BlockSocial’s – Blockchain for Social Impact summits are proposed to take place in:

• Korea – 8th June 2018
• Malaysia – 29th June 2018
• Denmark – 13th July 2018
• LA – 27th July 2018

Stay tuned! A couple of partnership announcements are on the way. We are eager to share the information with you and will be in your inbox very soon!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. We’re blessed to have your continued support!