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Lets Talk! Ask us your questions and LALA will answer #AMA

LALA World AMA session

Dear LALA Family,
At LALA World, we have always tried our best to be completely transparent with our LALA community as we make sure that regular project updates as they happen keep flowing out in time.
To take this a notch further we are conducting a LALA World AMA session to discuss where LALA is now and whats happening in our LALA household and everything else about the LALA Roadmap.
During this #AMA session, the community can ask questions, put their ideas & thoughts forward as they can interact directly with the management and the team at LaLa World. We have tried to keep the LALA World AMA session as interactive and as easy as possible for you all and as well as the team.

LALA World AMA session

To participate in LALA World AMA session,  follow the steps as below:

• Click here to visit LaLa World Subreddit #AMA thread
• Ask your question in the comments section
• At the end of the week starting tomorrow, the top 10 most upvoted questions will get answered during the #AMA session
We would like to thank each one of you for your continued support and belief in LALA World project. We are working relentlessly to achieve our mission of a LALA powered decentralized financial ecosystem. We hope that this #AMA session will bring more transparency between LALA World & our Beloved LALA Community.
Note: Also, don’t forget to subscribe to LaLa World subreddit to be updated of all the happening on the #AMA front.

With LALA World – Time for change has come!

LALA Word CEO to address Blockchain and Businesses Conference

Blockchain and Businesses

Dear LALA Family,
We are pleased to announce that our CEO Mr. Sankalp Shangari would deliver the inaugural address at the ‘ Blockchain and Businesses ’ conference organized by Nanyang Blockchain Association. The event is scheduled to take place on March 27, 2018 at Nanyang Technical University.
Mr. Shangari would share his vast knowledge and understanding of the financial world while enunciating the impact of Blockchain on it. He would motivate them to inculcate the spirit of social entrepreneurship for it can be the solution to most of the human problems. LALA World endorses social entrepreneurship through its attempt to bring financial inclusion for the 2.5 billion unbanked across the world.

He would be followed by some eminent Blockchain and businesses experts like Karan Bhargava, CTO, XinFin and Ruby Chen, Marketing Director at BitKan. They will address the students on the evolution of Blockchain and the contribution of their organization in the same.
The Nanyang Blockchain Association is a student’s body which aims to educate and spur students’ interest in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and their applications.
Be there to exclusively meet the LALA himself…!
Please join us on Telegram to get all the regular updates on LALA and interesting discussions going on about LALA World.
We’re grateful for your continued support, thank you for being part of this incredible journey!

The Blockchain Push towards Financial Inclusion

financial inclusion

Blockchain push towards financial inclusion is a necessary devil that needs to be unleashed to protect the interests of the marginalized. The idea of not having a bank account or a mechanism to send or receive money may seem to be a remote possibility to billions of the privileged people across the world. But it is a reality that plagues around 2.5 billion people, most of who live in the third world countries and developing economies. The financial exclusion suffered by a larger section of the society is due to government apathy and the lack of identification.

Students, Migrant-workers and Refugees are the most vulnerable section of society who suffers the wrath of financial exclusion. Students who relocate to other countries to pursue higher studies often face trouble in getting requisite financial assistance due to lack of necessary paper work. Migrant workers are another group of people who face the problems due to unavailability of transaction facilities. War refugees across the world are forced to live within certain designated areas known as colonies; most of these are denied basic banking facilities on the account of lack of requisite documentation papers.

Financial transactions are undergoing a sea change with the use of Blockchain technology. It is enabling a democratic & decentralized transaction system which is devoid of regulations. Being immutable in nature, the transactions made on Blockchain cannot be tempered, hence create a trust-less condition. Aligned with the cause of the marginalized, these products are being developed and many are on the verge of launch. Financial inclusion doesn’t merely give ability to transact rather it enables the person to indulge in activities that help in developing his overall conditions. Right from education to health to business opportunities the dependability towards financial transactions cannot be ignored.

Blockchain based organizations like LALA World are launching their wallet which would deal in fiat currencies while resolving the issue of financial inclusion. LALA id, with its unique identification mechanism will help in fulfillment of KYC process. Once the identity verification process is done the user would be able to send and receive payments. The app would also have remittance facilities in the later part of the year. With their products and services, Blockchain push would help in achieving the goals of financial inclusion and ameliorate the miseries of the marginalized.

ETHFINEX has Included LALA World Token for Potential Token Listing

LALA World Token

Dear LALA Family,
Support LALA World Token for Potential Token Listing on ETHFINEX
As we look forward to LALA Token getting listed in the month of March, ETHfinex has included LALA World in the Potential Token Listings.
To get listed at the ETHfinex exchange, the community needs to contribute and show that LALA is one of the most anticipated listings for the month of March. “Discussion Forum” on ETHfinex has all the trending discussions where the community can contribute and get its voice heard. If regular discussions happen under the “LALA World Potential Listing”, it will stay trending for longer and get the momentum going in our way.
This inclusion is a great start but with such a great community as you are we can surely stay atop in the Trending discussions. Let’s all get our efforts together and prove our might once again!

The discussions have already started and there are multiple topics for postings such as Developments, General discussions, Whitepaper, Token Structure and Announcements. You can start New Topics in any of the above and invite others to be a part of your discussion thread. Each registered user can do multiple posts under all the categories and rate LALA World Token. There is NO COST to Register or contribute.
You can first register on ETHFINEX.com and learn more about Token Discussions on www.ethfinex.com/discussions. For posting about LALA World, You can check out and follow the discussion at www.ethfinex.com/token_listings/34/social_category/200/LALAchannels or start a topic of your own.
We know that together we are unstoppable. Let’s get this listing done.
Thank you for your continued support!

Non-KYC LALA Tokens auction starts 6th March

LALA Tokens auction

Dear LALA Family,
The KYC/AML verification process and token distribution is now complete!
As you are all aware we had strict KYC compliance throughout. We are delighted to announce that only 2.37 Million tokens were found KYC non-compliant.
These Tokens belong to the community and these KYC non-compliant tokens will be Auctioned in a reverse Dutch Auction.

Keeping in mind the ICO price and due to huge demand of LALA to date, LALA tokens auction for 2.37 million LALA will start at a price of 50 Cents per LALA Token on 7th March 2018, 2pm SGT with registration starting 24 hours prior on 6th March. Price will decrease by 5 cents every 3 hours with the final price floor at 25 cents.
For e.g. Between 2pm-5pm starting 7th March 2018, minimum price per LALA Token will be 50 cents, after that between 5pm-8pm minimum price per LALA Token will be 45 cents and so on, until the price reaches floor of 25 cents.
Auction will be closed after receiving bids for a maximum of 3 Million Tokens. After receiving all the bids, LALA Tokens will be allocated to early bidders of 2.37 million tokens at lowest bid (Last bid) of the LALA Token auction.
For e.g. suppose a participant, Daniel, places his bid at 47 cents per LALA at 7pm SGT for 10,000 LALA Tokens. Last bid placed in the auction, for 3 million tokens, is 39 cents. Therefore, Daniel and all other first participants of 2.37 million tokens will be allocated tokens at 39 cents, the last and lowest bid. ETH will be only acceptable currency in this Auction. For avoiding last hour rush, Auction platform will be opened on 6th March, 2pm SGT, 24 hours before the auction time so that participants can deposit Ether on the platform prior to opening of the platform. This will also ensure fair chance for everyone.

Participants can register on the platform, deposit ETH But cannot place bid before 7th March 2pm SGT. All remaining ETH or left over ETH beyond 2.37 million tokens will be refunded immediately.
LALA Tokens Auction platform is open for all to participate!
Note: Multiple bidding is allowed. Minimum purchase is 1000 LALA Tokens and maximum purchase is 250,000 LALA Tokens.
Note: The benefit of early bidding is that you will definitely receive LALA Tokens.
Note: You can check the highest and lowest bid on the dashboard anytime which will be displayed live.
Thank you for your continued support!

LALA to speak at The Blockchain 3.0 Conference – Seoul, lets meet there!

Blockchain 3.0 Conference - seoul

Dear LALA Family,
It’s no secret that Korea loves LALA.
LALA World CEO & Founder Sankalp Shangari will be sharing the center stage at The BLOCKCHAIN 3.0 Conference – Seoul, along with Blockchain Thought Leaders, Industry Expert, Business leaders and Respected Professors and Professionals from across the globe, to highlight the latest innovations and advances in Blockchain technology.
As our Founder speaks for and shares his vision on “How Blockchain can serve humanity & its social impact”, LALA World is committed to raise awareness of the potential of this groundbreaking technology, advocating for its global adoption and providing a foundation for education, collaboration and dialogue.

To be part of this rising Blockchain Revolution, do meet us at Blockchain 3.0 conference, Seoul’18 hosted by Govern tech.Inc & Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association (KBIPA) on Thursday 8th Feburary’2018, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm K.S.T at Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom (LL), 119,Sokong-ro, jung-gu – Seoul, Korea.

We feel blessed to have yet another opportunity to interact with the Cryto-Fintech Blockchain community of Korea at Blockchain 3.0 Conference to illustrate the many ways LALA World is trying to improve human lives and not only bring out the best industry minds together, but also showcase our strong global partnerships and strategic tie ups across the globe.
LALA World is a Singapore-based blockchain financial product ecosystem, with notable blockchain experts on their advisory board, such as Ari Paul, Co-Founder of BlockTower Capital, Richard Rofé, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Board Member at Arcadia Capital, Dato Sri Amin, Founder & Chairman of Bestinet Sdn Bhd, and Thomas McAlister founder of Digital Mining Corporation Australia, among others.
LALA is building an ecosystem, not to just remove poverty and include the unprivileged into a society that we are all used to, but in that process, make the society self-sustainable – An entire ethos of health, education & employment. We are doing this via LALA Wallet – an Ethereum and Stellar based platform that enables peer-to-peer transfers, global remittances, local and international bill payments, and peer-to-peer lending. The Lala payment card will also be linked to this digital wallet – LALA Wallet, where you are rewarded via LALA Tokens to use services like LALA ID, LALA Transfer, LALA Bill Pay, LALA Lends and many more to come.
We would be mighty pleased to have you all attend the Blockchain 3.0 Conference to meet the Founder himself and freely interact with him during the session.
Thank you all for your continued support!

LALA World Bounty Program: Translation Bounty

LALA World bounty

Hello people! We introduced you all to LALA World Bounty Campaign in the previous blog. As promised, here we are to talk more about the campaign.

Of course, the details are available on Bitcointalk forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2296769.0

And you also know by now that the budget for LALA World bounty campaign totals 7.2 Million LaLa Tokens, 3% of the supply equals 4500 ETH or 1,350,000 USD according to our hard cap of 150,000 ETH.

All these Bounties will be paid directly to all eligible wallets at the end of Main ICO Phase.

The General Rules for the Bounty Program are as follows:

  1. Payment Address will not be changed. Once the LALA World bounty seeker applies for eligibility using an address, that address will be locked. Everyone is responsible for protecting their address and private keys. So please do not click on any links you receive through suspect looking email ids or slack PMs.
  2. The LALA World Bounty seeker must join our telegram group to participate in this Project’s bounty program. Without joining the telegram group, you will not be counted on any Bounty. The telegram link is: https://t.me/LaLaWorld


Let us look at some details today for the Translation Bounty Campaign:

Budget is 20% of total bounty pool (1,440,000 LALA Tokens), reserved for all valid translators and community managers. Translate LaLa Token ANN thread, Whitepaper and Manage local community/thread and get your Reward.

Payments will happen as follows:

  • Whitepaper translation: 200 stakes
  • ANN Thread Bounty thread translation: 150 stakes
  • Moderation: 5 stakes for each post (only OP)

To reserve a language, please post your interest with some of your previous translation work.



Here are the Rules and Terms for Translation Bounty:

1: Translations must be original. Using any kind of tools such as Google are not allowed. If found using these tools, the translator will be blacklisted.
2: ANN thread translator will be responsible for the moderation as well (we have additional rewards for moderation). The translator must keep the thread active by translation of official announcements, news, posts.
3: We do not want any Single Post Dead Thread. If you failed to keep the thread active and up to date, your reward can be reduced to 50% of the actual payment, or you would simply be disqualified.
4: Increasing the moderation post count by spam posts, posting false posts or paying other to ask questions in your thread is not allowed.
5: Newbies, i.e. users with no previous experience of translation will not be accepted. Always ask before beginning translation and post your previous translation work.
5: Manager and owners reserve the rights to add rules, or make any kind of reasonable changes.
More on LALA World Bounty Program in our next blog! Stay tuned!

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Say Hola to LALA World!

LALA World
Welcome to a new financial world that will make you go LaLa!

Well, to give you a very basic idea before we dive into the details, we at LALA WORLD PTE Ltd., have an objective,a vision and that is to integrate cryptocurrencies into the everyday lives of people, making them easy to buy, hold, spend or sell, making this operation cheaper, safer and decentralized. We are here to enable and empower the unbanked and the underserved.

Yes, cryptocurrencies the buzzword these days have attracted a humongous amount of attention in recent times. While the debates regarding their regulations rage on, one thing is for sure- the future of currencies is digital and the “Blockchain Technology” is here to stay!

LALA World (“LALA”) introduces a new financial infrastructure for the underbanked population (and mind you, that population is quite huge out there) by capitalizing the Blockchain revolution to bridge the gap between cash, digital and the crypto world. LALA World, is the new agone-stop Wallet based on Ethereum Blockchain, allowing investors to capitalize on the rise of Blockchain, as well as the underbanked into the financial ecosystem. LALA World was founded in April 2016, in Singapore. By September 2016, our India office was up and running. The year 2017 has seen us expanding to Dubai and Malaysia, and entering into partnerships in the Middle East and Africa. The next couple of years will see us taking our footprint into countries like Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, etc. In fact, we are talking about entering the remaining continents on this planet! And of course, before all that, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be upon you! It is coming soon, very soon!

LaLa Wallet services

You would definitely want to know how we want to achieve our objective, right? Well, there are a lot of things that we would be discussing in the upcoming blogs. LALA aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses and micro entrepreneurs transact, make domestic and cross border payments, borrow money and associated products like insurances, cards, wealth and other general banking products by creating a whole new peer to peer infrastructure. The premise of your LALA Wallet starts by creating a single digital identity that you can carry globally – LALA ID, protecting your security on Blockchain and giving you the freedom to conduct various financial services, all in one single Wallet. And the wallet is just one of the immediate products that we are offering along with LALA Transfer, LALA Bill Pay followed by other LALA products like LALA Lends, LALA Card, LALA Insurance, LALA Wealth, LALA Kit, etc. that will be available to our customers as we grow. More about them, later!

Know more about us