Richard Rofé, Entrepreneur and Investor, Joins LALA Advisory Board

By January 2, 2018LaLa World
Richard Rofé
LALA World, An ecosystem for migrants and their unbanked families, is joyous to announce that Mr.Richard Rofé, Founder & Chairman, Arcadia Capital, New York has joined the Illustrious LALA World Advisory Team
A serial entrepreneur at heart, with an extraordinary business and technology expertise in a wide variety of industries including entertainment, food service, aviation, software, finance and a crypto asset expert, Mr. Rofé has a wealth of experience from enterprise customers to individual consumers, as well as the insights that come from running a successful large software company and a fast-emerging startup. He is an acclaimed fund manager, an early-stage investor and also a successful technology executive.
In 2009, Mr. Richard Rofé was named one of the top 20 activist hedge fund managers in the U.S. 
Prior to his shift to full-time investing, he built and sold several companies over a 30-year career. He has been a founder, investor and advisor to many early-stage technology companies.
The move determines that safeguarding our global consumers interests and understanding their needs, presenting them with innovative products and impeccable services is always a top priority in LALA World’s roadmap.
Based in Singapore, LALA World was created to transform the lives of migrants moving between countries, providing them and their unbanked families a long-term financial solutions using blockchain. Its an ecosystem, not just for financial inclusion, but an entire ethos covering their health, education & employment. In the process we want to make them self-sustainable. Doing this via LALA Wallet, a decentralized peer to peer system where you are rewarded via LALA Tokens to use services like LALA ID, LALA transfer, LALA Bill Pay, LALA Lends and many more to come.
To get involved with the project, please visit and participate in our ICO which starts from January 5th, 2018 till February 5th,2018.