Lisk is now live on Arax

By March 14, 2019LaLa World

Dear Community,

It is time for another announcement.

It is that time of the week when we add another member to our Arax family.

Arax-Your Universal Crypto Wallet welcomes Lisk coin as a new addition in the list of Arax supported cryptocurrencies. We are growing our reach and services for our valued users and hope that this new development will add to user satisfaction.

About Lisk

Lisk coin (LSK) is primarily utilized in the DApps created on the Lisk main chain. Lisk coin is not to be utilized as a mode of payment like other cryptocurrencies. It’ll only be used by developers who wish to use Lisk platform.

The decentralized app development platform enables app development in Javascript language. It makes them easily accessible by the public. It employs the concept of sidechains and a complete Software Development Kit (SDK). This enables developers to generate Dapps and various Blockchains with the primary Lisk platform.

Sidechains are individual Blockchains that operate free from external control. They are connected to the primary Blockchain without altering its speed and performance. Owing to this, the apps are truly decentralized and autonomous units operating with the Lisk Blockchain.

About Arax

At the time of launch, Arax supported 12 cryptocurrencies and 6 different Blockchains (now 9). We added 2 more last month to keep our vow made to the community to add more every month via global community vote.

Arax now supports Bitcoin, Stellar, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, LALA Token, 0X, Binance, Basic Attention Token, OmiseGo, TrueUSD, Tron and EOS.

Arax also offers various in-app services including mobile bill payments & recharges via cryptocurrencies. We also offer instant cryptocurrency conversions, and remittance (to be live soon). You can also send crypto with its star feature “Nearby” via GPS without any fee. It is a single storage app for multiple digital assets that gives each user true immutable ownership.

We are making every effort to bring the best services to our users and expand our partnerships. Follow us on our social media channels for more updates. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your undying love and support.

Thank You



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