LALA World, The Vision 2018

By January 22, 2018LaLa World
LALA World

Dear LALA  Family!

Sending our love & greetings from Golden Temple – India.
What a fabulous last week it was, experienced a Bumper LALA ICO as we were sold out in record 7days, which speaks volumes about LALA project with the belief each one of you has bestowed upon us. Indeed it has been a fantastic experience, and Team LALA is humbled and grateful for this incredible network and for all the love we have received.

LALA continues to care about the community, real users, early backers, and investors. Equipped with breakthrough technology the integrity and security of our token sale were of paramount importance, and came front and centre during the token sale event, allowing us to have a really smooth crowd safe. The team did not even identify a single hack attempt or inappropriate users and managed to maintain the whole process immaculately. Also to add, our LALA World Telegram Group support has been appreciated and complimented being the best among the ICO’s till date, having an instant turn around time for all the queries posted, thus helping all our members and investors with swift recovery and prevent from any mischief.

LALA World
The vision was always to bring the unbanked together for a purpose and connect them via an ecosystem. LALA World is that Ethos  –   Sankalp Shangari
In light of the success of LALA World ICO, our focus towards the determined vision has grown even more. And in 2018 we will continue to develop and further add on to our exciting range of world-class LALA products, services, global partnerships and keep our learning curve alive with brilliant ideas to make human lives simpler. Customer service and enhanced security of our clients will take another leap as we have some very exciting announcements ahead. Additionally, an effort to grow our operations in some developed nations will also increase, since most families send their loved ones to live, work and study there.
We are expanding across geographies and intend to be in over ten countries by the end of 2018, along with developing our crown jewels, Digital ID’s – LALA ID, Digital Scores – LALA Score, Cross-border remittance – LALA Transfer and Peer to Peer as well as direct micro lending – LALA Lends

We will continue to grow our partners as we firmly believe we cannot do this alone. Partnerships are LALA’s strength as we leverage on existing infrastructures, along with our ground level community commitments being our priority.
We know, with the round the clock efforts being put by the whole LALA Team, 2018 will be a year where we strengthen our core values and work towards our commitments. We are hiring in for multiple positions from R&D, Project Leads, Developers to Marketing teams. If you are aspiring to new & exciting projects, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are expanding globally.

As 2018 steps in, we want to stay focused, yet simple. While LALA is focused on financial inclusion, education, health & employment are intertwined with our mission. LALA token plays a crucial part in this as we expand globally making LALA the currency of choice.

We couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. With our current processes and development positioned in sync, we are pushing ourselves to ensure that we can meet the grueling timelines we have set.
With LALA World – Time for change has come.

Thank you all for your continued support!