LALA World Partners Cynopsis – A Top 100 RegTech Company and Leaders in KYC/AML

By January 3, 2018LaLa World
LALA World Partners Cynopsis

Dear LALA Community!

When it comes to security, regulations, KYC and AML, LALA World is always on the top. That is why we have partnered with Cynopsis, a leader in RegTech. Forging strong and long lasting partnerships has become our strength as we leverage on existing infrastructures. More local level community engagement and helping out the needy has become our priority.

We are joyous and equally proud to announce yet another exciting collaboration of LALA World with Cynopsis – A Top RegTech Company founded and based in Singapore. Cynopsis Solutions has well over 400 global clients and was named amongst the world’s best 100 RegTech companies in a comprehensive research conducted by FinTech Global.

Once you register and participate in the LALA Tokensale, please make sure that you upload all your KYC information in your dashboard. Last date to submit your KYC is 10th February 2018. We will not be able to distribute LALA Tokens to anyone who cannot upload proper KYC documents. For any clarification, you can Emil us at [email protected] or join our telegram channel here.

‘Regtech’ is a word, blend of Regulatory Technology that was created to address regulatory challenges in the financial services sector through innovative technology. The RegTech100 comprises the world’s most innovative providers of technology solutions to help businesses comply with regulatory challenges & take on opportunities, both efficiently and inexpensively.

At Cynopsis, they believe in Regulatory Inclusion and LALA World has always  religiously advocated about it since inception. That is regulatory compliance need not be expensive and cumbersome if we combine deep regulatory knowledge with smart use of leading functional technologies. RegTech should not be only made available to large banks and financial institutions, but enabling the new promising players having character in the market access to good solutions at an affordable price point Cynopsis partnership with LALA will help to better comply with ever increasing regulatory requirements, in particular anti money laundering (AML), counter terrorism financing (CTF) and know your customer (KYC).

And further enable LALA World to get the essential intelligence needed to make superior business decisions. With a range of products on offer, this will allow all global users to stay ahead of regulatory curve and focus on what matters most – Financial Happiness!!

LALA Team continues to think about community, real users and investors. Equipped with Regulatory Technology from Cynopsis, will further strengthen the prowess of LALA, and help to better comply with ever increasing regulatory requirements protecting users security on Blockchain and giving freedom to conduct various financial services, all embedded in one single wallet – LALA Wallet.
LALA World and its partners are working tirelessly to build a single most powerful and trustworthy global ecosystem.The Belief that we are on track, as each day at LALA we make new strides in our vision and come closer to becoming a Global Phenomenon.
Thank you all.