LALA World Monthly Roundup: October 2018

By October 31, 2018LaLa World

LALA World attended and delivered back to back conferences, summits and events related to the present and future of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and finance over the month. It exposed us to latest crypto and Blockchain updates and helped us build a wider business network, connections and partnerships.

Accelerator Program

Lala World had been selectively invited to Accelerator Program ‘Fintech Business Camp Tokyo’ held by TMG (Tokyo Metropolitan Government). Mr. Jayadeep Apte, Global Head of Strategy and Business Development and Mr. Ranjit Kumar, Group COO and team represented LALA World. LALA World’s growth over its short span was acknowledged and well appreciated.

We have received phenomenal response from the Japanese government for our project. It has increased LALA World’s prospects of expanding its business ecosystem and geographical audience towards more Crypto-friendly markets, primarily Japan.


Sankalp Shangari, CEO & Founder of LALA World was invited as a speaker at ASEAN Summit 2018 where he delivered his views on ‘CryptoGovernance – Blockchain as a Game Changer in Sustainability Development Goals’. It was received with stellar responses and interactions resulting in extensive knowledge sharing and cultivation of new ideas and platforms.

Mentions & News

In a conversation with esteemed Blockchain Journalist, Simon Chandler (Cryptonews), Sankalp shared his views about the current slug in the bitcoin market but also expressed his conviction of a positive outcome from natural selection. Simon Chandler gave mention of this in his controversial blog relating to tokenization.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Sankalp Shingari had conducted his 4th AMA on Oct 1st, 2018. It was received with a rave number of queries, opinions and suggestions related to the company’s future and expansion. Solutions to each issue and feedback was provided through Mr. Sankalp’s vlog, personally.

Upcoming Events

Mr. Sankalp Shangari would be addressing the ‘FinTech in Asia’ summit organized by Accenture in association with Singapore Fintech Association. The event is scheduled for 15th November 2018 in Singapore and is being held in different locations across Asia.

LALA World is gearing up through Research & Development, experimentation and continuous exposure of AI and ML learnings to face technological, humanitarian and ecological challenges coming ahead.



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