LALA World Enters Historic Partnership in Azerbaijan with Komtec

LALA World, continuing its growth across Middle East and CIS, and proving its strength in establishing partnerships, is announcing a collaboration with Komtec Million, one of the Financial and Technology Powerhouses in Azerbaijan. This partnership, the first of its kind for LALA and Komtec, marks a significant step forward in using distributed ledger technology for social good, while introducing the LALA Wallet technology in Azerbaijan.
Komtec is already a leader in various services in Azerbaijan including payments and mobile through self-service kiosks, PC-teller, POS, Online, Mobile Phones etc. With LALA’s technology and financial expertise, both companies are getting together to create a most advanced solution, all on your App, LALA Wallet.
As more people travel to various countries, and as more adopt smart phones, LALA’s technology and Komtecs strong local networks have significant untapped potential in digitising the nation further while serving millions.
In all ways, this partnership with Komtec represents another step towards our strength, through joint philosophies about helping people and the world through tech, and by empowering users to build a more inclusive and exciting future.
LALA is a natural fit for Komtec, thanks to its innovative and in-house Technology, and ability to handle high transaction volumes without the necessity of high network fees. Komtec currently has over 2.5 million unique customers across Azerbaijan. With LALA, we intend to grow this number to 5 million over next 18 months. 

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