LALA World Empowering Women for the Upliftment of Society

By May 13, 2018LaLa World
empowering women

It’s no secret that women are always considered less technically inclined. But, there are women who are associated with the Blockchain industry in a big way. This technology is playing a key role in empowering women by facilitating the financial independence. Women entrepreneurs in this industry themselves are inspiring role models for economically driven women groups.

Mariza Monteiro – educator and speaker in the cryptosphere; founder of “SheKnowsCrypto” in an interview with Forbes said she would like to provide women with the crypto space where they can ask all the questions about this technology without getting intimidated.

Roya Mahboob, founder of “Digital Citizen Fund” is a crusader of digital literacy in Afghanistan, where a mere 5% of the population has internet access. “Digital Citizen Fund” also provides training to young girls on Blockchain and cryptocurrency. And the list goes on.

These empowering women are playing a prominent role in uplifting society and contribute to the global economy. Blockchain enterprises can induce credible changes at ground level too. LALA World is an exemplary enterprise which through its various partnerships & initiatives is working for the upliftment of women in the society with its dynamic financial ecosystem on Blockchain.

Blockchain enterprises like LALA World can bring great prospects for women running the household, agricultural work, informal jobs, and small SMEs. These women deserve to be formally acknowledged and accounted for bringing economic growth with equal significance as men. Focusing just on attaining gender equality shall not serve the purpose. Governments all across the world can coalesce together to enable financial support for empowering women. Women should be given the opportunity to acquire financial independence quickly and easily.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.   

-Kofi Annan

LALA World’s vision is beyond the exchange of cryptocurrencies. From establishing digital identity to money transactions, to payments, women’s economic empowerment can be pillared around the functionalities of LALA World’s Blockchain-based global financial ecosystem.

LALA World’s initiative for the unbanked population which includes empowering women is also covered by Techbullion here:

Personal records: According to the World Bank, women are less likely than men to hold an official ID, often because they lack necessary documentation. LALA ID’s ability to store personal records in a safe and secure way can generate digital IDs for women, which in turn could allow them to own land and bank accounts or take advantage of job opportunities in the formal economy.

Payments: LALA Transfer provides a secure way to complete financial transactions. Importantly, payments made with LALA Transfer cost considerably less in comparison to cross-border money remittance services provided by traditional banks, since the technology is based on peer-to-peer transactions, functioning without a third-party intermediary such as a central bank. Likewise, there are no costs associated with opening a LALA wallet, removing a significant barrier to entry for many women in the financial ecosystem. Women are less likely to afford maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements than their male counterparts.

Lending: LALA Lends help women running small SMEs to avail peer to peer loans, and payback in EMIs. It could bring financial independence to 42% of the women worldwide who are still without bank accounts.

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Bill Payments: Women supporting their families financially from foreign countries can take care of the bills through LALA BILL PAY, by making payment from any place in the world.

Card payment: Within the LALA Wallet, women can choose to order a LALA Card which gives facility of debit, credit, and loyalty in one card. It is a pre-paid card is synced with the LALA Wallet spendable at PoS, ATM or online transactions. This feature of LALA Card financially liberates women in a broader way.

LALA World is even beginning to explore the possibility of Blockchain payments by introducing LALA KIT which includes a smartphone with a sim, that can be made available to the women who can’t afford one. With the women accessing internet 23% lesser than men across the developing world, fueled by deeply entrenched cultural norms and women-specific financial constraints, the ability to make payments with the help of LALA KIT can possibly eliminate financial challenges the women commonly face, especially in rural areas.

empowering women

The Blockchain technology is not a miracle. 90% of economies still have laws on the books that impede women’s economic opportunities. Blockchain can’t change the law, nor can it alter societal norms. But it can serve as a transformative tool for boosting and empowering women and their economic opportunities in places where they have rights, but lack the infrastructure to realize them. This way empowering women can be accelerated in the global economy. LALA World is striving hard to achieve this goal and hopes to realize this dream with the help of its partners and LALA community.