LALA World Dubai and eFatoora Sign a Historic Partnership for Entire GCC Region!!!

Dear Community Members!
As LALA World continues to expand globally, local knowledge and networks become very important. One of the most recent and important partnerships for LALA is our strategic tie up with eFatoora for entire GCC region to create a brand new financial and
technological ecosystem, that will have support of various Corporate, Startups, Government departments and real users.


LALA & eFatoora!
This partnership is the most strategic in the GCC region for LALA.
eFatoora, a smart and sustainable solution, launched with key government partners in the UAE. eFatoora offers a digital receipt via a mobile application, and for those without a smartphone, digital receipts can be uploaded to the dedicated web portal or existing NFC, QR or bar code loyalty cards. eFatoora is offering a sustainable vision for any paper transaction and is strongly assisting the paperless vision of 2021 announced in April by Crown Prince of Dubai HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. eFatoora was listed as number one of the Ten Start-ups shortlisted to watch out for At GITEX Future Stars 2017 and has plans to expand beyond the GCC launch within the next 12 months.
eFatoora is committed to reducing carbon footprint, making this world and the environment we live in, a healthier, sustainable and an eco-friendlier place. This a goal that resonates thoroughly with LALA’s visions and CSR’s this making eFatoora the best alliance in the region. eFatoora is aiming to create communities where “being green” and leading green initiatives will become part of our everyday lives.
With the Smart Dubai initiatives in mind, eFatoora is leading the way to go paperless and practice green living in a world where the smallest changes can make a huge difference to the environment we live in.
LALA World on the other hand is building an ecosystem, not just financial services for the unbanked and their families but an entire ethos of health, education & employment. We are doing this not to just remove poverty and include the unprivileged into a
society that we are all used to but in that process, make the society self-sustainable.
We are doing this via LALA Wallet, a decentralized peer to peer system where you are rewarded via LALA Tokens to use services like LALA ID, LALA transfer, LALA Bill Pay, LALA Lends and many more to come.
Our strength lies in our global partnerships that can be found at, a partnership that spans large enterprises, local networks, governments, communities, NGO’s etc. Also, we are blessed to have super advisors on board like Ari Paul, Dato Sri Amin, Thomas Macillister etc. without whose guidance this would have been impossible.
Your Pre-Sale Participation Guide
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participating in our Pre-ICO.

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