LALA World App Solidifies its Global presence

By August 16, 2018LaLa World

In the moment of triumph, it is our pleasure to announce that LALA World is on its way to establishing a complete ecosystem with powerful connectivity across the globe. The launch of various services has helped LALA World gain momentum and now is opening its wings to fly. We have presently reached new heights from where we have made our products and services accessible to all.

If Everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself — Henry Ford

We are thrilled to have increased our global presence by launching services in UAE in association with various partners. Not only LALA World App users are able to top-up their mobile phone’s network on the go but they can also make recharges for any mobile phone network belonging to 15 other countries including Afghanistan, Russia, British Indian Ocean Territory Armenia, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Tajikistan, Turkey &Yemen.

The procedure of recharge is easy and user-friendly. One can make recharges using their ManGo balance in LALA World App. This balance can be pre-deposited using cash with the help of ManGo self-service kiosks situated in 450 locations across UAE. This omits the need for users to visit a recharge store or these kiosks frequently.

Addition of these 15 countries has extended our global presence in 25 countries. Our timely achievement of set milestones has maintained an upward sloping graph of successes.  With the vision of creating a positive impact in the lives of 100 million people by 2020, we are constantly expanding our global presence and creating innovative and advanced products and services to achieve our mission.

Our community always encourages us to continue walking on the path that’ll help us realise the dream that we all saw together. We are unceasingly working on expanding our list of achievements for them.

To stay updated on the latest happenings & product news, join our Telegram community here any support regarding the services, please contact us at: [email protected]

LALA Team expresses its gratitude to the community for its continuous support and being with us since the beginning. Thank you All!

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