LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation – Spreading Smiles Together!

By December 11, 2017LaLa World
LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation

The world is divided into “haves” and “have-nots.” While it is futile to delve into the reasons for this division, it is necessary to acknowledge the hardships suffered by the less fortunate people of the world. Our skewed systems have creating massive gorges between sections of the society, where on one hand, there is shameless abundance and on the other hand, there is shameful scarcity. We, as fortunate members of the human race, owe a moral responsibility on our parts to bridge this divide to the best of our abilities.

Many of our less fortunate brethren struggle with basic necessities of life. One of them is access to clean clothing. Many of them have limited and inappropriate clothes. Clothes cover our dignity as civilized human beings. Access to clean clothing is not a privilege of the few but a right of the many. This is the philosophy of Clothes Box Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that endeavors to provide clean clothing to the less fortunate.

Founded by Sajan Abrol and Naman Ahluwalia, CBF started spreading warm love in February 2014 and have donated clothes to almost 40,000 happy recipients across India. More than 2000 generous donors have donated their clothes and big celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan have actively participated in the clothes donation drive.



LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation


Donors, while with their generous efforts, are often concerned about their donated material reaching the right recipients. By using social media to share pictures of authentic recipients with clothes, CBF makes certain that donor’s clothes reach the people in real need. With over 37,000 followers on Facebook, CBF’s activities were highly commended by none other than Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook who congratulated both Abrol and Ahluwalia for their efforts.

The underlying philosophy of LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation is not too distant from each other. While CBF aims to fulfil a basic necessity in the lives of the less fortunate, LALA World goes a step ahead in ensuring financial inclusion for the underserved people of the world. Choosing to work with poor migrants and their families, LALA World is working with governmental authorities in many countries in Asia and Africa to help migrants come under an inclusive financial ecosystem.

LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation enter into a proud partnership to spread the love and warmth of donating clean clothes to under-privileged people. LALA World believes in the power of partnerships as a potent way to bring about a positive change in the world. While it has partnered with many organizations that have helped bring LALA World’s vision into fruition, this is LALA World’s social partnership that will help make lives of the less fortunate slightly better.

We feel that it would be exciting to see what all good LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation can do together for the society taking the footprints globally. The two organizations plan to work together to not only provide clothing but also financial education, financial literacy and a means to be included into the financial mainstream. This will not only benefit them as individuals but it will also help the economy of the country.