LALA World join hands with Jetcoin to promote and nurture talented sportsmen

By June 12, 2018LaLa World
talented sportsmen

Is LALA World committed to improving lives of the disadvantaged, globally? Yes, of course, it is! And what better way there can be but to help young migrants in building their dream career.

In sports, Soccer is the most loved & followed in the world. We feel that the economies LALA is working in and the communities we are working for, are full of extraordinary talent and have witnessed that in the past with the top league footballers coming from these sections of our society. With Jetcoin, LALA wants to support as many talented sportsmen as possible, who do n for their better future

And further train the talented sportsmen with right facilities, where they are out from the ghettoes, and focused as they train hard to make it big for their own good and better future. In return help bring a change and prosperity to their own communities. LALA doesn’t believe in doing things just once, its not a charity but a vision towards creating a self sustainable ecosystem where every one lives a better life.

LALA World is super excited to be able to play a major role in transforming the lives of these talented sportsmen across geographies. It will help budding champions in getting the required funds transferred from any part of the globe. Jetcoin is building a Blockchain based platform that would help anyone to buy IP rights of a rising superstar via Smart Contracts, thus investing in their career. LALA World will help Jetcoin in extending its wings in various emerging economies with the help of its global financial ecosystem.

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