A Mother Tongue is an individual’s Identity & LALA ID aims to be their Global Identity

By March 28, 2018LaLa World

Communication is not just the sole purpose that language serves; it is, in fact, the global identity of a person. The mother language or the mother tongue that a person speaks defines and distinguishes them among the masses. It is this uniqueness about language that people through generations struggle and fight to keep their own mother tongue alive. As reported by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), on an average, one language withdraws every two weeks and around 43% of the estimated 6000 languages spoken in the world are classified as endangered. Human civilization and development of a particular area or region can be measured by the advancement of the particular language of that area, therefore when a language disappears it takes along the entire culture and intellectual heritage.

LALA World respects and understands the value and prime importance of a person’s individuality and global identity especially when they leave their respective motherlands to work offshore. With little or no understanding of the foreign tongue, they feel out of place and at times majority of them end up without any identity. Since decades the unbanked and the underserved have been struggling to get this fundamental right, in order to access the basic financial and social services. International students, micro-entrepreneurs, and migrants have always struggled with this.

Living up to the vision of providing a comprehensive digital identity to every person on the planet – LALA world and its sincere associates have worked tirelessly towards building this Single Global Identity for everyone – LALA ID, which conclusively will include KYC/AML, biometric verification, digitization of records, cards, national ID systems etc. protecting the security on Blockchain and giving all a freedom to conduct various financial services, all in via a single wallet – LALA Wallet.

Primarily, the LALA ID will be able to consolidate all physical and digital identity into a single secure & private ambient global identity providing everyone with a world of opportunities and possibilities and happiness.

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