LALA focuses on bringing back The Privileges and Rights for the Socially Excluded

LALA focuses on bringing back The Privileges and Rights for the Socially Excluded
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Social justice is when there is co-existence and no one is left behind. It is when the rights of the indigenous people and migrants are promoted and all the barriers faced due to race, cast, gender or culture are removed. Migrants are no exception to social justice; there are almost 258 million international migrants, out of whom 56% are men and 44% women. Being suppressed they are vulnerable to exploitation and mistreatment.
This social justice day LALA focuses on bringing back the privileges and rights of the migrants and treat them equally.
We at LALA World aim for providing a support system and a platform to the underprivileged and undeserved. In the banking sector about 2.4 billion poor people worldwide are often isolated and excluded from the basic facilities due to lack of proper identification, financial data or zero credit score. In this digital age Blockchain comes to the rescue for the unbanked and the underprivileged, creating a decentralized peer-to-peer network among the value holders.
The economy works best when it benefits everyone, LALA World provides a new platform which is an engine of inclusion.
LALA’s sole purpose is to make human lives better. We don’t know how anyone can justify abusing other Human Beings in such barbaric ways. LALA is not charity either because charity does not work. We are a social business, which makes money and spends money for betterment. LALA Tokens are here not because the Tokens are a fad but because we could not think of a better way to incentivise everyone while building this huge global social business for real users to stay on LALA Platform and get LALA as rewards. It provides us the motivation to build this community, while they build on their economic inclusion and further in return help by participating in community projects because they firmly believe that this can change everything.
The vision was always to bring the unbanked together for a purpose and give them what’s rightfully theirs and connect them via an ecosystem. LALA World is that Ethos – Sankalp Shangari
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