I’m Excited to be Back For My 4th AMA – Let’s Connect The Dots

By October 3, 2018LaLa World
I’m Excited to be Back For My 4th AMA - Let's Connect The Dots

Dear LALA Community,

Really excited to be back for my Fourth AMA this time.

Here’s a couple of things I won’t be doing this Friday – Taking a flight, Speaking at an event, Writing, Working late hours or sitting at the back seat of an Uber. All, so that I can answer your questions instead.

Why is this special?

The coming months are going to be packed with great news like New Releases, Product Updates, Working Partnership Updates, Accelerator Programs, LALASpeaking at Events, Business Camps, Some Team Building Exercises and much more at the backend.

We are close to our next Big Achievement after LALA ‘Pay by Crypto’ was made live last month. Powered by Stellar Protocol we are coming up with our Star Product ‘LALATransfer’ in action sooner than expected, and kudos to the team that is working really hard to make it a 4th consecutive launch in last 3 months.

So preparing and chanting the words of trust in God, I assume you will keep it easy for me this time. Few I know will be tough but good ones to talk about. I Would sincerely like to answer any question as per my wish coming up until 4th Oct 2018, 11:59 Pm Singapore.

I will answer the top 10 most upvoted questions on the Reddit Thread posted here – http://bit.ly/4thAMA-LALA

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We thank all our Proud Investors and LALA Users who have been supportive and got us thus far. Your trust is paramount for us to make LALA a huge success.

Yours Sincerly,