How to buy LALA Token on CoinSwitch

By March 20, 2019LaLa World

CoinSwitch is the first mover as cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange aggregator. Several leading exchanges from across the globe are integrated with CoinSwitch that helps them provide competitive exchange rates to their users. Presently, over 400 cryptocurrencies are supported by them and they are in possession of 45000+ pairs to exchange.

CoinSwitch is now supporting LALA Token on its platform for trading. Click on the links to know more about LALA World and LALA Coin price prediction.

Below is a step by step instruction for beginners to learn how to purchase LALA Tokens.

  1. Select the preferred cryptocurrency like BTC on the left and LALA Token on the right. Enter the desired amount of LALA Tokens that you wish to exchange.
  2. Entering the amount will exhibit the current exchange rate. Now click on ‘View All Offers’ button to view the list of exchanges with the amount of LALA Tokens offered by each of them. Please note that the amount mentioned under this section will be different from the actual amount that will be transferred to you post conversion.
  3. Choose your preferred exchange or you can opt for the one recommended by CoinSwitch.
  4. Create your LALA wallet address in Arax App-Your Universal Crypto Wallet and provide the address to CoinSwitch. The LALA Tokens will be transacted to you in that wallet after order completion. Please remember to double check the entered address and don’t click the next button without reading the terms and conditions.
  5. Next, you will see the BTC address of the exchange where you will send the BTC from your wallet address.
  6. As soon as the BTC is received by the exchange, the conversion process to your LALA Token will be initiated. You can easily view and track your transaction details on our Blockchain with this link.
  7. Check your Arax Wallet to confirm the transaction completion and see your LALA Tokens. In some wallets, the received funds will be displayed after some additional confirmations. Please wait for your wallet to display the funds in such cases.

It is done! All you need to do now is enjoy the hassle-free experience of exchanging cryptocurrencies on CoinSwitch.

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