Get ready for Sankalp’s Podcast with Michael Michelini

By November 6, 2018LaLa World

Dear LALA Family,


Sankalp Shangari, CEO – LALA World, has been invited by the Global From Asia, a leading Hong Kong-based Fintech Consultancy, over a podcast. The agenda of this session is to discuss the future of crypto and sustainability of Blockchain solutions in the Fintech space. The podcast will take place on 8th November, with Michael Michelini (Founder – Global From Asia), to delve deeper into the current and future scenario of the Crypto ecosystem.


Sankalp will be giving a brief about how LALA World will use Blockchain to create a paradigm shift in the finance & banking sphere. He will also be discussing expansion and diversification plans of LALA World over this forum to bank the unbanked. The podcast will be available on their blog. Link: