LALA World in Tokyo – Selected To be a Part of an Exclusive FinTech Business Camp

By October 4, 2018LaLa World
FinTech Business

LALA World has been selected to be part of an exciting Accelerator Program, in Tokyo, Japan. The Accelerator Program “ Fintech Business Camp Tokyo ” is held by TMG (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) and run by Accenture with the aim of inviting foreign start-ups with cutting-edge technologies and business models to come to Tokyo. TMG’s goal with the program is for the start-ups to deepen their knowledge of both Japan’s market and various needs of the companies in the capital city. This program envisions to cultivate business networks and attract foreign companies.

LALA World is amongst the few start-ups handpicked by TMG for this camp. LALA world’s achievements in a short period of time were acknowledged. Our essence of our socio-business, gave us this inspiring chance to project our vision and business structure to Japanese market.

Not only this, we will get acquainted with the Japanese citizens, who are culturally inclined towards believing in inventing something new each day.

LALA Legacy is expanding its business and building an ecosystem that positively accommodates an increasing number of global citizens. Imprinting our footprints in Japan is just a step towards our aim.

Furthermore, LALA World is also interested in the TMG’s Financial One-Stop Support  Service, which offers a range of business and lifestyle assist, equipping startups with information and advice on Japan’s regulations, etc. They would additionally assist in all aspects from establishing a local company to infrastructure needs like office space and information on living in Tokyo.

We extend our gratitude to the community. It is because of their continuous support and feedback that we are able to maintain this accelerated development.

We are look forward to an enriching experience in Tokyo!