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By April 2, 2019LaLa World

Dear Community

The season of announcements is not over yet. Here we are with another piece of news that will definitely thrill you.

This week, we are integrating CVC in Arax Crypto Wallet, a one-stop solution for all your crypto needs. This is another step towards making Arax a truly universal crypto wallet. Now you will be able to store, send, receive, and exchange CVC along with 18 other cryptocurrencies from your Arax Crypto Wallet.

About Civic

CIVIC is a secure identity management service. It facilitates real-time utilization of an individual’s identity after its one-time authorization.

Usually, a person needs to undergo the same verification and document submission process. This is done when they are necessitated to prove their identity. CIVIC changes this system by allowing you to reuse once verified data in places where CIVIC is accepted. This is known as CIVIC ID which will be used to verify identity for the service that the individual intends to use.

CIVIC infrastructure is based on Ethereum Blockchain network. This makes its native cryptocurrency CVC an ERC-20 token. This is a valued token which is an essential part of the business model of CIVIC. It serves as a medium of exchange whenever required.

About Arax

At launch, Arax supported 12 cryptocurrencies across different Blockchains. Staying true to our word, we have successfully integrated 7 new coins. We now support 19 cryptocurrencies across 7 Blockchains.

Arax now supports Bitcoin, Stellar, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, LALA Token, 0X, Binance, Basic Attention Token, OmiseGo, TrueUSD, Tron, EOS, DAI, Lisk, Polymath, ZIL AE and now CVC.

Arax also offers various in-app services including mobile bill payments & recharges via cryptocurrencies. We also offer instant cryptocurrency conversions, and remittance (to be live soon). You can also send crypto with its industry-first feature “Near By” via GPS instantly. It is a single storage app for multiple digital assets that gives each user true immutable ownership.

We are making every effort to bring the best services to our users and expand our partnerships. Follow us on our social media channels for more updates. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your undying love and support.


Team Arax




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