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LALA World Token Sale – Beware of Scammers

LALA Token sale is going to start from 05th Jan 2018,
09 PM SGT at 1 ETH= 10,000 LALA Tokens.
There are a few Scammers & some Fake Websites have been made (.com/ .org /.eu/.in/.au/ ) ..etc !!! We Urge
You All To Please Refrain From Going to These Sites to Buy LALA Tokens.
Some people are also using LALA Team Members name and pictures and posing as part of our team.
No One From the LALA TEAM will ever ask you to send your ETH/ BTC on any address in private or public.
For every announcement, please join our official telegram channel:
All the announcements will be made on this channel only.
Thanks & Regards,
LALA World Team
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LALA World – Gearing towards a Decentralised Financial Ecosystem, welcomes Mr Brian Cumming, as its newest advisor on board. This move demonstrates LaLa World’s continued commitment to including the highest caliber professionals amongst its management and advisory team.
Mr. Brian Cumming has extensive experience in finance, banking, technology and risk management will augment LALA World’s existing management and board level expertise. With over 20 years of employment history in Singapore, London and New York, he has held senior roles with AIG Trading, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and is currently Managing Director and Global Head of Strategy for Freepoint Commodities.
With rich experience in both derivatives and physical commodities businesses, he has a unique global perspective on the running of international operations, structuring, structured finance, trading, sales, principal investing and advisory work. He has an extensive background in working with corporate and sovereign entities in the design and execution of some of the world’s largest hedging programs and in managing the market risks.
“I am impressed by the vision of LALA World and more than pleased to assist in this venture to help millions of underserved and underbanked individuals. It will be a pleasure to work along side its ambitious and talented team. I look forward to helping them make financial inclusion a reality for everyone.” – Brian Cumming
Based in Singapore, LALA World was created to transform the lives of migrants moving between countries, providing them and their unbanked families a long-term financial solution using blockchain. Its an ecosystem, not just for financial inclusion, but an entire ethos covering their health, education & employment. In the process, we want to make them self-sustainable. Doing this via LALA Wallet, a decentralized peer to peer system where you are rewarded via LALA Tokens to use services like LALA ID, LALA transfer, LALA Bill Pay, LALA Lends and many more to come.
To get involved with the project,  please visit  and participate in our ICO which starts from January 5th, 2018, 9:00 pm S.G.T till February 5th,2018.

LALA Special – 10x LALA Tokens For The Community

LALA Tokens
Thank you everyone for an incredible response to our Pre-ICO, Christmas & New Year sale event. We are overwhelmed with the sheer energy, passion, trust and enthusiasm shown by our community.
We raised 3 Million+ USD during this period and counting. This could not have been possible without your support. The monetary aspect of course was promising, but the learning we had and the experience we gained was worth a lifetime. 
One important feedback that was received during Pre-ICO was the rising cost of ETH. The volatility of BTC and ETH pricing was discussed lot many times over the telegram and other community channels in the last one month. This has certainly struck a chord with us. Considering the ETH pricing that almost quadrupled since the conceptualization of our project, there is a need to revisit pricing as well our targets for the benefit of our community.
LALA Token pricing is being revised to make the ICO participative for even a small buyer. Hence we have revisited the Token Price as follows:
Revised Token Pricing
Q – What is Revised Token Pricing?
We are bringing a change in the token price. Previously we traded 1,000 LALA Tokens for 1 ETH. But henceforth, the token price has been revised. As per the new pricing 1 ETH will fetch you 10,000 LALA Tokens. Nothing else changes and does not effect anyone or anybody except that you will see ten times more LALA Tokens in your dashboard.
Q – Why is this happening?
There are multiple reasons behind that, but most importantly it is the recent increase in ETH value. The ETH has almost quadrupled in value since our project. From the previous 250 USD it is almost hovering around 800 USD and is certainly expected to go 1000 USD. Our LALA Token which was acquirable at 25 to 30 cents previously is now almost costing 80 cents and may go on to 1 to 1.5 USD. This pricing is too steep for a Token which is in ICO process now.
Hence we have taken the decision to split LALA Token pricing by changing the equation. Based upon the existing ETH pricing, our token would cost around 8-9 cents at current Ether value which is ideal for participation. Also such a pricing gives it a good traction once listed on the exchanges.
Q – What impacts will it have?
Based upon the previous equation, we had kept a hard-cap of 150,000 ETH. This will by default get reduced to 15,000 ETH. Considering the existing and forecasted pricing of ETH, the funds in USD are substantial enough to move ahead with our project.
Q – What happens to those who bought the tokens at the previous pricing?
The interest of the participants will be safeguarded. The sold tokens allocated before 5 Jan will be multiplied by 10. So if someone had 100 LALA Tokens, after the new equation is implemented, the number of tokens in his/her account would be 1000 LALA Tokens. This would also be applicable on the bonus tokens.
Q – What about the tokens to be distributed for Bounty?
Since Bounty distribution is calculated on the % basis. It is a fixed percentage on total number of tokens so no change would be observed for Bounty participants.
We are bringing a change in the token price. Previously we traded 1,000 LALA Tokens for 1 ETH. But henceforth, the token price has been revised. As per the new pricing 1 ETH will fetch you 10,000 LALA Tokens.
This revised pricing has been discussed thoroughly internally and will help the token grow better once listed on digital exchange. [email protected] is happy to solve any query over the matter.
LALA Team continues to think about community, real users and investors. This is just a first step towards that. we have always said, we cannot do this alone. Your continues support is must. The love and motivation we have received everywhere, the global partnerships that we have signed, real users, real products, all take us closer to that goal of “Making Human Lives Better”
Building something that in true sense is going to ease out “The Real Pain” that not only the suppressed 2 billion community but the global travelers, exchange students and many more. True borderless banking. The Belief that we are on track, with each day at LALA we make new strides in our vision and come closer to becoming a Global Phenomenon.
Thank you and wishing you all a truly happy and an exciting New Years!!! God Bless!!!

LALA World Partners Cynopsis – A Top 100 RegTech Company and Leaders in KYC/AML

LALA World Partners Cynopsis

Dear LALA Community!

When it comes to security, regulations, KYC and AML, LALA World is always on the top. That is why we have partnered with Cynopsis, a leader in RegTech. Forging strong and long lasting partnerships has become our strength as we leverage on existing infrastructures. More local level community engagement and helping out the needy has become our priority.

We are joyous and equally proud to announce yet another exciting collaboration of LALA World with Cynopsis – A Top RegTech Company founded and based in Singapore. Cynopsis Solutions has well over 400 global clients and was named amongst the world’s best 100 RegTech companies in a comprehensive research conducted by FinTech Global.

Once you register and participate in the LALA Tokensale, please make sure that you upload all your KYC information in your dashboard. Last date to submit your KYC is 10th February 2018. We will not be able to distribute LALA Tokens to anyone who cannot upload proper KYC documents. For any clarification, you can Emil us at [email protected] or join our telegram channel here.

‘Regtech’ is a word, blend of Regulatory Technology that was created to address regulatory challenges in the financial services sector through innovative technology. The RegTech100 comprises the world’s most innovative providers of technology solutions to help businesses comply with regulatory challenges & take on opportunities, both efficiently and inexpensively.

At Cynopsis, they believe in Regulatory Inclusion and LALA World has always  religiously advocated about it since inception. That is regulatory compliance need not be expensive and cumbersome if we combine deep regulatory knowledge with smart use of leading functional technologies. RegTech should not be only made available to large banks and financial institutions, but enabling the new promising players having character in the market access to good solutions at an affordable price point Cynopsis partnership with LALA will help to better comply with ever increasing regulatory requirements, in particular anti money laundering (AML), counter terrorism financing (CTF) and know your customer (KYC).

And further enable LALA World to get the essential intelligence needed to make superior business decisions. With a range of products on offer, this will allow all global users to stay ahead of regulatory curve and focus on what matters most – Financial Happiness!!

LALA Team continues to think about community, real users and investors. Equipped with Regulatory Technology from Cynopsis, will further strengthen the prowess of LALA, and help to better comply with ever increasing regulatory requirements protecting users security on Blockchain and giving freedom to conduct various financial services, all embedded in one single wallet – LALA Wallet.
LALA World and its partners are working tirelessly to build a single most powerful and trustworthy global ecosystem.The Belief that we are on track, as each day at LALA we make new strides in our vision and come closer to becoming a Global Phenomenon.
Thank you all.


Richard Rofé, Entrepreneur and Investor, Joins LALA Advisory Board

Richard Rofé
LALA World, An ecosystem for migrants and their unbanked families, is joyous to announce that Mr.Richard Rofé, Founder & Chairman, Arcadia Capital, New York has joined the Illustrious LALA World Advisory Team
A serial entrepreneur at heart, with an extraordinary business and technology expertise in a wide variety of industries including entertainment, food service, aviation, software, finance and a crypto asset expert, Mr. Rofé has a wealth of experience from enterprise customers to individual consumers, as well as the insights that come from running a successful large software company and a fast-emerging startup. He is an acclaimed fund manager, an early-stage investor and also a successful technology executive.
In 2009, Mr. Richard Rofé was named one of the top 20 activist hedge fund managers in the U.S. 
Prior to his shift to full-time investing, he built and sold several companies over a 30-year career. He has been a founder, investor and advisor to many early-stage technology companies.
The move determines that safeguarding our global consumers interests and understanding their needs, presenting them with innovative products and impeccable services is always a top priority in LALA World’s roadmap.
Based in Singapore, LALA World was created to transform the lives of migrants moving between countries, providing them and their unbanked families a long-term financial solutions using blockchain. Its an ecosystem, not just for financial inclusion, but an entire ethos covering their health, education & employment. In the process we want to make them self-sustainable. Doing this via LALA Wallet, a decentralized peer to peer system where you are rewarded via LALA Tokens to use services like LALA ID, LALA transfer, LALA Bill Pay, LALA Lends and many more to come.
To get involved with the project, please visit and participate in our ICO which starts from January 5th, 2018 till February 5th,2018.

A New Year Message From Our CEO- Sankalp Shangari

Sankalp Shangari
What a year 2017 has been. Global expansion for LALA World with daily nerve racking excitement in the crypto world. Exciting times we live in.
We at LALA have always believed that Blockchain is for the greater good of humanity. 2017 has been a great journey for this LALA bunch of passionate team players embarked, thanks to continuous support from people like yourselves and over 50 global partnerships spanning across four continents now.
2017 has been both an exciting and challenging year for LALA. From zilch to presence in Malaysia, India, UAE, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh and now expanding across many other regions, LALA team faced significant challenges. Resources were stretched to the limits, meeting the ever changing needs of Fintech sector, Blockchain, ICO demands while abiding by the compliance standards and enhancing the user experience we provide to you. There is a huge influx of investors, partners, real users, community members who are all willing to support this noble cause.
As an end of the year note, I wanted to reflect on what we have achieved so far, where to go from here while never losing our focus of making human lives better – via Blockchain, peer to peer, decentralised – our eventual goal.  Blockchain allows us to do that, own what belongs to us and financially include us in a society that does not even recognise the other 2 billion that exist. LALA is that Grandeur Plan. With each passing day it motivates us to achieve the unthinkable with a social purpose. There is no turning back because lives depend on this. Our partners have trusted us to deliver this and we are truly blessed to have achieved feats that we couldn’t have a year ago – Sankalp Shangari
Moving forward, I would like to share with you some exciting plans we have in store for you in 2018 that run beyond the ICO. We will be expanding across geographies and intend to be in over 10 countries by end of 2018.
Our product focus for 2018 will be on digital ID’s – LALA ID, Digital Scores – LALA Score, Cross border remittance – LALA Transfer and Peer to Peer as well as direct micro lending – LALA Lends
We will continue to grow our partners as we strongly believe we cannot do this alone. Partnerships will become our strength as we leverage on existing infrastructures. More local level community engagement and helping out the needy will become our priority.
Customer service and enhanced security of our clients will take another leap as we have some very exciting announcements ahead. Additionally, an effort to grow our operations in some developed nations will also increase since most families send their loved ones to live, work and study there.
As 2018 steps in, we want to stay focused, yet simple. While LALA is focused on financial inclusion, education, health and employment are intertwined into our mission. LALA token plays a crucial part in this as we expand globally making LALA the currency of choice. We need your continued support.
I hope you find this journey of interest and not only participate in our ICO but also send your contacts, and networks our way who can help us achieve this. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to your feedback and to have you on board.
Sankalp Shangari, CEO & Founder, LALA World

LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation – Spreading Smiles Together!

LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation

The world is divided into “haves” and “have-nots.” While it is futile to delve into the reasons for this division, it is necessary to acknowledge the hardships suffered by the less fortunate people of the world. Our skewed systems have creating massive gorges between sections of the society, where on one hand, there is shameless abundance and on the other hand, there is shameful scarcity. We, as fortunate members of the human race, owe a moral responsibility on our parts to bridge this divide to the best of our abilities.

Many of our less fortunate brethren struggle with basic necessities of life. One of them is access to clean clothing. Many of them have limited and inappropriate clothes. Clothes cover our dignity as civilized human beings. Access to clean clothing is not a privilege of the few but a right of the many. This is the philosophy of Clothes Box Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that endeavors to provide clean clothing to the less fortunate.

Founded by Sajan Abrol and Naman Ahluwalia, CBF started spreading warm love in February 2014 and have donated clothes to almost 40,000 happy recipients across India. More than 2000 generous donors have donated their clothes and big celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan have actively participated in the clothes donation drive.



LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation


Donors, while with their generous efforts, are often concerned about their donated material reaching the right recipients. By using social media to share pictures of authentic recipients with clothes, CBF makes certain that donor’s clothes reach the people in real need. With over 37,000 followers on Facebook, CBF’s activities were highly commended by none other than Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook who congratulated both Abrol and Ahluwalia for their efforts.

The underlying philosophy of LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation is not too distant from each other. While CBF aims to fulfil a basic necessity in the lives of the less fortunate, LALA World goes a step ahead in ensuring financial inclusion for the underserved people of the world. Choosing to work with poor migrants and their families, LALA World is working with governmental authorities in many countries in Asia and Africa to help migrants come under an inclusive financial ecosystem.

LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation enter into a proud partnership to spread the love and warmth of donating clean clothes to under-privileged people. LALA World believes in the power of partnerships as a potent way to bring about a positive change in the world. While it has partnered with many organizations that have helped bring LALA World’s vision into fruition, this is LALA World’s social partnership that will help make lives of the less fortunate slightly better.

We feel that it would be exciting to see what all good LALA World and Clothes Box Foundation can do together for the society taking the footprints globally. The two organizations plan to work together to not only provide clothing but also financial education, financial literacy and a means to be included into the financial mainstream. This will not only benefit them as individuals but it will also help the economy of the country.

Daily Challenges in the Life of Migrants and How CryptoCurrency is Changing it


The cryptocurrency concept, and blockchain, which is the technology associated with it, have been visualized to help bring a revolution in addressing a wide range of issues that a migrant might face away from home. Getting accustomed to a new environment isn’t easy, and a migrant faces a lot of challenges daily. Change in culture, lifestyles, currency, and technology, are important factors to consider in the process of migration. On top of it, migrants don’t get access to banking facilities readily, which creates problems right from getting their pay-check to paying for regular, basic services. There is a need to create a system, where flexible transactions can take place within a country irrespective of the citizenship or the location of the migrant. A migrant, though not being a citizen, needs to have access to basic financial services, and cryptocurrency can help a great deal in addressing these issues and assure easy access to services even before he begins his migration process.

Migrants from developing regions may move to more developed countries because of reasons like poverty, culture, political or economic circumstances, but mostly to move somewhere which provides a better quality of life. This change doesn’t come easy, as the migrant is expected to leave everything behind and move to a new location. Migrant workers don’t only contribute to the economy of the country they have moved to, but also to the country of their origin, as a migrant sends money back home to his dependents. Underdeveloped nations lag in employment opportunities and international exposures, which ensures that poverty thrives. Their population consists both skilled and unskilled labour, but the absence of opportunities prevents them from sustaining a good lifestyle. On the contrary, fast-growing economies always require human resources to propel infrastructural and economic growth. It is then, that the gap between these nations is bridged by providing labour for such growing economies and the process calls for migration.

When migrants cross borders in search of opportunities, they face challenges related to banking facilities. Something as simple as creating a bank account isn’t possible due to various compliance checks and minimum limits that banks impose. For private banks, the minimum limit balance for a salaried account is not enough to enable a migrant employed on daily wages. Besides these limits, insufficient documentation and no residence proof prevents migrants from getting access to basic banking services.

This is where LALA World can play a major role by providing a mobile LALA Wallet to the underbanked population. LALA is one of the pioneers of this vision of providing financial facilities to the underbanked, mainly through its own cryptocurrency, which is the LALA Token. Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, such as the US dollar, but is digital, and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds. Digital currency doesn’t have limits across borders, and it needs no repetitive documentation or futile paperwork to provide a migrant with a flexible option of storing currency, whether encrypted or fiat. These wallets also support the option of converting digital currency to fiat money, thereby satisfying the purpose of a fully functional bank account. LALA Card, being directly linked to migrants’ accounts, can be used for transactions at PoS machines anywhere. This way migrants do not have to deal with handling cash, bank accounts, unnecessary bureaucracy, and cashiers. The platform enables convenience and transparency, offering an easy learning curve for a population which isn’t much educated or aware of ways to utilise banking services.

Another advantage that comes with this technology is the freedom of international remittances without any unnecessary fees. MTOs (Money Transfer Operators) charge about 10% fee to conduct money transfers which reduces the utility of a money transfer and puts additional pressure on a migrant who values every single unit of his hard-earned money. And while converting to fiat currency might incur costs, it remains practical for a migrant who hopes to support his dependents back home in the most convenient way possible, by enabling them to access facilities that could improve their quality of life.

A secondary, although critical aspect of cryptocurrency is the provision of digital identities that it can provide. The idea of uploading identities of migrants on the Blockchain and providing them with digital identities across all basic services, is promising. Providing this identity can ensure easier access, and can facilitate integration and speed up the immigration process.

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem matures, the 350 million people migrating globally every year, will be among the many benefactors of the development of cryptocurrency. By paving the way for low-cost, cryptocurrency-based transactions and remittances, LALA World is a practical solution to enable the migrant communities’ inclusion into the financial ecosystem, and bridge the gap between underdeveloped and developing nations.

LALA World : Eliminating The Woes of Migrants and Their Unbanked Families

LALA is all for Happiness, financial freedom and upliftment of the unbanked. LALA team has been working on this for over a year now. Headquartered in Singapore, we all have a common mission, to uplift the migrants, and their unbanked families and connect them via an Ecosystem, which is not just financial but education, health, employment, to make them self-sustainable in the long run. LALA World is that Ethos. In this article, I wanted to highlight, very simply, the reasons why we are doing this, what we want to achieve and how LALA World is different.

  • Self Sustainability – by providing an Ecosystem – not just one or two niche services. The entire ethos around this populace in a strange new country and for unbanked families back home adapting to this new realm, is difficult, least to say. LALA wants to be THAT ecosystem which takes care of those issues in entirety. An ecosystem of trust and reliability. Someone there for them always. As we expand in countries across Asia, Africa, and CIS, we are partnering with local governments for subsidies, support and systematic change. Communities and camps with NGO’s to educate these migrants and their unbanked families. Education via these local channels is very important as ignorance is the biggest factor hampering growth. Health via a network of volunteers and doctors, Visa troubles via local consulate partners, employment issues via local lawyer groups and governments, its all about the LALA ECOSYSTEM.
  • Seamless, efficient and cost-effective technology – we have one of the best Blockchain teams and Blockchain by definition is about freedom from centralization. By removing these centralized networks of brokers, intermediaries, corporations, banks and educating the unbanked, we envision to achieve the unthinkable – a true peer to peer network for financial transactions, lending, rating, records etc. Simply put – Leveraging the power of blockchain to bring together 2 billion unbanked families.
  • LALA ID – We believe the first step towards inclusion is to identify the person. There have been several attempts before but when working with such closed knit community engagements, LALA ID becomes a very powerful tool on blockchain, not only for governments, corporate and NGO’s but also for users themselves, to digitise them and their records and bring them into the world they have been deprived of for the longest time. LALA ID would be one single point of Identification combining a mix of software and hardware to bring over 1 billion people from oblivion to reality. Partnering with governments, cities, communities and NGO’s makes it possible. LALA Coin will be the enabler and incentivize people for using the network and digitizing their records at each and every step.
  • Cash is King – Cash is still the dominant medium of exchange in these areas. Let’s face it, this is NOT going to disappear overnight. The Ecosystem that LALA is building complements this with technologies like GPS tracking where a user can meet other local users to transfer LALA Coins for cash. This becomes an enabler for LALA Coins and ultimately the aim is for LALA Coins to becomes their own medium of exchange. This is not innovation, it’s already happening in over 60% of Africa via mobile money and alternates like m-pesa. Right incentives, frequent incentives, community engagements, micro-credits, localized support systems, all become an enabler towards self-sustainability and greater adoption of LALA World.
  • Third Party API’s – CSA – Corporate and Strategic Alliances – We believe in partnerships. We cannot do this alone. We are very clear of our strengths but at the same time, we are also aware of others strengths and availability of best solutions. The solutions we provide can be used by any third party Wallets, financial systems, niche players and global corporations to develop their own networks – as long as they are used for social upliftment. This further creates network effects and enhances the value of the LALA World Ecosystem. Rome was not built in a day and certainly not by Ceaser himself. Partners are what creates a true Ecosystem. We have developed these in the past and we are again going to do this on a global scale.
  • Local Networks – LALA team has extensive on-ground experience in these emerging markets. Having seen this first hand, created opportunities, build and sold companies, LALA team is one of the most competitive to be able to create these network effects. We are very focused where and how are we going to target these markets. Given the migrant issues and our strength in these markets, our initial focus is their unbanked families back home and themselves. In their home countries like India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Turkey etc, LALA is not only creating local partnerships as described above but also launching awesome experience via LALA Shops, LALA Franchises and LALA Force (on the motorbikes) to deliver services and create support groups. Proper training and tools are being deployed to create a local level structure to support LALA World Ecosystem.
  • We believe in the betterment of society. Billions of human beings suffering for too long. Capital markets, geopolitics and above all ignorance takes away even the basic amenities from them. Its time someone did something. LALA World and LALA team are on a mission to uplift these people. every bit helps and we need your support for this noble cause. Real people, solving real life issues, with real partnerships and real products.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

— Steve Jobs

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LALA World Bounty Program: Blog & Media

LALA World Bounty

Hello people! We hope that you all have gotten a better understanding about LALA World Bounty Campaign by now. Let us take some time to delve more on the same.

As you know, the details are available on Bitcointalk forum:

And yes, the budget for this bounty campaign totals 7.2 Million LaLa Tokens, 3% of the supply equals 4500 ETH or 1,350,000 USD according to our hard cap of 150,000 ETH.

All these Bounties will be paid directly to all eligible wallets at the end of Main ICO Phase.

The General Rules for the LALA World Bounty Program are as follows:

  1. Payment Address will not be changed. Once the LALA World bounty seeker applies for eligibility using an address, that address will be locked. Everyone is responsible for protecting their address and private keys. So please do not click on any links you receive through suspect looking email ids or slack PMs.
  2. The Bounty seeker must join our telegram group to participate in this Project’s bounty program. Without joining the telegram group, you will not be counted on any Bounty. The telegram link is:

Let us talk about Blog and Social Media bounty:

We will reward all Bloggers, writers, youtubers, video creators, graphic designers and content creators who will add their support to promote LaLa token by writing reviews, blogs, articles in their website and blogs, and create video presentation reviews on their youtube channels and other sources.

Budget: 25% of total the LALA World Bounty Pool will be allocated for Blog and Media Bounty Participants. (1.8 million LaLa tokens)


We’ll divide all Videos and Blog/Articles into 3 Categories and will reward them as follows:

  • High Quality: 150 Stakes
  • Good Quality: 70 Stakes
  • Normal Quality: 40 Stakes


You can use our White Paper and website for getting the content (links provided in T&C section). You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get updates which can be used for content creation.

Link for resources:


How to Participate?

Write your Article, Reviews, or Create Your Video and Submit your entry Using the form below:


Here is the list of all blogs and videos:


Here are the Terms, Rules, and Conditions:

1: Low-Quality Articles and Videos are not Accepted.
2: Article and Videos Must Be genuine. Copying content, articles or ripping off stuff is not allowed. (You can use official Images, Logos, Graphics, etc, posted on the Lala World website, ANN thread, Facebook page and Twitter handle)
3: Articles must be Longer than 500 words; less than 500 words will not be accepted.
4: Videos must be at least 1:30 minutes long; shorter than that will not be accepted.
5: Article must have these 2 Links, (a) official website: ;  and the (b) Whitepaper: ; and an additional link of your own Bitcointalk profile at the bottom of your article to prove your authorship.
6: In the description of the Video, you must have one link of your official website, one link of the whitepaper, and one link of your own Bitcointalk profile to prove your authorship.
7: Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed but only one post of any person will be accepted in those platforms, and 3 Posts/Articles will be accepted for .com, .net, .org, and other premium websites and blogs.
9: Manager and Owners will have the rights to change any rules, or make any changes if necessary.

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