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The Blockchain Push towards Financial Inclusion

financial inclusion

Blockchain push towards financial inclusion is a necessary devil that needs to be unleashed to protect the interests of the marginalized. The idea of not having a bank account or a mechanism to send or receive money may seem to be a remote possibility to billions of the privileged people across the world. But it is a reality that plagues around 2.5 billion people, most of who live in the third world countries and developing economies. The financial exclusion suffered by a larger section of the society is due to government apathy and the lack of identification.

Students, Migrant-workers and Refugees are the most vulnerable section of society who suffers the wrath of financial exclusion. Students who relocate to other countries to pursue higher studies often face trouble in getting requisite financial assistance due to lack of necessary paper work. Migrant workers are another group of people who face the problems due to unavailability of transaction facilities. War refugees across the world are forced to live within certain designated areas known as colonies; most of these are denied basic banking facilities on the account of lack of requisite documentation papers.

Financial transactions are undergoing a sea change with the use of Blockchain technology. It is enabling a democratic & decentralized transaction system which is devoid of regulations. Being immutable in nature, the transactions made on Blockchain cannot be tempered, hence create a trust-less condition. Aligned with the cause of the marginalized, these products are being developed and many are on the verge of launch. Financial inclusion doesn’t merely give ability to transact rather it enables the person to indulge in activities that help in developing his overall conditions. Right from education to health to business opportunities the dependability towards financial transactions cannot be ignored.

Blockchain based organizations like LALA World are launching their wallet which would deal in fiat currencies while resolving the issue of financial inclusion. LALA id, with its unique identification mechanism will help in fulfillment of KYC process. Once the identity verification process is done the user would be able to send and receive payments. The app would also have remittance facilities in the later part of the year. With their products and services, Blockchain push would help in achieving the goals of financial inclusion and ameliorate the miseries of the marginalized.

You Can Be The Next “LALA Of The Week”

LALA World Telegram group

Dear LALA Family!

We at LALA World are blessed to have a community like you on our LALA World Telegram group. We are happy to announce that we would be declaring ‘LALA of the week’ from next week onwards to appreciate the efforts of our patrons. In the recognition to their efforts we would also be awarding them with 15 LALA Tokens as a token of appreciation.
This title would be given to members who have shown their incessant support towards the LALA World project and have been actively participating in the discussions, doing odd hours on our behalf, and seeding conversations on the Telegram group.

Well, theres more…The ‘LALA of the week’ would be sent an exclusive invite to attend the meetups (where LALA World would be invited) or the BlockSocial, when happening in their vicinity. The ‘LALA of the week’ would be given an opportunity to talk about their association with LALA Family and have a one to one with our CEO & Founder – Sankalp Shangari.
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We’re grateful for your patience and continued support, thank you for being part of this incredible journey!

Be There To Witness LALA World & Token Asia’s Inaugural Blocksocial Unfold Today


Blockchain can solve the problem, but there has to be a necessity that needs to be addressed, to begin with. A good solution, and a passionate team working towards that project, which needs the correct stage to bring it to the world – Blocksocial is just that platform. It’s the stage for the like-minded communities to come together and work for that Social Impact.

Being a pioneer of social upliftment through technology LALA World intends to promote “Tech with a Purpose”. LALA World is embarking upon a series of events, planned to span out across the world. These events would help in identification of technological advancement in Blockchain aimed towards solving problems of the marginalized.
The Curtain Raiser for LALA World & Token Asia’s Inaugural BLOCKSOCIAL takes place Today, March 16th, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

The Blocksocial – Toronto, would be host to a gathering of around 100 enigmatic entrepreneurs, who would listen to the inaugural address by LALA World CEO & Founder Mr. Sankalp Shangari. His address would be followed by that of Mr. Michael Gord – Founder & CEO, MLG Blockchain., Guiseppe Gori – CEO, Gorbyte Inc., Mawadda Basir – Executive Director, ColliderX. and Cali Haan – Writer & Editor, CryptoChicks would give their insights on the way this sector is shaping up.
The next BlockSocial Summits are proposed to take place in Japan, Dubai, India and more.
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We’re grateful for your continued support, thank you for being part of this incredible journey!

LALA World Product Roadmap “To Make Human Lives Better”

LALA products

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” – William Faulkner

Dear LALA Family!
At LALA World, we have always stressed the importance of dreaming big and keeping things simple. Our vision at LALA has always been “To Make Human Lives Better”. For LALA and our Vision, partnerships play a significant role in achieving the goal of financial inclusion to the masses. It’s a long way to get to these below vision points but we are simplifying and clarifying where we eventually see ourselves getting to. We have coined a term that dictates our everyday working: DDOS.

D – Decentralized – No one should control the system. System should benefit the users and reward them for the growth and success of the system
D – Democratic – Everyone should have a voice on how the system should run. This will not happen overnight, but something we are aiming for a longer term vision.
O – Open Source peer to peer – No middlemen in true spirit of Blockchain. However systems need to be put in place such that there is no abuse
S – Social Impact – What good is technology, be it Blockchain or be it hash graph, if that does not benefit humanity, especially the needy and underserved.

GIST (Goals, Ideas, Step Projects and Tasks)
The planning system that we use at LALA is more oriented towards end goals and giving ownership to LALA employees & partners. LALA team has been working full steam to launch exciting LALA products and markets. There is a lot more to come in the following months. Below is what our extended roadmap and a brief about what LALA products would look like for 2018. Also, some highlights towards our wider three year roadmap.
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill

The future is moving towards decentralization. Our eventual goal is to be a Global Decentralized Financial Ecosystem. An ecosystem that supports the financial inclusion of unbanked, undocumented, micro entrepreneurs and the like. In other words, using Blockchain to remove middle men from the system. Everything is about TRUST and Blockchain is about trusting the underwritten protocol.

The broader idea is to enable micro transactions, micro-lending, insurance and other banking products at almost zero-fee, instantly, cross border, mobile enabled and accessible to the common man along with incentivisation at every step to keep the users engaged and rewarded. LALA Token is the key element of this ecosystem (LALA produts) and users will be rewarded for using LALA Token in getting services from the various partners globally as well as within the LALA Wallet. Each product will have its own innovation, own separate project and its own idea generation methodologies to accomplish this.

Step Projects
We are focusing on three simple LALA products for this year’s roadmap .

The base of all LALA products is LALA ID – one single global digital identity on Blockchain, a culmination of state-of-the-art biometrics, digitization of national identity documents and comprehensive verification. After successfully completing every step of LALA ID, user receives reward points which either can be redeemed in LALA Tokens or can be used for getting services within the wallet.
LALA ID as a product has undergone rigorous testing. We are proud to release this to the general public by end of this month, along with the platform that binds everything together – LALA Wallet. LALA Wallet is a step project in itself and has gone through numerous interactions to reach where it is today.


LALA Transfer is our cross border remittance business that is being built on Stellar. Working on a very close partnership with Stellar, a PoC is expected to be complete in March 2018. In April we shall open up few countries for testing and live transactions in Malaysia, India, Dubai and Philippines. Once we have built a scale in these countries in Q2, we shall expand to over 10 more countries by end of the year, primarily in South East Asia, Middle East and CIS. Although money transfer can be done in fiat but users will be charged very less fee and incentivized as well, if use LALA tokens for the same. Alongside Stellar protocol, we are obtaining licenses to continue traditional remittance where Blockchain is not possible regulatory wise.
Also, we are proud to announce that LALA has successfully piloted with 46 migrants, where these people were able to transfer Malaysian Ringgit 75,000 back home to Bangladesh at a substantially low fee. To see the smile on their face was the biggest prize LALA could ever get. Further, LALA plans to take this number to 400 people this month end and later push it as per the roadmap.
On top of this, we are also building a white label solution for each of our LALA products including LALA transfer to enable plug and play solutions for non-Blockchain users as well as for people without technology resources. Merchants need to pay the fee in LALA Tokens for these white label solutions.


The first LALA Wallet was launched in December 2017. We shall be launching the latest version and a brand new LALA Wallet by this month (March 2018) with extensive features. LALA family and users can earn rewards and tokens by engaging with the application, saving, and transacting. We are also working with a partner crypto wallet that has selected LALA Tokens to be used on its platform that enables LALA Token holders the possibility to unlock instant liquidity of their tokens through their Wallets. We shall release more details about this partnership in April, once integration and beta testing is complete.
We are a B2B2C company and we have global partners for each product which enable us to leverage on their existing infrastructure to reach the masses. Like always, our community will have regular news on various new partnerships that we shall be closing.
LALA’s two main products for this year are LALA Transfer (Cross border remittances) and LALA Lends (P2P and direct micro lending).


LALA Lends is our P2P Lending and Direct Micro/Nano Lending platform. Every lending decision is based on the AI and ML driven LALA Score for every individual and MSMEs.
The P2P lending platform is currently being built on Ethereum with extensive studies on Raiden network. The platform should be up and running in Q2 2018. Starting with India in Q2, 2018, we are expanding across Dubai, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and the other countries across South East Asia. In the second half of the year, we shall also experiment with Africa and parts of North America. This platform will not only provide further liquidity, but also enable LALA Token holders to earn further rewards. Here, in P2P lending platform, only token holders can lend and borrow as per the number of tokens they have. If a borrower does not have good LALA score, he can put his LALA as collateral and receive loans quickly from anybody across the globe. User can also improve his LALA score by transacting LALA tokens within the ecosystem and receive collateral free loans.

LALA Lends

Micro lending platform is based on direct lending to individuals and micro entrepreneurs/Micro SMEs starting with India by Q2 2018. We will also establish micro lending in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, UK in Q2 18, either directly or via our multiple B2B partners.
Other LALA Products of future shall include a crypto as well as fiat LALA Card, LALA insurance, LALA care. The foundation of this is being laid down now but would only start as we get some real partners and some more resources, so as not to spread ourselves too thinly. Also the focus is not just expansion, but profitable expansion so that we can give back to our early supporters and give back to the society.
Launching a wallet would require two main tasks in every country – An E-Wallet license or a partner with license. Secondly, cash and in cash out solutions at partners locations, along with additional services. When our global wallet is launched, some services will be restricted based on specific regulations in each of those countries. We are carefully complying each and every regulation as we expand. We will also be adding services in LALA products for every country like Point-of-Sale and value-added services with partners like KKMarts in Malaysia, cash top up kiosks across UAE in partnership with Mango Point, merchant transactions and services with local vendors, School fee payment integrations with Cambridge schools, and the purchase of airtime, data, and utility services for LALA customers. Each of this is a little task in itself. This further enhances the adoption of LALA token across partners and geographies, create more liquidity and adoption of LALA Token.
Numerous other services and functionalities would be enable users to use LALA e-Wallet application to access their daily needs. This will enable LALA to expand network with LALA partners, increase usage of LALA tokens across boundaries with integrated services, and be able to serve some markets without the need for traditional banks.
By Q2, 2018, we will extend the LALA Wallet as a white label solution in true spirit of partnership and building out the network. All other services shall be a part of this Wallet ecosystem, including LALA token as a reward program and enabler. A truly financial ecosystem would be impossible to build alone.
Later half of the year we will focus our attention from LALA products to expansion and we aim to be in at least 15 countries by end of 2018. Individuals as well as micro entrepreneurship (MSME’s) will remain our focus expanding from SE Asia, Middle East to Americas and Africa.
This is just the beginning and we have delivered much more than what we promised. We will continue to surprise by working hard and all we seek in return is your continued support. We may make mistakes, but we will improve through our own learning and the daily constructive advice of the LALA Community. There is only one intention here – make human lives better by serving our community who has brought us this far.
Current, Near – Term and Future
We are a B2B2C company. We have always stressed that we do not want to build Rome all over again. We want to leverage on the existing infrastructure that is already there. That is our key strength – Global Partnerships – both at local as well as government level. Both with corporate enterprises as well as local NGO’s.

LALA roadmap

We would like to thank each one of you for continued support. We are working relentlessly to achieve our mission of a LALA powered financial ecosystem and gearing towards decentralization through LALA products.
Please join us on Telegram to get all the regular updates on LALA’s listing and various discussions going on about LALA World.
With LALA World – Time for change has come!

LALA World Announces its 3rd Exchange Listing with Qryptos

LALA’s 3rd Official Exchange

Dear LALA Family!
We are excited to announce LALA’s 3rd Official Exchange Listing on Quoine’s Crypto Exchange – Qryptos – 14th March’18 Wednesday (SGT/GMT+8).
As promised, we are bang on schedule as LALA Token has already hit the two announced exchanges to a favourable response amidst the downhill slide of the crypto market – speaks itself about the LALA Token and community’s liking for the LALA World Project on the whole.
QRYPTOS is a crypto-crypto exchange which supports trading of multiple cryptocurrencies including ZEC, BTC, XRP, ETH, ETC, LTC, XMR. The platform specializes in listing new coins with negative trading fees to generate initial liquidity.

*** You can sign up on QRYPTOS here:
*** Start Registering and get your KYC process done!

We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with Japanese crypto platform Quoine’s QRYPTOS. QUOINE was the first exchange platform to achieve full regulatory approval from the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JSFA) and is known as one of the most secure and reputable crypto-focused fintech companies in the world. It is one of very few global exchanges to have been accepted by Deloitte and Touche as an auditing client and has a highly experienced management team with expertise earned at Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Bank of America.
This news is bound to create huge excitement among our global LALA community, will enable LALA to fast track acceptance as a payment solution, which would be another stride forwards towards mass adoption.
The listing further cements LALA World’s strategic position as a project for the people, that is focused on long-term sustainable growth rather than instant returns.

Qryptos listing

Quoine’s exchange Qryptos is a Tokyo based crypto currency exchange platform that specializes in listing new coins. At QRYPTOS, the young team is committed to provide the safest exchange with state of the art security & trading platform to all. As they say it’s “Built for the Traders by the Traders”.

*** Sign up for a QRYPTOS account today to get access to upcoming LALA’s 3rd Official Exchange Token listing…here,  as LALA goes live on 14th March’18, Wednesday (SGT/GMT+8).

*** Start Registering and get your KYC process done!

We’re truly humbled and grateful for the continued support from our LALA family, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.
Thanks for being part of this incredible journey.
With LALA World – Time for change has come!

LALA partners with ManGo Point Kiosks across UAE & CIS

LALA partners with ManGo

LALA World is proud to announce yet another partnership with Mango Point Payment Services for cash top up, bills and other payment services across their Kiosk locations in UAE and CIS.
Mango Point Payment Services LLC is a company registered in Dubai, UAE  for accepting and processing payment in the GCC and worldwide. It has 7 years of international experience with Service Providers from 130 countries and more than 1,500 Agent locations for kiosk in UAE. LALA partners with ManGo to create a physical presence in the countries where it has the footprints.
LALA is proud to offer Top up, Bill Payments, and other payment services with such an established payment and money transfer operator. This also leads to a further worldwide partnership where over 30,000 Payment Machines around the world are supported by ManGo’s Software. ManGo provides – Innovative, smart payment machine (self-service kiosk, mobile top-up machines and online payment terminals) which include mobile recharge, utilities bills, VoiP  top-up across CIS and GCC countries. ManGo has more than 1,500 self-service kiosks on which all their services are provided.
LALA E-Wallet and ManGo Kiosks and Payment services is a global partnership with significant synergies across the entire payment chain. Furthermore, both LALA and ManGo, share the common vision for a much bigger cause i.e. economic growth and prosperity of the unbanked.
LALA World is always open for associations and keen to build on the existing world-class products and services portfolio, via collaborations and on-boarding newer services and making them available and affordable for the suppressed, the migrants, the travellers, the students and for the rural population.

At LALA World we understand that Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are on the path of the greatest revolution the world has ever seen and believe that we have an obligation to make the world better place by bringing healthy ideas like community, solidarity, financial empowerment, ethics, integrity along with technological infrastructure for all.
LALA Team will always continue to think about community, real users and investors. New LALA partners only will further strengthen the prowess of LALA, protecting users security on Blockchain and giving freedom to conduct various financial services, all embedded in one single wallet – LALA Wallet.
LALA World and its world class partners are working tirelessly to build the single-most powerful and trustworthy global ecosystem. We believe that we are on track, as each day at LALA we make new strides in our vision and come closer to becoming a global phenomenon.
Thank you all for your continued support!

LALA World & Stellar Meetup Singapore – Blockchain For Financial Inclusion

LALA World & Stellar Meetup

Dear LALA Family!
After the Blockbuster LALA auction LALA World is geared up to host a LALA World & STELLAR meetup in Singapore!
After the successful meetup in Malaysia, LALA and Stellar are together again with new ideas and project updates.  The LALA + Stellar meetup will be held on the 13th of March’18, Tuesday and will be attended by many renowned personalities in the Blockchain industry, Ian Suh CEO & Founder – Moin Inc, Rune Evensen, CEO & Founder – Exchange, Ella Qiang, Director of partnership – Stellar and LALA World CEO & Founder – Sankalp Shangari will be the interacting with the community.
LALA has religiously moved around, conducting awesome interactive meetups and cordially being invited to speak at major Blockchain & Fintech events globally. At LALA we all are passionate and strongly believe in making human lives better and happier and theres no better person other than our CEO & Founder Sankalp Shangari to share LALA’s innovative and determined vision on “Blockchain for financial Inclusion ” along with our trusted partner STELLAR – at the LALA + Stellar meetup in Singapore.
LALA World & Stellar Meetup

We welcome all the developer communities, respected professors, Blockchain thought leaders, local family businesses, entrepreneurs, students, investors and of course our migrant community for whom we started off to help attain a fulfilling life as LALA Ethos brings all into the economic fold.
LALA World & Stellar Meetup Details:
Date: Tuesday, 13th March’18 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm SGT.
Venue: WorkCentral, Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 -Clemenceau Avenue #06-01, 239924
Be there early, its a full house..!
Please join us on Telegram to get all the regular updates on LALA’s listing and various discussions going on about LALA World.
Thank you for being part of LALA World’s incredible journey!

LALA World Announces LALA’s 2nd Official Exchange Listing

LALA’s 2nd Official Exchange Listing

Dear LALA Family!
We feel euphoric to announce LALA’s 2nd Official Exchange Listing on – 12th March’18 Monday, Evening (SGT/GMT+8)
LALA World is expanding into the new frontier of exchanges with our latest collaboration with – Singapore based Exchange and a Fintech Innovator.
These are exciting times at LALA World. As promised, we are right on schedule and well prepared with LALA Token hitting two exchanges, on coming Monday.
COSS – Crypto-One-Stop-Solution, is a platform for digital economic system based on crypto currency which delivers a lot more than an average exchange. The platform consolidates all of the transactional aspects generally managed by means of fiat currency and offers services such as token exchange, crypto currency wallets, acquisitions, and transactions.
LALA’s 2nd Official Exchange Listing

It’s an awesome news for both LALA as well as COSS. Also it further enhances our confidence that LALA is on right track and doing good work. We want LALA Tokens to be traded against as broad set of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and as many other assets as possible. So, COSS will not only help create a LALA/BTC market, but will also add a LALA/ETH market, helping us with LALA Tokens’ mass adoption.
*** LALA’s 2nd Official Exchange Listing on ( will be on 12th March’18 (Monday) Evening (SGT/GMT+8).
*** Start Registering and get your KYC process done!
Having a splendid team at COSS and working in one of the most important markets, LALA’s Listing with them surely is a big step forward for LALA World Ecosystem.
We’re truly humbled and grateful for the continued support from our LALA family, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.
Thanks for being part of this incredible journey.
With LALA World – Time for change has come!

An Auspicious Day For LALA Community – Today we announce LALA World’s first official exchange listing for LALA Token

LALA World's first official exchange listing

Dear LALA Family,
It’s a big day for all of us.
We had promised that LALA Token will hit the exchanges in mid March and the team here at LALA World has worked tirelessly to deliver to the commitments made, well in time.
The team truly feels amazing & thrilled to announce the most important event in our lives, since we set on this journey of “making human lives better”- LALA World’s first official exchange listing on COBINHOOD  – 12th March’18 Monday, at 2:00 pm (SGT/GMT+8)
LALA World is excited to be working with COBINHOOD a next-generation cryptocurrency service platform for dreamers and doers as they say – with a vision to shape future economies via Blockchain, featuring Zero trading fee. The team here at LALA is confident they are the right partner to launch the LALA Token in the global market.
With LALA World being the hottest Blockchain project out there and having such a fantastic supportive global family, theres no doubt that LALA in going to Hit a Home Run!!

Today marks the next step for LALA World as we see our LALA live in scheme of global markets and we’re confident to maintain momentum as we get closer to launching the first Decentralised holistic Ecosystem for the people, who inspired us to take up this challenge and create something that no one has ever dared before – reaching out to each of the 3billion community!
*** LALA World’s first official exchange listing will be on Cobinhood ( on 12th March’18 (Monday) 2:00pm (SGT/GMT+8).
We’re truly humbled and grateful for the continued support from our LALA family, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.
Thanks for being part of this incredible journey.
With LALA World – Time for change has come!

BLOCKBUSTER LALA Auction ends with LALA on a Real High

LALA Auction

Dear LALA Family,
What a Blockbuster LALA Auction we had!
Theres no doubt that the LALA World is the hottest Blockchain project out there.
The 2.37 million LALA Tokens which did not pass the KYC compliance were sold out within 6 hours of the LALA Auction Launch today.  We had more than 5300 sessions, with users from over 106 countries in the last 36 hours since the registrations opened.
LALA Auction

Since 6th March, 24 hrs before the auction time, as the registrations opened there was a flood of people depositing their ETH and waiting to put their bids as the platform went live today.
Ether was the only acceptable currency in this grand LALA auction and as the history speaks, the LALA community fabulously supported the project with all their love – Yet Again.
The LALA reverse Dutch Auction that started on 50 cents, was sold-out on 45 cents, creating an all new high for the LALA Token.
Due to the overwhelming response we had for the auction, please allow us a weeks time to start the allocation process for the auctioned off LALA Tokens. Confirmed dates will be announced shortly, stay tuned on our Telegram channel for all the updates.
Also, as promised all the remaining ETH or left over ETH beyond 2.37 million tokens will be refunded in next 24 hours.
Thank you all for the continued support!