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AMA Chapter 1 with CEO & Founder Sankalp Shangari is a Big Hit among the LALA Community


At LALA World, we have always stressed the importance of dreaming big and keeping things simple. The vision at LALA has always been “To Make Human Lives Better”. Our first AMA (Ask Me Anything) with CEO & Founder Sankalp Shangari was fantastic and we received a massive engagement from the community members.
This is one of the many initiatives that LALA World is taking to ensure transparency.  A Lot of FUD has been cleared, our official telegram group and the confidence building up in the market has shown that in past couple of days. We will continue to provide with the information on all the processes involved and regular updates on the product development for clarity.
With this #AMA, we tried to combine all your concerns and address them in a detailed and elaborate manner for everybody’s discretion. From the queries it got clear that the community wants more updates on the developments at LALA. We are going to document our grassroots level migrant & workers community outreach to share with you the strength of our massive network through our fantastic partnerships. With the seen confidence in markets

Please find the important parts of the video transliteration on this link:
We’re blessed to have your continued support and Thank you for being part of this incredible journey!

LaLa World Reddit AMA-01 (Ask Me Anything) – Excerpts from the AMA

Reddit AMA

What’s new with LaLa, What all is going on?

We’re building a Global Digital Banking Ecosystem for financial inclusion of the Underserved – unbanked, immigrants, travellers and international students. This is possible because of our Global Network and partnerships.

LALA World facilitates a single digital Bank account based on Blockchain technology that would help us to retain one bank across the world.We have a focused product suite built around around 3 Business Models: send, spend & Lend

Send – Cross Border Remittance (LaLa Transfer)& LALA Pay for utilities

Spend – Pay your bills & get rewarded for each transaction

Lend – P2P and Direct Micro Lending

We are commited to deliver value for money and in order to do so we have developed processes that eliminate the middlemen. With LALA products you would get instant remittance facilities at the lowest price.


Ethos Partnership and what it’s going to bring?

Ethos is Universal wallet and one of our prime associates. LaLa World would be among the first ones to be on Ethos Wallet. Ethos is inclined towards wealth management and we are tilted towards securing services for the unbanked, so how we will bridge this gap. We would be taking the concern together in helping the world.

Apart from this we are exploring various opportunities with Ethos.


Auction FUD- Why were people buying the tokens at so high rates?

LALA World has had support from the crypto community as well as the masses in general ever since its inception. Not only the people but governments, organizations, local communities and universities etc, We have had an amazing response for our vision to bring technology to the use of people.

As we closed our ICO very quickly, there was a huge demand in the market for those who missed out on the sale. The demand kept on lingering on our Social media channels and we kept on receiving queries and messages from people who asked for next round of tokensales.

Being one of the few ICO to be successful in a short amount time and with our strict KYC we were left with 2.37 million tokens that failed the compliance. Seeing the great response & demand, we decided to put in reverse Dutch auction.

Honestly, we were also surprised that the auction lasted only for 6 hours. These were the people who actually missed out during the tokensale.

Unfortunately, just after 15 days the market turned bearish. It was unfortunate and could have been other way around.This is something uncertain and out of control, we don’t have direct control over market conditions.


How is LALA tackling the Multi-Faceted Marketing challenge for– crypto and fiat people?

We are going to be a fiat wallet for the world for which we are securing licenses to operate in various jurisdictions in a gradual manner.We are rolling-out LALA where companies can buy LALA ID as a service for which they pay in LALA tokens. So there is a demand being created for LALA ID and free tokens being given for consumers and referrals. This ensures liquidity from both sides.

Initially there is going to be a lot of funding through our reserves which is why we kept them in anticipation.

We are integrating every possible traditional or new blockchain remittance model available and build that into one-widely compatible and competitive engine which gives you the best price at that point in time.

For Micro Lending – we are in process in buying a very large Money lender in India; will start lending in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Nigeria & Dubai

P2P lending site will be out in another 2 months. This is a backdrop to understand that every product will have a different audience and will require different marketing. We don’t intend to sell all the products to same set of consumers at the same time.

So in traditional form our audience is the Unbanked workers and migrants which we already have access to through our partners. We are conducting camps locally to research and understand more on their needs. For example we’re already working with these workers on ground level In Malaysia.

Also we’re organizing various events with many local bodies and NGO’s. We have an event coming up in India on 13th April with Clothes Box Foundation (CBF) for which you all will be informed very soon. So there’s a grassroots level marketing happening: we’re going to conduct multiple camps in multiple geographies to educate these primary consumers on LALA Wallet ecosystem.

On Crypto side: We’re going to various conferences, events and are tying up with more crypto influencers in the coming time. We’re organizing joint-meetups with our partners like Stellar and Ethos which increase our reach to various crypto communities.

We are looking to list on larger exchanges in better times. We hear you everytime you give feedbacks and are trying our best to take our next steps wisely so that it benefits everyone.

For Me Sales is everything, Tech is secondary. What is use is tech for if you can’t sell it? This is why we’re focusing on a great product and marketing its usability in the best possible way to the most relevant audience. This is not going to happen overnight and we’re working to strive for better than our current best everytime.


On the point of 200k users

200,000 is nothing;we are targeting to engage 100 Million workers by 2020.

The first 200,000 is our in house workers who are on our payrolls in Malaysia. Through our partners we have access to 1 million workers but that does not mean we want everyone on day one or for the same product.

We are working on forging many more such partnerships which let us do so.


Will LALA use reserve tokens or buy from exchange to reward an app user?

We have reserved a very large number of tokens for initially rewarding the people who complete their KYC and we have also added a lot of rewards for referrals.

But now when LALA ID services are being rolled out, these will give us revenue in the form of LALA tokens which can be then used to reward the app user.

But for time to time, if and when required, we will keep an incentive fund for the same.


Will other cryptos be used on app?

We are not a crypto wallet.

However L+ rewards will be converted to Lala Tokens which will be able to be redeemed at Crypto Wallets like Ethos, Argo Wallet where this is possible.


How Does Current Bear Market have effect on development of Lala?

Once we are self sufficient and are able to attain a seemless growth with geographical expansion then there is no stopping us to reach the pinnacle.  In the next 12 months we would be focusing on Asia, Middle East and then going on to Europe , America & Africa.

There is no one other than us in the market who has been able to achieve as comprehensive a product as we are trying to do.

Here comes our LALA Of The Week…

LALA of the Week

Dear LALA Family,
Hope everyone had a good long Easter weekend!
Well, it’s time to announce the 3rd LALA of the Week. A vast number of our supporters have become our crusaders in the war against Financial Exclusion. We are surprised by your enthusiasm and hope that we continue to live up to your expectations.
‘Bouba’ is the LALA of the week this time around. He has been an extended arm of the LALA admin team doling out suggestions to new members on the know-how to trade in LALA Tokens. Positive criticism is another feather in his cap; he has time and again helped us with valuable suggestions and edits in our blogs/posts. We are grateful for his active participation in the community and for the excellent marketing ideas that he has been suggesting time and again.
We feel delighted that it’s a difficult task for us to announce the LALA, as a massive number of our followers have been supporting us through their valuable inputs. We look forward to more and more participation from the members.
We at LALA World are blessed to have a community like you.
We’re grateful for your patience and the overwhelming support…Thank you for being part of this incredible journey!

Digital economy and the Impact of Blockchain

Digital economy

Blockchain and bitcoin are the buzzwords of the contemporary era. However, it is imperative to differentiate between the two. In simple words, Blockchain is the technology, whereas Bitcoin is one such implementation of it (among others). It is a form of digital currency based on Blockchain technology. Digital economy and the impact of Blockchain on it cannot be negated; it needs to be studied carefully.

Blockchain is a decentralized platform which facilitates peer-to-peer transaction, negating the need of a third party. It thus enables trust, accountability and makes the system much more transparent. The absence of a central authority makes everyone the owner and simultaneously keeping a tap on other transactions which are taking place.

Let us understand digital economy and the impact of Blockchain through the example of India. The present society is governed by a central regulatory authority, where the decisions are taken and implemented. In the financial sector, the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) plays the role of a central authority and operates through various banks that rely on it. Every transaction goes to the bank and then to the direct consumer. Now imagine a situation where a simple transaction can take place directly without the need of a bank or any authority acting as the middleman in the entire process. Blockchain technology has the potential to offer an infrastructure which makes the transaction cost effective (cross border payment), time effective (transfer of funds) and transparent (non-involvement of third party). The vision of a digital economy can be fulfilled by implementing Blockchain based platforms in the financial sector to ensure transparency and a corrupt free system. Through this, the total circulation of money in an economy can be easily traced. It is because every node present in the network validates every transaction and the same is updated in the ledger; the ledger cannot be tampered.

Technical advancements pave the pathway to a bright future. Human activities are now being replaced with Artificial Intelligence (AI), making our lives easier. Since change is the only constant it has the potential to bring about a revolution. And moving from a conventional way of working to a more secure and trustworthy platform is the need of the hour. Blockchain is one such change that will challenge the status quo in every sector, and it will prove as a boon for digital economy.

Digital Banking with Blockchain and the Infrastructure Hurdle

Digital Banking

Numerous debates are taking place across forums; the talking point is Blockchain being the harbinger of the new age technology revolution. And as it happens with any new and emerging technology there have been discussions about its usefulness, advantages, disadvantages and the way of its implementation.

While some agree that Blockchain can be implemented in most of the industries, some argue otherwise stating that it should be used only for payments and validation during its early years. As is seen throughout modern history, any new industry that came and flourished was backed by a solid infrastructure. This has been the area of concern for the Blockchain enthusiasts; it is yet to get a solid infrastructural support.

One of the primary beneficiaries of Blockchain technology is digital banking and financial services. They need a solid infrastructure and know how to capitalize on the potential of Blockchain. It seems very enticing to use this technology for quick payment process and transaction cost reduction. But banks need to build infrastructure to create and run a truly global network based on this trans-formative technology.

It has been found out that banks are interested in digital banking and looking into Blockchain to speed up their processes. According to a report by consulting firm Accenture, 9 out of 10 banks agreed that they are exploring the use of Blockchain in payments and may use it if results are promising. It has a real-time transfer capacity; this has made it a favorite of banks.  The most prevalent use case of Blockchain technology is emerging out to be intra-bank cross-border transfers & cross-border remittances.

Blockchain technology itself works—there’s no debate about that. The biggest key to turn Blockchain’s potential into reality would be a collaborative effort among banks to create the network necessary to support global payments. This network if deviced into existence would act as the requisite infrastructure. Now it’s time for the banks to look at the bigger picture,i.e. digital banking. And work together with Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFCs) to help define the backbone that can underpin a universally accepted, ubiquitous global payment system that can transform how banks traditionally execute transactions.

LALA’s Partner-Bestinet Wins the Best Digital Innovation Award


We are elated to announce that LALA’s Partner-Bestinet won the Best Digital Innovation Award. Bestinet – Global leaders in providing migrant management solutions were awarded the Best Digital Innovation of the Year. The awards were presented at the World Summit Award (WSA) in Vienna, Austria for the Government & Citizen Engagement Category. Its multi-touch point system was judged the winner for helping the United Nations (UN) meet its Sustainable Development Goals.

The World Summit Awards are presented annually to honor the contribution of organizations and individuals aligned with the Sustainable Development initiatives run by the United Nation. Bestinet’s management system is a classic example of LALA World’s vision of ‘tech with purpose’. The FWCMS (Foreign Workers Centralised Management System) also known as Migrams, is a unique management system that highlights four core components — Security, Health, Welfare and Compliance — in a single unified management system that benefits all stakeholders.

LALA World’s old and proud collaboration with Bestinet in Malaysia is a milestone to take on this historical argument of banking the unbanked. In the present case this begins with identification of the migrant situation right from its roots. With our strong partnership, these migrants will easily become a part of the financial ecosystem, unlike earlier when for even using the basic financial services they had to go through various middlemen, suffering slow complicated processes and awfully high fees – worst is behind them – with the BESTINET & LALA Wallet, now they can send money back home with ease, in no-time and almost free without getting ripped off their hard earned daily wages.
Our heartiest congratulation to the entire Bestinet Team for their awesome work!

A Mother Tongue is an individual’s Identity & LALA ID aims to be their Global Identity

Communication is not just the sole purpose that language serves; it is, in fact, the global identity of a person. The mother language or the mother tongue that a person speaks defines and distinguishes them among the masses. It is this uniqueness about language that people through generations struggle and fight to keep their own mother tongue alive. As reported by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), on an average, one language withdraws every two weeks and around 43% of the estimated 6000 languages spoken in the world are classified as endangered. Human civilization and development of a particular area or region can be measured by the advancement of the particular language of that area, therefore when a language disappears it takes along the entire culture and intellectual heritage.

LALA World respects and understands the value and prime importance of a person’s individuality and global identity especially when they leave their respective motherlands to work offshore. With little or no understanding of the foreign tongue, they feel out of place and at times majority of them end up without any identity. Since decades the unbanked and the underserved have been struggling to get this fundamental right, in order to access the basic financial and social services. International students, micro-entrepreneurs, and migrants have always struggled with this.

Living up to the vision of providing a comprehensive digital identity to every person on the planet – LALA world and its sincere associates have worked tirelessly towards building this Single Global Identity for everyone – LALA ID, which conclusively will include KYC/AML, biometric verification, digitization of records, cards, national ID systems etc. protecting the security on Blockchain and giving all a freedom to conduct various financial services, all in via a single wallet – LALA Wallet.

Primarily, the LALA ID will be able to consolidate all physical and digital identity into a single secure & private ambient global identity providing everyone with a world of opportunities and possibilities and happiness.

#Belala #behuman

LALA Of The Week: The Community Crusader

LALA of the week

Dear LALA Family,
Here we are with the 2nd edition of LALA of the week and It is a pleasure to announce Basti R. as this week’s LALA.
Basti R. has been a conscientious community member; he has been helping the admin team with his regular inputs. A communicator par excellence, he has been seeding conversations and has kept the community ticking. We wish Basti’s wonderful association with us continues unhindered.

Through this announcement we want to thank him for his contribution towards our goal of Financial Inclusion for all.
We at LALA World are blessed to have a community like you and you could be the next LALA of the week.
We’re grateful for your patience and continued support… Thank you for being part of this incredible journey!

Lets Talk! Ask us your questions and LALA will answer #AMA

LALA World AMA session

Dear LALA Family,
At LALA World, we have always tried our best to be completely transparent with our LALA community as we make sure that regular project updates as they happen keep flowing out in time.
To take this a notch further we are conducting a LALA World AMA session to discuss where LALA is now and whats happening in our LALA household and everything else about the LALA Roadmap.
During this #AMA session, the community can ask questions, put their ideas & thoughts forward as they can interact directly with the management and the team at LaLa World. We have tried to keep the LALA World AMA session as interactive and as easy as possible for you all and as well as the team.

LALA World AMA session

To participate in LALA World AMA session,  follow the steps as below:

• Click here to visit LaLa World Subreddit #AMA thread
• Ask your question in the comments section
• At the end of the week starting tomorrow, the top 10 most upvoted questions will get answered during the #AMA session
We would like to thank each one of you for your continued support and belief in LALA World project. We are working relentlessly to achieve our mission of a LALA powered decentralized financial ecosystem. We hope that this #AMA session will bring more transparency between LALA World & our Beloved LALA Community.
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With LALA World – Time for change has come!

LALA Word CEO to address Blockchain and Businesses Conference

Blockchain and Businesses

Dear LALA Family,
We are pleased to announce that our CEO Mr. Sankalp Shangari would deliver the inaugural address at the ‘ Blockchain and Businesses ’ conference organized by Nanyang Blockchain Association. The event is scheduled to take place on March 27, 2018 at Nanyang Technical University.
Mr. Shangari would share his vast knowledge and understanding of the financial world while enunciating the impact of Blockchain on it. He would motivate them to inculcate the spirit of social entrepreneurship for it can be the solution to most of the human problems. LALA World endorses social entrepreneurship through its attempt to bring financial inclusion for the 2.5 billion unbanked across the world.

He would be followed by some eminent Blockchain and businesses experts like Karan Bhargava, CTO, XinFin and Ruby Chen, Marketing Director at BitKan. They will address the students on the evolution of Blockchain and the contribution of their organization in the same.
The Nanyang Blockchain Association is a student’s body which aims to educate and spur students’ interest in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and their applications.
Be there to exclusively meet the LALA himself…!
Please join us on Telegram to get all the regular updates on LALA and interesting discussions going on about LALA World.
We’re grateful for your continued support, thank you for being part of this incredible journey!