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Migrant Father

The story of a migrant is a true story of human struggle. The genetic and paleontological record of human migration is at least 60,000 years old. According to new figures released by UN DESA the International Migration Report 2017 (Highlights), states that 3.4% of the world’s inhabitants are international migrants. This reflects a modest increase from a value of 2.8% in 2000.

“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone”- Ronald Reagen

LALA World wants to extend a helping hand to laborious migrants, especially responsible fathers, who work blood, sweat, and tears to send home some money to their families. Money is the priority for a father dreading with the thought of criminals manipulating his innocent children to get involved in unlawful activities. A father can do anything to keep his family safe. Even if it means to stay miles away from home, just imagining how his children faces would have changed with time, and how they would have grown.

Imagine the plight of the father who has not seen his family in years and now even their faces are getting blurry in his mind. He never thought that crossing the sea to be in a country with opportunities would be so difficult for him. Not knowing the country or sometimes language can produce lots of challenges for a migrant. Discriminating attitude of the systems thrashes migrant’s hopes of making the country new home.

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“Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, & where individuals & nations are free”—Dalai Lama

A Migrant is already struggling in adjusting with the new environment where air also feels different on the skin. But there are lots of other hindrances which add to the burden on his shoulders. Availing basic needs of financing and payments is a challenge as certain norms need to be cleared as per the State.

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Blockchain can do wonders in this direction. That is the reason LALA World has chosen Blockchain to make a difference in the lives of those hard working fathers staying miles away from families.  Migrants are deprived of financial services from banks and other financial bodies.

See how LALA World with its Global Decentralized Financial Ecosystem has imparted a change.

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Our products can generate optimal solutions for migrants by eradicating unnecessary regulations and facilitating instant settlements on the go at less costs. A migrant with LALA Wallet would have the control over his own money that he desired all along, and in addition to that he would get services that otherwise take place through Banks. It would make it easy to avail financial services in a new country. This wallet based on LALA ID would act as a global ID for him. A single global identity system that includes KYC/AML, Biometrics, verification, digital records, cards etc. Migrants are never certain on what bases the money is deducted while transferring money to their families and why the amount received is always different. The criteria of deduction is never clear to them and no one bothers to give them a clarity. Banks and financial institutions are there to fleece them off their hard earned money. But with LALA transfer a money transfer would be done across borders with the minimum exchange rate and instant remittance would bring smiles on migrant’s family’s face. This would be a secure and transparent method of sending money.

LALA Lends on the other hand would generate an opportunity for a hardworking father to get financial support whenever he intends to expand or establish a business or is in need of economic support for his existing endeavors. We wish to make lives of all these fathers who bear huge responsibility of large families simple and try to find peace in the struggles beyond borders. Ethical ways of earning money should be encouraged by all means. We intend to help a father who is working hard by easing off his financial woes.

LALA World Driving the Global Digital Economy Engine

Global Digital

We all can relate to a global digital economy with the credit card in our pockets, online banking, and e-wallets installed on our smartphones. But it is significant that the global digital economy keeps adopting the new innovations offered by the emerging technologies. For example, Blockchain has many unique features that impart fresh angles to the business models, business networking and opportunities of international money transfers.

The global digital economy can truly be accomplished globally only if all enterprises across geographies are given an opportunity to register themselves on a platform which is decentralized. Properties of Blockchain can give world enormous choices which can be put to execution in a variety of industries. Benefits generated from the Blockchain technology can be the stepping stones in achieving Global Digital Economy.

Our digital future is about enabling better productivity and decision-making to enjoy a better quality of life


Liberating an individual by providing him with the facilities of money transfer, peer-to-peer lending, with whom so ever he wants to, is the true meaning of a Digital Economy. At present, this is obsolete in many developing countries. But there are entrepreneurs like the Founder & CEO of LALA World, Sankalp Shangari, who are putting their energy in reaching the unbanked population to help them acquire digital independence. LALA World has developed multiple Blockchain-based products that would empower migrants & the disadvantaged communities by providing them financial freedom.


The world today remains connected to the internet mostly due to the social media. In Malawi, where birth registration rates are only 2%, recent data suggest that 4% of the population is on Facebook — and climbing (Source: UN.ORG). If people find it fascinating to register themselves on the social media through internet, it clears the cloud on the misconception that Blockchain technology cannot reach everybody. People who are not even registered in government accounts, have internet access which proves Blockchain potentially can empower them all.

Government and enterprises can unite to work towards bringing about a positive change in the plight of the disadvantaged section in these developing countries and can reach maximum population through their smartphones. The number of smartphone users is forecasted to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to around 2.5 billion in 2019. 36 percent of the world’s population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018, up from about 10 percent in 2011. (Source: Statista)

It is estimated that Global digitalization can be achieved by 2030 as more projects taking on real challenges in different industries are cropping up with novel ideas to utilize the Blockchain power. What truly needs to be done is to generate awareness in the people about benefits of using this meticulous technology.

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Blockchain offers great solutions with features like:

  1.    Increased Transparency
  2.    Lower cost
  3.    Greater security
  4.    Faster settlement

For LALA World, financial liberation has been the focus. Following products can help the unbanked and migrants extensively:

  1. LALA Wallet: Combines multiple financial services, keeping in mind a global seamless ecosystem.
  2. LALA ID: After the wallet creation, fingerprints, facial recognition, and other biometrics are captured to assign a unique Id.
  3. LALA Lend: Provides seamless opportunity for peer-to-peer lending and microlending.
  4. LALA Transfer: Local and global remittance via Blockchain-based platform.
  5. LALA KIT: Every Kit holds a card and an android phone which can be made available to people at low cost. It can also be delivered at the doorstep and has online ordering facility.

LALA World wants to contribute to digital financial ecosystem by making itself available to people worldwide. GLOBAL DIGITAL ECONOMY is not a dream but an opportunity for all technology enthusiasts to come up with new ideas in order to make a difference.

LALA World join hands with Jetcoin to promote and nurture talented sportsmen

talented sportsmen

Is LALA World committed to improving lives of the disadvantaged, globally? Yes, of course, it is! And what better way there can be but to help young migrants in building their dream career.

In sports, Soccer is the most loved & followed in the world. We feel that the economies LALA is working in and the communities we are working for, are full of extraordinary talent and have witnessed that in the past with the top league footballers coming from these sections of our society. With Jetcoin, LALA wants to support as many talented sportsmen as possible, who do n for their better future

And further train the talented sportsmen with right facilities, where they are out from the ghettoes, and focused as they train hard to make it big for their own good and better future. In return help bring a change and prosperity to their own communities. LALA doesn’t believe in doing things just once, its not a charity but a vision towards creating a self sustainable ecosystem where every one lives a better life.

LALA World is super excited to be able to play a major role in transforming the lives of these talented sportsmen across geographies. It will help budding champions in getting the required funds transferred from any part of the globe. Jetcoin is building a Blockchain based platform that would help anyone to buy IP rights of a rising superstar via Smart Contracts, thus investing in their career. LALA World will help Jetcoin in extending its wings in various emerging economies with the help of its global financial ecosystem.

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Plight of Disadvantaged Migrants and LALA World’s Journey to help them

How are the big economies of the world running? Is it the big building, new technologies, rich banks and the bankers? Maybe. But if you take a close look at the street side bakeries, constructions sites, and even the happy homes, you will find few tense faces working hard to keep up with their lives.

These are disadvantaged migrants who have been lured by the big offerings of these so-called city of dreams. Through this blog, I want to make a small effort to connect and understand the challenges faced by these disadvantaged migrants. Following content pieces have been inspired by real-life stories.

Yes, we are talking about the disadvantaged migrants who work as a  housekeepers, babysitters, constructions workers, office boys, gardeners, street cleaners who play a major role in keeping these economies up and running. Are these the native citizens of the State? No, they are definitely not!

A 40-Year Old Divorced Female Domestic Worker

Mary came to Singapore from the Philippines at the age of 25. She left her 18-monthsold son and a 5-years old daughter behind with her husband. Her husband’s salary was not good enough for the family to make a good living. Eventually, she decided to take the bold decision and step out of the comfort zone after taking a divorce from her husband.

Today, she is 40 years of old. In her 15 years of stay, Mary has witnessed many changes in the streets of Singapore. However, one of the major tasks remained the same. On weekends, she had to rush to the remittance centers located in the malls of Singapore.

Singapore malls remain crowded in the weekends because often the migrant workers who are allowed a day off in the week send money home.

An Out-of-Work Construction Worker

Due to slow down in the Real Estate business in India, 36 years old construction worker- Abdul had no work. After struggling for a couple of months, he decided to move to a Gulf country for employment. But Abdul would have never imagined that he was moving towards an even worse phase of his life. Just after on the second day of his work, the wall on which he was working on collapsed.

He got several injuries on the body. His shoulder got dislocated, spine got twisted, in summary, he was rendered useless by the accident. But the struggle has just started for the Abdul since paying for the expensive bills of the hospital was a nightmare. He was unable to take loans or the reimbursement of the medical expenses due to unreliable paperwork submitted by his employer. After two surgeries, Abdul is planning to go back home and start afresh.

A Student with a Scholarship and Dreams

Shasha always wanted to be a geneticist. She always topped in the class. Many of her classmates wondered how she managed to achieve this repeatedly even after her parents could not afford her tuitions. Coming from an average earning family of the Sub-Saharan Africa where many people don’t even have a proof of their own identities, Shasha always dreamed of making it big. But without proper funds to back her education, her dreams were bound to be shattered by the realities of the harsh world.

However, Shasha was fortunate enough to get an international scholarship. Soon the funds were transferred to her account. As expected, her account was with a regional bank, not offering great services, especially those which deals with the cross-border money transfer. And what happened next was inevitable. Even after getting admission in the top university, Shasha faced a lot of problems in paying the fees, not because she didn’t had funds, but due to the inability of her local bank to transfer funds directly to the university account. Yes, there are other cross-border remittance services available, but the whole process would take days, and if in case there is a holiday, even more.

Can Technology be Utilized to Help Disadvantaged Migrants?

The problems related to disadvantaged migrants are because of the absence of a Universal ID

– Each country has its own credit system, hence once a person travels from one country to another, his/her previous credit record becomes useless and he/she is not able to avail loans.

– Without proper documentation, even the basic medical services can’t be availed.

– An immigrant also needs to get his/her degrees verified by the university in the home country, which requires a considerable amount of effort and time.

A technology like Blockchain which deploys a network of distributed ledger can be utilized to form a universal database of people and all the information related to them, like medical history, educational qualification, transaction history and more. Since Blockchain records data immutably, this database would behave as a permanent alterable history of an individual, especially for the disadvantaged migrants like these. With the availability of such credible information, there would be no requirement for many of the verification and validation services, which would fast forward approvals and processing of many services.

But, is building such a universal database possible? It seems to be a distant dream when you imagine the organizations in different countries collaborating with each other. But sooner or later, everyone would realize that having a universal ID would prove to be beneficial for all and different governments hopefully would be able to see the bigger picture.

Sankalp Shangari CEO & Founder LALA World, Attended The Very Exclusive Huobi Global Press Conference -2018, Singapore

Huobi Global

LALA World has always been pro-active in terms of seeking collaboration opportunities. However, this time the situation was different, as Huobi invited us to their VVIP event to showcase their new businesses, rebranding, and awesome capabilities.

“Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes. They are seen with your mind.“- Robert Kiyosaki

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The conference took place on 6th of June 2018, at Mandarin Orchard Singapore. The purpose of this press conference was to unveil the new Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund for the very first time. The event was covered by all the popular news channels and online news portals, such Business Insider, Yahoo and many more.

An array of interesting products & services were launched and showcased at this by invite only event :
Huobi Pro, Huobi Labs, Huobi Capital, Huobi Eco, Huobi Chain, Huobi News, Huobi Australia, Huobi Research, Huobi Security, and HADAX

Huobi Global has its offices in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and is prevalent in over 130 countries. Huobi Global has a mission to make the financial industry more efficient and to make money more accessible to everyone. Integrity, Innovation, and Cooperation are the core values of Huobi group with its team dedicated to providing safe, professional, trustworthy, and excellent services to its clients across the globe in an effort to create a client first culture.
And this is what LALA World project resonates with, as we build one of a kind ecosystem that is going to change the realms of the current plight of migrants & the unbanked.

LALA World feels extremely privileged to be able to become a part of this conference organized by Huobi Global and hope it leads us further in the direction of more such great opportunities and success.

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Here we announce our “LALA of The Month”

LALA of the Month

We are delighted to name ROLF as LALA of the Month. ROLF is one of most active Telegram Community members and is a major supporter of LALA World’s vision. He even looks after the other community member’s issues and guides them firmly. He has been an extended arm of the LALA admin team as he has eased out situations when the arguments were getting tensed. He has been a true LALA ambassador and eliminated any chances of a discord between the community members with his skills as an awesome communicator.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”-William Arthur Ward

The team wants to thank our LALA Of the Month – ROLF, for his contribution and wishes best for him. He has always proved to be a strong pillar for the LALA community through his guidance and continuous support to fellow community members. Hopefully, he continues to keep up the good work.

At LALA World, we believe in expressing our gratitude, especially to all those who have supported us right from the beginning. We are generously blessed to have people like you endorsing one of a kind ecosystem that’s going to change the realms of the current plight of migrants & the unbanked.

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A Magnificent May ’18 for LALA World: Partnerships, Updates and More…

It has truly been an action-packed month for LALA World, filled with successful partnerships and other big decisions taken by Sankalp and team. All that we had planned to do in the month of May has been accomplished and we’re so proud of our team.

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.” – Harold Taylor

The month started with mutually beneficial collaborations with exemplary enterprises that have brought us closer to our goal –

“Making human lives better”. Our CEO & Founder – Sankalp Shangari spoke about LALA World story and its thrust for Blockchain technology as represented LALA at various global events. And later in the month, we got multiple accomplishments, read on…


• We partnered with MiGRAMS that is World’s largest Migrant Management Platform. It manages the largest migrant data across the globe. This partnership has empowered LALA World by linking it directly with the migrant community.

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• Collaborated with SmartPesa, a platform that allows banks to quickly implement and run agency banking under their own brand. With this partnership, LALA World can reach out to millions of new customers who are getting benefits from SmartPesa’s payment solutions.

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• Promoting the idea of “Technology with a Purpose.” LALA World with  its new active and dynamic partner BLOCKSOCIAL  “Blockchain for Social Impact,” a platform to talk about groundbreaking ideas in the domain of social entrepreneurship, is embarking on the journey to attend a series of events, planned to span out across the world- identifying technological advancement in Blockchain, aimed towards solving problems of the marginalized group.

Read more: LALA WORLD to propel BLOCKSOCIAL’S idea of utilising Blockchain for Social Issues

• a pioneer in Blockchain powered remittances based out of Philippines was yet another strong partnership for LALA World that was announced. and LALA share a similar interest in connecting people to low-cost financial services, thus helping the underserved and the unbanked. The Philippines is the second largest recipient for remittances in Asia and 3rd top receiving country of remittances in the world; these remittances account for 9.8% of GDP (World Bank, 2015) with a total of US$26 billion transferred in 2013, thus being a critical ally for LALA World.

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• After months of super hard work, LALA announced that its integration and connections with Stellar protocol were now complete and further having successfully signed NDA’s and agreements with various partner anchors of Stellar like Coins.Ph, TEMPO, MOIN etc. LALA is now in various stages of integration, documentation, and implementation as its prime focus is delivering a Stellar Product – LALA Transfer.

Read more: Completed – LALA Transfer & Stellar Blockchain Integration, Testing with Other Stellar Anchors in Process

• Another super achievement for LALA was getting listed on KuCoin which according to CoinMarketCap is one of the most trusted websites for Exchanges data and ranks in the top 20 Exchanges in terms of 24 hour trade volume. With the listing on KuCoin, LALA made it to the top spot on KuCoin’s daily volume list, beating the biggest and most dominant coins of the crypto-currency market, crossing USD 7 million worth of trading volume per day, which was an absolutely tremendous accomplishment for LALA.

Read more: KuCoin Listing & LALA Achieves Yet Another Feat – Crosses USD 7 Million in Trade Volume


• Sankalp Shangari delivered a spectacular inaugural address at the Blocksocial Event in Singapore on May 18, 2018. He spoke on the ways Blockchain can enhance the way we live today, and also about LALA World’s aim to build a global digital decentralized financial ecosystem and its vision of “Making Human Lives Better.”

Sankalp interacted with the Blockchain Community at Stellar meet-up for Blockchain and FinTech enthusiasts in Dubai – 1st May. Our valuable partner – and LALA World came together once again to showcase the LALA World’s Story and our development journey.

We can call the past month a really productive one, but we’re expecting even more action in the upcoming months. In order to achieve bigger goals, we would be working even harder and give our best to keep up with promises we’ve made. Don’t forget to join our Telegram community to get the regular updates. The whole team genuinely feels grateful to each one of you, for giving continues support and putting efforts in spreading the word about the LALA World project.

LALA World Partners with Rebit.Ph to Grow its Payments Network

“All our dreams cam come true if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney”

LALA World is relentlessly working towards its aim along with our generous and world class partners. We are delighted to announce yet another critical partnership, this time with, a pioneer in Blockchain powered remittances. We chose because we share a similar interest in connecting people to low-cost financial services, thus helping the underserved and the unbanked.

Read more: LALA & Stellar protocol Integration Process Completes is a service of SCI Ventures Inc., a Philippine-based company for blockchain-related ventures. Licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas through their wholly-owned subsidiary, Rebittance Inc., their goal is to provide universal access to otherwise unreachable financial services, enabling hindrance-free participation in the internet economy. They leverage the superior technology of Blockchain to provide great service at lower prices.

Rebit aims for total transparency in both their business model and service fees, offering competitive BTC-to-PHP payout rates in the Philippines, with plans of supporting more cryptocurrencies within this year. The Philippines is the second largest recipient for remittances in Asia, with a total of US$26 billion transferred in 2013. The Philippines is the 3rd top receiving country of remittances in the world; these remittances account for 9.8% of GDP (World Bank, 2015).

“When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.“ – Napoleon Hill

We believe that we’re not only on the right track but already almost halfway there. And together with Rebit, we intend to serve people better.

We hope that our members of our community are now more confident that we will achieve our vision. With each partnership, we are inching towards our goal of global financial inclusion. We hope that you won’t mind receiving more of such partnership updates via e-mails, because we just getting started. We are also working day and night to get listed on top exchanges across the world.

Read More: LALA Achieves Yet Another Feat – Crosses USD 7 Million in Trade Volume

Our active collaborations are dear to us, as nurturing & supporting the relationship always takes the vision closer to reality.
More meaningful partnership announcements are on the way. Stay tuned for more updates from the LALA Team.
Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey and your endless support keeps us going!

Dubai also has migrant workers?

migrant workers

When you hear the name “Dubai”, scenes of massive skyscrapers, crystal waters and high-fashion shopping malls may spring to mind. Its extravagant millionaire residents have been known to keep lions as pets, and the police force possesses an impressive line-up of sports cars including Aston Martins, Bugattis and Ferraris. The city has become renowned for its luxury shopping, stunning ultra-modern architecture, lively nightlife and more.

Naturally, this didn’t happen overnight; though contrary to what many think it isn’t the result of Dubai’s oil trade (which only provides around 1% of its gross domestic product). Dubai’s maritime activities are one of the main sources of its wealth, with its port of Jebel Ali being among the busiest within the Middle East. The port is located in one of the city’s many “economic free zones”, set up by the government, which provide tax exemption and many other benefits. And this single zone alone accounts for 21% of Dubai’s GDP.

This zoning and extensive development within the city has helped turn Dubai into a global business hub and luxury tourist destination. One of the main reasons why Dubai’s economy flourished alongside such burgeoning development was the exceedingly low cost of the labour. Cheap labour has been provided for many years in the UAE by millions of migrant workers, who make up approximately 80% of the resident population (and about 90% of its workforce). Around half of the expatriate population of Dubai are Indian, many of which left families behind to travel abroad in search of income to support their loved ones.

However, for many, that journey has transformed from a ray of hope into a situation of despair. Dubai’s migrant workers have faced a number of difficulties. They are cast aside as outsiders, not worthy of the same benefits UAE citizens enjoy – and in some cases, their treatment has been labelled as less than humane. The difficulties faced by migrant workers include those such as extremely low wages, the withholding of wages and passports, financial exclusion, squalid living conditions, high rates of injury, and even death.

The 830m-tall Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) stands ominously over the city. It’s builder, Arabtec, was investigated in a BBC documentary and found to house workers in unhygienic and overcrowded conditions.

In recent years, governments have argued they have enacted laws to provide for more protection of migrant workers. For example, in September 2017, the UAE announced that Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan approved the country’s first law on domestic workers. The law will provide for allowances such as one day of paid rest per week, decent accommodation and the possession of personal identification papers by individuals. It is understood the law was to be implemented two months after being published in the Official Gazette, however, an inspection of the 2017 gazette revealed no sign of the law. Even if the law is implemented, its enforcement is yet another hurdle. Abuses against migrant workers are said to be systemic, and without independent monitoring, they are all but certain to continue.

The accommodation provided for migrant workers is often less than satisfactory

One of the biggest enablers of abuse of migrant workers is the kafala system. This is a system in which employers sponsor workers in order for them to travel from their home countries to the Gulf states. The contracts involved are complicated and allow employers to basically control the lives of their workers, granting them the power to decide when their workers get paid, when they can switch jobs, when they can leave the country, etc. For these reasons, the system has been likened to a form of modern-day slavery. And the problem isn’t restricted to male workers. Female workers are subjected to the same exploitation, with the number of complaints from women workers in the UAE nearly tripling from 2015 to 2017.

Extract from an Indian parliamentary document:

“Indian Missions received complaints from women workers, particularly female domestic sector workers, on account of poor working conditions, non-payment or delay in payment of salaries and denial of other benefits such as medical facilities, refusal of leave or denial of exit/re-entry permits for visits to India, denial of final exit visas to the workers to return to India after completion of the contract, maltreatment by the employers etc. Incidents of confinement, physical abuse, abandoning of housemaids by their sponsors have also been reported.”

Insurance is another area in which migrant workers are disadvantaged. Low-income migrant workers in the UAE reportedly view life insurance as an important type of social protection. Unfortunately, the vast majority (79%) of these workers remain uninsured, with the reasons being lack of knowledge regarding insurance options, lack of access, and cost. Michele Grosso, co-founder and chief executive at Democracy, says “microinsurance is a vital tool to help lift entire populations out of poverty. Yet, barriers to access often seem insurmountable for low-income migrant workers, many of whom are the sole breadwinners of their households and would greatly benefit from products that can address very real existential fears.”

According to the above survey, selling insurance via mobile, in conjunction with offers from remittance houses was identified as a particularly attractive option with 71 per cent of the respondents saying they prefer receiving insurance information through mobile channels, and well over half indicating they would purchase insurance on their mobile phones. Respondents who send money home through remittance houses (78%) reported they select providers based on pricing, accessibility and rewards, with insurance deemed an interesting incentive to use a particular remittance house brand.

Approximately 80% of the UAE population is said to be excluded from the current financial system, not only in terms of the lack of access to insurance policies but also difficulty in accessing suitable bank accounts, credit cards and loan options (source).

The LALA World project aims to tackle not only financial exclusion but also a range of other real-life issues (such as those described above) faced by migrants and their families back home. The LALA vision will rely on bringing communities together at the grassroots level through partnerships with governments, NGOs, and various service providers. It is this ambitious goal of a supportive ecosystem that really sets us apart from other initiatives in this space.

The LALA World ecosystem

The LALA World white paper outlines the project’s first steps, which are focused on building the foundation of the ecosystem: the LALA wallet. In addition to offering a range of financial services, the wallet will also allow its users to build their own communities and raise issues which are suppressing the unbanked. One way in which users and their families will benefit financially by using the wallet is through low-cost remittance. India is currently the highest recipient of remittances in the world, with US$69 billion sent home during 2017. The average cost to send money to India is currently around 6%. Assuming the figure above is before fees, this means approximately US$4 billion is being unfairly withheld from its recipients (including the families of migrant workers). Remittance fees using the LALA wallet will be much much cheaper, helping to reduce the amount withheld.

While the LALA wallet will form the foundation of the ecosystem, LALA’s other support functions will be vital to ensuring that migrant workers and the underserved have access to the help they deserve. Such support functions will be made possible through partnerships with governments, NGOs and other organisations on the ground. For example, a “LALA lawyers group” is envisaged, which will be able to provide support for workers with employer issues, such as those seen with the Kafala system. Health support is also planned through the “LALA doctor network”. In terms of insurance, The LALA Kit will provide this service along with a phone pre-installed with the LALA wallet and a SIM card.

Stamping out the exploitation of migrant workers is a monumental task requiring a concerted effort by governments, NGOs, corporations and communities. It cannot be done alone. This is why LALA World is forming powerful and long-lasting partnerships with those who share the same vision as us. Together, we will work tirelessly to empower not only unbanked and undocumented migrant workers but also micro-entrepreneurs, students and everyone else who has been left behind by the current financial ecosystem.

LALA World to Utilize Blockchain for Addressing Social Issues

Social issues

Wealth comes to a person who has power, can withstand responsibility, and has an eye for the opportunity. There are various examples of people who have enlightened the world with their fresh thoughts and invested all their wealth for sustainable future of the human race. Sometimes money gives birth to illegal and immoral businesses which lead to the downfall of the society which leads to social issues.

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”

Vince Lombardi


LALA World is on a mission to utilize Blockchain technology to ensure that the needy individuals have the access to money. Blockchain technology has the power of addressing the social issues at large scale generating effective solutions. Its implementation can truly be dynamic and affect the current scenarios of developing countries suffering from social issues like human trafficking and money laundering.

Human Trafficking:

Human traffickers prey on migrants fleeing through the poor country, typically from the one who does not have funds or paperwork to cross the border legally and is one of the major social issues. Traffickers promise new identification, jobs, and decent lives in big countries, which people accept at the cost of their souls.

There are few reasons believed as to why human traffickers are able to smuggle people:

  1. Political instability
  2. Vulnerable migrants fleeing the country
  3. Weakened borders

Human traffickers offer to create fake identities in order to move migrants past the port to the target country. Victims are often placed in rubber boats that may or may not make it to its destination. Governments of many emerging markets are simply unable to track all of their citizens through a centralized database or registry of identity, especially in countries suffering from conflict.

So, how do we stop this? There are so many horror stories of girls, children, and adults with the poor background being a victim of this heinous crime.

Twenty million children in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have a birth certificate, and 50% of persons in the region do not have proof of their own identities. (Source:

We, at LALA World, believe that Blockchain-based self-sovereign identities can empower victims of human trafficking to hold their own identities, providing them with the opportunity to cross borders themselves without dependence on false promises by traffickers. This presents LALA WORLD with an opportunity to implement the concept of decentralized identity management. With a Blockchain-powered LALA ID, any migrant with Internet access could create an identity and have that recorded on an immutable ledger. They could use their phone and the unique digital identity to be verified at various ports and destinations.

LALA World has successfully partnered with World’s Largest Migrant Management Platform – ‘MiGRAM’. MiGRAM manages the largest migrant data across the globe. With this collaboration, LALA World can help bring a big change in the lives of migrants.

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Money laundering

According to UNODC, the estimated amount of money laundered globally in one year is 2 – 5% of global GDP, or $800 billion – $2 trillion in current US dollars. Governments and regulatory bodies around the world have placed difficult procedures and tight laws to stop money laundering, but it is costing more money to implement these compliance procedures rather than eradication of money laundering in the first place.

An important step in stopping money laundering is the verification of identity or Know Your Customer (KYC). In recent years, issues such as rising costs of high compliance costs, large penalties & regulatory fines, transaction delays, integrated data management, privacy laws, frequently evolving regulations and absence KYC on a single system for multiple businesses have challenged the banks and the common man.

A common man in the need of money to start a new business or for personal reasons prefers to skip the compliance regulations if given the opportunity. The Blockchain technology has the ability to share immutable records across the network in near real-time in a secure manner.

LALA World can provide a strong feature of LALA ID with the LALA WALLET which reduces compliance errors and removes the duplication involved in validation of documents. LALA ID, stored on Blockchain, results in a remarkable drop in time, cost, and effort involved in KYC. If such streamlined, cheap and transparent options are provided to people, it will surely impact the percentage of money laundering menace.

Further, LALA Wallet can empower migrants by providing them control of their own money. Elimination of intermediates through LALA Transfer would make migrants confident about the transfer of money across borders, at a very low cost. Migrants have an assurance that the money sent is definitely going to be received by their families.

“Any fight worth fighting is worth taking a few hits over”

Tony Kirwan


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The Blockchain technology has immense capability to improve compliance, reduce costs, and increase efficiency and speed while solidifying anti-money laundering standards around the globe.

LALA World is focused towards accelerating investments in human capital for the upliftment of the society worldwide. Driving with the spirit of joining hands with organizations sharing same motive of serving the humanity has been the goal throughout the journey.

Every organization has a goal of embedding their names in the history. But LALA World is fortunate enough to get this chance by helping to mitigate various social issues and stand out of the business-driven enterprises.