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  • LALA World App (India):  We launched LALA WorldApp within six months of ICO completion and became the first organization who made it possible in such a short span of time. The app offers bill payments and mobile recharge service in India. LALA World App: THE SOUL AND THE VOICE
  • LALA World App (UAE): The Recharge Services in UAE launched in close association with our partner ManGo Point Payment Services L.L.C. Now our customers in UAE can recharge mobile numbers of 10 countries outside UAE. LALA World App (Recharges) Goes Live in UAE Today!


LALA Lends Launch: LALA Lends Launch: LALA world launched its lending arm “LALA Lends.” With this initiative, LALA has come closer to its ultimate objective to serve the unbanked and underserved population, as LALA World can now provide loan services in India. At present we are offering Micro and Nano Credit (MANC) for individuals and MSME loans for micro, small and medium enterprises. We already gave out our first loan on 23rd July.


LALA World’s CEO & Founder – Sankalp Shangari by Keith De Souza of 938Now, a popular radio channel in Singapore. This was the first of its kind event, prior to this he had been engaging through various digital media mediums. Sankalp talked about the LALA Story while sharing his insights on the impact of Blockchain on Banking.

As promised, we made the most out of the July and indeed will work harder in coming months to achieve bigger goals. We would be working tirelessly and give our best to keep up with promises we’ve made.



Sankalp Shangari, Founder and CEO of Lala World was invited by the UBS Expert Series to share his insights on the Blockchain solution. His address covered a gamut of issues, where he chose to highlight the following:
a) Banking the unbanked using blockchain
b) Blockchain for social Impact
c) The current state of blockchain industry along with the ICO (initial coin offering) industry


Jayadeep Apte: Jayadeep joined as LALA World’s New Vice President. Operating from Singapore, he is focusing on growth of LALA World’s ecosystem of remittances and payments besides forging global alliances and strategic partnerships.

Monali Thakker: Monali joined LALA World’s Dubai office as Country Head – UAE, she is supervising the entire business in UAE region including App, Lending & Remittance.



LALA World App Solidifies its Global presence

In the moment of triumph, it is our pleasure to announce that LALA World is on its way to establishing a complete ecosystem with powerful connectivity across the globe. The launch of various services has helped LALA World gain momentum and now is opening its wings to fly. We have presently reached new heights from where we have made our products and services accessible to all.

If Everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself — Henry Ford

We are thrilled to have increased our global presence by launching services in UAE in association with various partners. Not only LALA World App users are able to top-up their mobile phone’s network on the go but they can also make recharges for any mobile phone network belonging to 15 other countries including Afghanistan, Russia, British Indian Ocean Territory Armenia, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Tajikistan, Turkey &Yemen.

The procedure of recharge is easy and user-friendly. One can make recharges using their ManGo balance in LALA World App. This balance can be pre-deposited using cash with the help of ManGo self-service kiosks situated in 450 locations across UAE. This omits the need for users to visit a recharge store or these kiosks frequently.

Addition of these 15 countries has extended our global presence in 25 countries. Our timely achievement of set milestones has maintained an upward sloping graph of successes.  With the vision of creating a positive impact in the lives of 100 million people by 2020, we are constantly expanding our global presence and creating innovative and advanced products and services to achieve our mission.

Our community always encourages us to continue walking on the path that’ll help us realise the dream that we all saw together. We are unceasingly working on expanding our list of achievements for them.

To stay updated on the latest happenings & product news, join our Telegram community here any support regarding the services, please contact us at: [email protected]

LALA Team expresses its gratitude to the community for its continuous support and being with us since the beginning. Thank you All!


Discussion of new ideas always add value to the Blockchain community. Blockchain enthusiasts assembling in an event where all their visions are brought to light and missions are heard by millions truly makes a huge difference.

BLOCONOMIC is Blockchain Economic Summit that aims to bring together entrepreneurs with their supreme intellect on a common platform in the heart of South East Asia i.e., Kuala Lumpur, on August 16 & 17th, 2018.

The summit involves Main Conference, Leaders Panel and Mini Exhibition Shows that’ll be attended by thousands of delegates from government, Research institutes, financial institution as well as FinTech and internet finance, Blockchain Technology and industry application, cryptocurrency and digital assets related firms.

The “Bloconomic” is a dynamic and loud space to conduct a fruitful discussion on all possible use cases and prospects of Blockchain.

LALA World is added in this prestigious list with Sankalp contributing his bit by sharing his vision on alleviation of poverty thorough social business implementing Blockchain Technology. Sankalp Shangari, CEO and Founder of LALA World is invited to speak about his passionate plans for LALA Ecosystem.

He shall talk about “Blockchain for the unbanked” in which the ways of utilizing Blockchain to break financial barrier for the poor will be covered. LALA World being a social business with global presence is stepping forward to bring financial peace in lives of many people.

“To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care.” ~ Mandy Hale

We feel grateful and excited with every opportunity that LALA World is bestowed upon to address the communities globally. Looking forward to hearing Sankalp at this grand event. Hoping that meeting so many renowned names together at the same time shall help establish new relations and recognition at world level. Veterans of Blockchain industry together can deploy this technology with the purpose of resolving long sustaining problems of humanity.

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Thank you for your continued support!

LALA World Decrypts Myths About Blockchain

Majority of the population around the world find it difficult to embrace emerging technologies. Due to the volatility of Bitcoin, users and significant investors of the world are skeptical about the future implications of the technology that underpins it. Discussions with incomplete and inaccurate information have created a cloud of misconceptions and myths about the deployment of Blockchain technology.

This article is an effort to clear the air by enlightening readers about the benefits of Blockchain and to eradicate the myths about it.

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  1.    People usually confuse Blockchain with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first word that triggers people to think about Blockchain. Blockchain is the technology that underpins the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and it is just a small attribute of Blockchain that enables peer-to-peer transactions.

  1.    Blockchain’s only application is Cryptocurrency

It’s widely believed by many that cryptocurrency is the only use case of Blockchain. However, it has much to offer. Blockchain has many use cases that are derived from its features such as immutability, transparency, and security.

  1. Information on Blockchain is not public

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of Blockchain transactions are traceable and transparent. Additionally, there are no hidden secrets to Blockchain and its operations. All the information encapsulated in the block is public to all participants on the Blockchain.

  1. Blockchain can only be used in the financial sector

Blockchain has many applications in the financial industry because of its nature.  However, there are many relevant use cases of Blockchain including Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Freight, Online Booking, etc. Where ever there is a value chain, Blockchain can create a difference with its strategic deployment and hence help in the exchange of value.

  1. Cryptocurrencies are for Criminals

Some people misinterpret that Blockchain technology is only dropping cryptocurrencies which are deduced from decentralized platforms, its ambiguity and anonymous nature can only benefit people ditching law. But what people don’t know is that the digital wallet facilities also requires certain regulations to be complied with.

In an economically or politically unstable environment, if a person is feeling insecure and lacks trust in banks, then, Blockchain based financial ecosystem can be of great help.

Blockchain is commonly compared to the internet in terms of its disruptive nature and technological significance. However, unlike the internet, various Blockchains can be designed to serve different purposes. The prevalence of this misconception has greatly waned with the rise and increasing popularity of other Blockchain networks beyond Bitcoin.


LALA World is utilizing Blockchain technology to build a Global Financial Ecosystem to help in financial inclusion of the unbanked and underserved. It firmly believes in the power of this technology and wants to utilize it as a tool to alleviate poverty.  LALA World has foreseen the blossoming future for Blockchain technology, and combining it with other technologies like Artificial Intelligence

Japan’s invisible migrant workers

Japans invisible migrant population

Japan boasts the third largest economy in the world, and since the late 1990s, the growth in Japan’s real GDP per head has outperformed every other major economy. Most of its residents enjoy excellent health care services, an amazingly punctual transportation system, access to lightning-fast fiber-optic internet services, and many more of the luxuries one would expect from such a technology-focused society.

Japan also presents an intriguing destination for travelers with its mix of the old and new. Skyscrapers covered with massive neon signs and television screens line the streets of the larger cities, however, walk a little further and you’re likely to come across a traditional shrine or temple nestled away among the hustle and bustle. It’s not unusual to see women dressed in kimonos – sometimes for formal events and other times simply to add an extra dimension to their sightseeing experiences.

The majority of people living outside of Japan learn about this fascinating country mainly through researching their next holiday, and through their experiences, once they arrive. However, tourism information and experiences are naturally designed to focus only on the positive aspects of a country or region. Most people come to and leave Japan as tourists, and thus typically remain unaware of the underlying problems within Japanese society.

There were a number of factors that influenced my own decision to move to Japan, where I am currently living. Perhaps the largest factor was the similarities I felt between my own personality and that of Japanese. I was also looking for a change in my life. I, like many others before me, saw Japan through rose-tinted glasses: as an oasis of enjoyment, new opportunities, friendly people, and hassle-free living. In many cases, these are true; however, there are also several aspects I could (and often do) complain about in regards to Japanese society. My experience has taught me that there is no such thing as a perfect country. And Japan is no exception – in particular in regards to its treatment of migrant workers.

Japan is currently faced with a super-aging population, which is also decreasing. Healthy lifestyles and access to excellent healthcare are among the many factors which have seen the life expectancy of the Japanese rise to around 83 years. There are now approximately 68,000 people aged over 100 in Japan. The reason for this super-aging phenomenon is that not enough babies are being born to sustain the current population (around 125 million). Last year marked the second year in which less than 1 million (946,060) babies were born in Japan; the lowest number since records began in 1899. During the same year, there were 1.3 million deaths, meaning that Japan’s population decreased by 394,373 people in 2017 – equivalent to the population of a small city. Currently, approximately one-quarter of Japan’s population is aged 65 years or older. If nothing is done, this is predicted to increase to more than one third by 2040, and around 40% by 2060.

In such a rapidly aging society, the immense financial pressure is placed on a shrinking working-age population which must support the elderly. Various measures have been proposed and some are underway to help alleviate this pressure within Japan. These include the use of robots and AI, increasing the age of retirement, making it easier for the elderly to continue working, and increasing the number of migrant workers.

This month, in recognition of the need to boost the number of migrant workers in Japan, Prime Minister Abe announced plans to bring in 500,000 workers by 2025. These workers will fill chronic labor shortages in farming, construction, accommodations, and elderly care. According to the Justice Ministry, Japan currently has approximately 1,083,769 migrant workers. Many of these workers are admitted to the country on specialist or skilled worker visas, allowing them to work as engineers or teachers. They generally enjoy good wages and are treated relatively fairly (though many claim they have experienced discrimination).

A large number of migrant workers are also brought in to provide unskilled labor (not technically allowed within Japan) such as factory and farming work, under the guise of “technical intern trainees” and even “foreign students”. Such workers are much more likely to be paid unfair wages and be forced into unfair working and living conditions.

Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program was originally established in 1993, aiming to contribute to the international community by teaching people from developing countries skills based on Japanese technology and know-how. The interns would then take their new knowledge back to their home countries, benefiting both their homelands and Japan. However, the system has been abused by Japanese companies, who have used it as a means to employ migrant workers to perform unskilled labor at very low wages (much lower than what Japanese people are willing to work for). The program’s stated goal of developing skills among foreign nationals has seemingly been pushed aside, as most companies’ focus has been solely on remaining competitive.

In one case, A 28-year-old woman from Myanmar arrived in Japan in November 2016 under the program to work in a sewing factory. She had hoped to gain knowledge and skills in sewing while earning money for her family back home by working at a Japanese company. Her hopes were soon dashed when she was assigned to produce car seat covers, not make clothes as told by an agent in Myanmar before coming to Japan. She worked for more than eight hours a day, six days a week, for five months. However, after all of her hard work, she was paid an insulting ¥339,000 (around US$600 per month); much lower than the legal minimum wage.

Similar to other countries’ systems, “trainees” in this program are not allowed to change their job or employer even if they find their work situation is not what they were promised. Many trainees have no choice but to keep working in unfair conditions.

In another case, in March this year, the Justice Ministry was investigating allegations by a Vietnamese man that he was made undertake decontamination work in radioactive areas following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. This man was also brought to Japan under the intern program described above and was reportedly not informed that he would be undertaking work in contaminated areas. Given that Vietnam does not have any nuclear power plants, it’s highly unusual that his technical training in Japan would even include decontamination. The Japan Times was able to access records showing the man had indeed been exposed to radiation while working, and according to the labor union the employer had withheld this information from him. The employer also reportedly denied the man additional allowances provided to those working under hazardous conditions. Furthermore, he was being paid almost three times less than Japanese workers who were doing the same job.

There is a pervasive undertone within Japanese society that Japan is for Japanese people – not foreigners. News headlines such as “What will happen if foreigners become our bosses?” and “Before we realized it, Japan has become a nation of immigrants” can be seen from the more conservative and alarmist media outlets. And that’s fine – societies are entitled to question whether migrant workers are needed and to preserve their culture and ethnicity. However, if a government decides to invite migrant workers into its country to help improve the economic situation, it has a responsibility to accept – and promote the broader acceptance of – those people politically and socially, not simply economically.

Many people believe that migrant workers only experience hardships while working in countries with poor human rights records. However, as explained in this article, that is clearly not the case. Migrant workers are taken advantage of even in seemingly advanced societies such as Japan. The more often these issues are exposed, the more likely it is that positive change will occur.

LALA World Adds ‘Country Head’ to Lead Its Dubai Office – Monali Thakker

A motivated manpower is the most important thing. – Dhirubhai Ambani

LALA World is rapidly expanding its business and family. We understand the value of workforce as it plays a major role in running a successful organization. It gives us tremendous pleasure to introduce our newest member of the LALA family – Monali Thakker.
Monali has joined LALA World’s Dubai office as Country Head – UAE, supervising the entire business in UAE region including App, Lending & Remittance. She will also be leading all engagements regarding our Blockchain and ICO service offerings.

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Formerly, she was heading eClinicalWorks for Middle East Region. It is a healthcare technology company providing HIS and patient engagement solutions. Monali holds experience of over a decade, in the healthcare technology sector. She has served private and public-sector clients across the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.

Monali holds a deep understanding of how the use of technology and digital tools, can expand operational performance and overall customer experience and engagement. With her operations acumen and entrepreneurial drive, she brought to market innovative services and products to end users and community.

She is extremely active on the social enterprise front, being a founding member of an NGO based in Mumbai, OncoHappy. She and her team promote and facilitate holistic cancer care for patients, survivors and care givers. A Graduate in biomedical engineering from Mumbai University, India and Master of Science in technological entrepreneurship from

Northeastern University, USA, Monali lives with her spouse Amar and her one-year-old son Arjun in Dubai.

Read more: LALA World App: The Soul and The Voice

LALA World is blessed and lucky to find such bright minds in such a short span of time who share the same visions, i.e., to help the unbanked gain the financial freedom.

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We want to thank you all for your continued support and hope that with latest announcements, the confidence in us and our initiatives as only grown.

A big Thank you to all!

Three Back-to-Back Launches by LALA World – LALA World App (Recharges) Goes Live in UAE Today!

July’23rd, 2018

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.  – Bo Bennett

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you that our dream has started taking shape in reality. Its LALA Worlds third launch in a row in the month of July! Yes, you heard it right! LALA World is unstoppable this month.

As promised in the previously shared Roadmap, the Recharge Services in UAE through LALA World App are going live on 23rd July, 2018. We are launching these services in UAE in close association with our partner ManGo Point Payment Services L.L.C., which is a company registered in Dubai, UAE under the Dubai Economic Department for accepting and processing payments in the UAE.

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How is LALA going to help the unbanked?

Soon after the launch, LALA App users in UAE would be able to top-up their mobile phones or any other number belonging to 10 different countries outside UAE through their ManGo balance in LALA World App using ManGo self-service kiosks situated in 450 locations across UAE by depositing cash, eliminating the need to visit these kiosks frequently.The countries include Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

How does it work?

• A user downloads and creates an account in the LALA World App, and his/her unique LALA ID is generated.
• User on the ManGo kiosks can select “All services” option and then click eWallet.
• The user now needs to enter his/her LALA ID and enter the amount of the cash he/she is depositing.
• After confirmation of cash deposit, the amount as ManGo balance would get added in LALA World App instantly.
• This amount can be utilized for domestic and international mobile recharges/top-ups from UAE.

UAE ManGo Kiosk – LALA Top Up – YouTube

With these launches, we are driving close to LALA World’s ultimate mission, which is to make a difference in the lives of 100 million people by 2020, also to increase LALA World’s acceptability around the globe. We, at LALA World, are constantly exploring the endless methods to reach maximum people through different social business models.

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Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. – Paul Ryan

LALA World with its world-class allies is working tirelessly to build the most convenient and reliable global financial ecosystem. We believe that we are on the right track, as each day at LALA, we are taking new steps towards our aim, therefore, coming closer to becoming a global phenomenon.

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For any support regarding the services, please contact us at: [email protected]

LALA Team expresses its gratitude to the community for its continuous support and being with us in this journey since the begining. Thank you All!

LALA World welcomes Jayadeep Apte as Global Head of Strategy & Business Development for LALA Wallet & Remittances

Another lieutenant added to the LALA family!

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.
– Lao Tzu

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the latest exciting addition to our leadership team, our New Vice President Mr. Jayadeep Apte. Operating from Singapore, he will be focused on growing LALA World’s ecosystem of remittances and payments besides forging global alliances and strategic partnerships.

We, at LALA World, are relentlessly working towards building the most efficient team to drive LALA’s vision.

Jayadeep Apte is a British Citizen and an industry veteran with 25+ years of global experience. Jayadeep has been instrumental in building multi-million revenues and high valuation businesses for innovative startups as well as established MNC’s. In his past stints based in London and India, he has delivered transformational business outcomes working with global clients across verticals besides banking and financial services.

His multi-dimensional experience will prove invaluable as LALA executes on its vision to build the next generation financial ecosystem to improve the world of unbanked and the underserved.

Some of his major achievements include:
– Nurturing a next-generation cyber security fintech firm, Uniken Inc., to make digital transactions significantly safer and simpler for banks, financial services, and payment providers.
– Growing Touchbase Communications, from a UK based provider to a dominant global player in systems integration and advisory space serving mid-sized and Fortune 500 clients.
– Building multi-million revenues for Tata-Avaya venture in India to gain significant market share serving domestic and MNC clients.

Jayadeep thrives in building strong relationships, negotiating win-win outcomes, providing a strategic outlook, yet staying grounded for ensuring effective execution. He will be involved in shaping the global adoption of LALA’s offerings to scale LALA World business.

Read more:

On this occasion, Jayadeep said “It is rare to find a group so passionate to the cause of improving human lives. Being a migrant myself, I could relate to Sankalp’s vision for the need to create a thriving global ecosystem. Leveraging latest technologies and led with trust and empathy, I am delighted to be part of this initiative. Look forward contributing to LALA World’s growth.”

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership – Harvey S. Firestone

We believe that we are on the right track, as every day at LALA we make new strides towards our vision and come closer to becoming a global phenomenon.

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We want to thank you for being the driving force in this tough, but a meaningful journey!

LALA Lends is Ready to Empower the Lives of Millions

LALA World is extremely enchanted about Lending its first loan via its lending arm, LALA Lends. With this initiative, LALA has come closer to its ultimate objective to serve the unbanked and underserved population, as we can now provide loan services in India through Rising Straits Finance Pvt. Ltd. a non-banking financial company (NBFC). We have successfully signed an agreement to acquire and the application for the change of Board is with the governing authority – Reserve Bank of India.

We plan to offer loans in two segments in the first phase:

1. Micro and Nano Credit (MANC): for individuals.
2. MSME Loans: for Micro Entrepreneurship

India’s more than half of the population is under the age of 35, and there is a need to encourage this age group towards entrepreneurship and becoming job creators instead of job seekers. As a result, there would be an increase in the employment generation. The prime limitation to this is lack of capital as the banking institutions have a rigid requirement framework which comes in the way of lending and offering small loan amounts proves to be costly for them.

LALA LENDS endeavor is to resolve such issues. It can now support the small businesses and entrepreneurs financially, i.e. LALA World can provide loans to individuals, budding entrepreneurs & SME’s for livelihood assistance.

In India, there are 600+ functional NBFCs, however, what makes LALA LENDS more efficient and developed than others is its upcoming advance solution that records KYC information digitally in the complex and secure coding of Blockchain which is impossible to tamper. Along with state of the art loan origination, credit underwriting (LALA Score) and disbursement technology, LALA creates efficiencies and cost reduction. These are passed on to its needy borrowers yet maintaining margins.

“Lack of credit murders numerous bankable ideas. Through LALA Lends, we aim to foster the entrepreneurial streak of the millennials.” -Sankalp Shangari

LALA World has established an exceptional proprietary credit-scoring algorithm called “LALA Score” that helps evaluate credit risk efficiently and allows us to lend to segments hitherto ignored by banks and large institutions. LALA world is also aggressively working to partner with other digital platforms, P2P platforms, and other NBFCs to provide these services and help make the entire eco-system more efficient. Soon we shall share more good news as we ramp up India operations while expanding across South East Asia.

This is a remarkable accomplishment for LALA World that has brought us closer to our vision, i.e. building a Global Digital Decentralized Financial Ecosystem to support the financial inclusion of the unbanked and underserved.

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LALA Team expresses its gratitude to the community for its support and being part of this  journey since the begining, Thank you.

Victory on the trot – LALA gets listed as a Collateral Token on ETHLend

Dear LALA Family,

“Successful people begin where failures leave off. Never settle for ‘just getting the job done.’ Excel!” —Tom Hopkins

While we were still in the hangover of LALA World App launch celebrations, we got another exciting news that came as a big surprise. It gives us great delight to announce that LALA World is the proud winner of EthLend’s “Community Vote on Collateral Token” second round and hence, has been chosen and included as Collateral Token on ETHLend.

This means that an individual can avail a loan against value of the pledged LALA tokens via Crypto-to-crypto lending, providing  borrower and lender with various flexibilities and benefits.

It allows the lenders and borrowers from across the world to build peep-to-peer lending agreement in a secure and uncensored way, using Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts. By placing a loan request on ETHLend, lenders from all over the globe can fund loan requests by providing competitive interest rate.

Getting listed as a collateral token on ETHLend is a great accomplishment for LALA World adding another utility. We want to thank all the community members who lend us their support and voted for LALA World. Your encouragement keeps us moving and means a lot to us.

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.” —Frank Lloyd Wright

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Once again thank you for your continuous support, we promise to keep up with your expectation as always.