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LALA World Spreads Smiles with Creative Healing

Brings paediatric patients an expressive art festival in collaboration with OncoHappy

LALA World collaborated with OncoHappy, an NGO dedicated to holistic care of kids with cancer, to facilitate an expressive art festival #goldishappy.

Observing the Paediatric Cancer Awareness month i.e., September, OncoHappy has curated India’s first ever expressive arts festival and is conducting it with over 50 local partners.

The LALA teamed up with the volunteers of OncoHappy to help them in organising creative healing sessions at St. Jude Childcare Centre, Delhi-NCR, India. The therapy sessions are being conducted between for seven days i.e. from September 24th to September 30th, 2018. This is being held across multiple cancer centres in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR & Bangalore and LALA World is humbled to be part of this creative drive.

The 7-day festival will include multiple therapies, including, poetry, music, dance movement, theatre, cooking, storytelling, craft and art. The instructors holding these workshops are a group of artists and therapists, spending time teaching children the importance of mental health to cope up with their treatment.

Approximately 9 million people lost their lives to this dreadful disease last year. LALA World recognises the pain borne by cancer patients and is doing its bit to to reduce the traumatic experiences that they are suffering.

We encourage our community members to empathise with people in need and contribute towards building a better society.

LALA World On Bitmart. Voting Begins.

Dear LALA Family,

We are extremely happy to inform that LALA World has been selected for Bitmart Exchange Community Voting. With every single vote in favour ofLALA World, the possibility of LALA Token to get listed on another exchange will grow.

Click here to register your vote:

It is the community we work for and the LALA family, we believe in. And in the time of need, family, to whom we look forward to. All we need from you is support, in the form of votes, helping us win and get listed on this exchange, just the way we are present across Kucoin, Coss, Liquid, Cobinhood, and Idex.

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The voting process is based on ATP, where all votes are recorded on Blockchain to prevent fake voting. The most voted project will be listed on the Bitmart Exchange. We request LALA Community to spare moments and contribute to get LALA listed.

Thank you for the continuous support!

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Is Blockchain Legal? – The Confusion

Is Blockchain Legal

Sudden spike in rates of Bitcoin and numerous frauds across ICOs have confused the masses and created questions towards the legality of Blockchain. While the formers are cryptocurrencies, the latter is a technology that has cryptocurrencies as one of its numerous use cases.

People often consider Bitcoins & Blockchain as synonyms and question the grounds of Blockchain’s legality in the nation. Firstly, we need to understand that Blockchain and Bitcoins are 2 different entities.

What is Blockchain?

The Blockchain is a decentralized ledger onto which the transactions are recorded in an immutable manner. The transactions are always performed on the basis of community consensus, assuring the authenticity. In every 10 minutes, a new block is mined (formed) carrying records of transactions, where the information is encrypted through hashes (A hash is a function that converts an input of letters and numbers into an encrypted output of a fixed length). Each hash is pointing to previous and next hash, creating an immutable chain, as tampering with data or any hash would disturb the entire sequence.

The Blockchain is of 3 types, permission-based, private and public. In the former two types, only the participants have a complete access to the information stored on the chain, and in the latter, the information is transparent to public.

What is Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto, in January 2009 released a whitepaper on ‘Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System’, in that the term ‘Bitcoin’ is defined as cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a currency powered by the Blockchain Technology, making it secure and immutable in nature. Transfers in cryptocurrency do not require an intermediary to perform verification, but this transaction takes place on peer-to-peer network triggering complete transparency. Therefore, making the transaction secure and tamper-proof.

Legal Aspect of Blockchain in various countries

“UN Agencies Turn to Blockchain In Fight Against Child Trafficking” (Source CoinDesk)

Certain governments have put the utility and trading through cryptocurrency on hold because they want to come up with regulations to curb the illegitimate activities they fear that can be done using crypto. Few countries have not reached the economic threshold required to execute the extensive practice of cryptocurrency in the market and without due diligence, simply banned their use in their respective country.

However, those who realised around 2014 that Blockchain has more implications than cryptocurrency alone, started to invest in and explore including Dubai, Singapore, Switzerland to name a few. All these countries realised the importance to deploy this technology in various domains.

Gradually, world is opening and willing to inherit the utility of Blockchain, which is not just logical, but most transparent version of doing things right. Embracing this technology can help the governments establish groundwork for their citizens that “all processes can be transparent, corruption free, safe and immutable.” It can make various structures more trusted amongst the people. Hence, this technology ‘Blockchain’ that coined the phrase ‘decentralised ecosystem’ is neither banned in any country and neither is it illegal to implement its use cases in any part of the world. But, legality comes in question only for the cryptocurrency.

Many potential leaders across world believe that technology holds the same significance.

Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchain automates away the centre. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly.” —Vitalik Buterin, co-founder Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine.

Blockchain is a technology tour de force”- Bill Gates.

I have been at this 35 year, writing about the digital age. I have never seen a technology that I thought had a greater potential for humanity” – Don Tapscott Writer.

The Blockchain is in its nascent stage and yet revolutionising the finance sector. LALA World is one such progressive organisation which with its product ecosystem is growing towards development of Blockchain based sustainable solution to impart right knowledge and positive change in the society. LALA World acknowledged the fact that “Blockchain is unstoppable” (despite of all the confusions) soon enough to make an impressionable change in the fintech industry.

Meet Sankalp Shangari at LATOKEN BEF-Block Summit 2018, Vietnam

Partnered with RMIT University, LATOKEN Block Summit 2018 will take place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on September 26, 2018. Sankalp Shangari, CEO LALA World, has been invited to share his thoughts.

LATOKEN Blockchain Economic Forum is held globally with the aim of taking crypto to mainstream and far-reaching by empowering innovators to find new ideas, investments, allies and build strong relationships. Previously held in Singapore, New York and San Francisco, the event observes presence of over 2000 investors, business heads, politicians, decision makers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, top journalists, bloggers and YouTube influencers.

Experts from all around the world belonging to prestigious organisations with years of experience in their respective fields, will be gracing the Summit in Vietnam.

LALA World is excited to see Sankalp Shangari being a part of the panel discussion, commencing at 4:20 pm (local time) with the agenda ‘Growth Strategy & Crypto Markets’.

LALA Team encourages our supporters and community members to attend the Summit and personally meet Sankalp for a chat. We extend our gratitude for your support and incessant motivation. It is because of you that LALA World is gaining recognition across continents.

Global Adoption of Blockchain by Governments

Blockchain is the technology that is majorly supporting the operation of cryptocurrencies. However, its operations are not limited to merely the crypto-economy and are useful across various industries. It is the robust functionality of Blockchain technology that has caught the eyes of governments across the world. Countries are constantly competing against each other in terms of technical development and innovations. Many governments are funding researchers to better understand the potential of Blockchain and some are already in the process of testing its applications. The new age technology has the potential to revolutionize domains, including, Healthcare, National Identity Management Systems, Tax and Internal Revenue Monitoring, Voting and Secure Banking Services.

There are many countries where Blockchain is gaining pace and making a difference in the lives of people.


Dubai continuously explores and evaluates latest technology innovations that demonstrate  opportunities to create seamless, safe, efficient and impactful economy. Dubai aims at introducing Flying Taxis, self-driving vehicles and actual ‘Robocops’. The country already employs new technologies before the world wakes up to them. With this, government hopes to become the first-ever Blockchain-powered country by the year 2020. Citizens are currently enjoying the leverage of embracing this technology and facilitating license renewals, bill payments and visa application through it.

As Dubai is a popular holiday destination, hosting millions of tourists and visitors every year, manual engagement is very high in processing and estimating 100 million documents. The processes are made paperless in transaction system that are hosted entirely on the Blockchain. This development can help save a lot of money and time.


The government of Eastern European nation of Estonia has actively been trying to deploy sustainable Blockchain-based solutions for many government activities. They have instilled Blockchain directly in the roots of citizenship by installing the model of Blockchain-based national identity management system. ID-kaarts has been able to reduce bureaucratic red-tape, thus improving the timelines and quality of government service delivery to Estonian citizens.


This nation was swift in implementing Blockchain technology in the Fintech industry. Government won the race by issuing licenses that allow Blockchain to be used as ducts for the storage and transfer of digital assets. The GBX (Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange) allows the integration of Blockchain in trading and settlement system.


Singapore, being a small island, is still counted amongst the biggest, most powerful Fintech hub across the globe with over 200 banks. The nation being relatively liberal, welcomes innovation, emerging technologies and has built a diverse ecosystem to support more than 150 start-ups on Blockchain-based technology, making Singapore the new California Dream for some intrepid blockchain explorers. The real estate industry is also adapting this technology in the most advanced manner. The transactions in this industry have become more transparent and secure by deploying smart contracts. The processes when run on Blockchain, save time and money by eliminating the paperwork and digitizing agreements.


United States

There is a project that is designed for individualisation and improvement in the security of identities. It can be achieved by incorporating Blockchain Technology in proposed birth registry and identification system. In US Federal Government, both Pentagon and DARPA are reportedly focussing their attention on theoretical immutability of Blockchain. Through this, they aim to design a robust and secure network for protocol to run without the threat of interception or hacking.

Some Blockchain based applications are being pursued or leveraged by various governments from all around the world. While Cryptocurrencies continue to be shrouded in a lot of restrains, this technology continues to be interesting proposition for many governments. It is here to stay and governments are most likely going to espouse it.

LALA World having the first movers advantage, has been a part of this drive working towards making an impact globally with implementations of Blockchain technology in the Fintech Industry. With its consumer centric products being launched, the whole LALA Ecosystem is now shaping up. Embracing this cult technology is the new way to build a world that’s truly financially connected.

Meet the Man Behind LALA World at Consensus Singapore 2018

Hosted by Coindesk, Consensus: Singapore 2018 is just around the corner and LALA World is attending.

Organised strategically, Consensus: Singapore is the first international edition of the biggest blockchain technology and crypto conference, Consensus Summit. It is an answer to the requirement of specialised content and powerful networking opportunities. The event will witness over 75+ Experts sharing their insights, important industry announcements and cross-industry networking opportunities with 8,000+ attendees across domains.

Team LALA is excited to be a part of this mega event, being held at Marina Bay Sands from 19th-20th Sept, where our CEO and Founder, Sankalp Shangari and team members will be present to share and discuss the up coming offerings from LALA World.

Join in for discussions and queries over the wide array of Crypto Services offered by LALA World and lead the crypto race. Don’t hesitate and come up for chat as Sankalp looks forward to meet our fellow LALA family members, Blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, partners, investors for establishing relations and channelising knowledge transfer for catalysing development of the crypto community – at Consensus: Singapore.

LALA WORLD Launches Crossborder Mobile payments in 160 Countries with its Trusted Partner TransferTo

We have always collaborated with exemplary enterprises that have brought us closer to our mission. This time LALA World’s new partner will help us in expansion of accessibility in more countries.

LALA Family is thrilled to announce our partnership with “TransferTo”. A leading global digital value services network offering safe, reliable and more accessible mobile value services for emerging markets. Their B2B cross-border network interconnects and provides mobile operators, money transfer operators, retailers, distributors, NGOs and corporates with unparalleled infrastructure and reach to offer solutions that better connect families across borders. This key partnership with TransferTo will enableLALA World to access over 600 mobile operators, across 160 countries and offer their customers a safe and reliable solution to seamlessly top-up the mobile phones– all credited in real-time, directly to the recipients mobile, and in local currency.

LALA World shares the interest in this facilitation to satisfy our international customers.

Digital payments have made lives easier and added speed to the process of transaction which used to take days to process. Digitalization at global level has amplified the innovation in globalization, which has helped the world to stay connected in a substantial way.

LALA World feels that this partnership is a huge opportunity for us to link with the pool of users and associate them with our services of online transaction modes like recharges, bill payments along with additional services. With TransferTo on our side, we foresee the fruitful results forLALA World’s Global financial ecosystem.

We have more exciting partnerships lined up. Stay tuned for more updates from the LALA Family!

“Pay by Crypto” is now live on LALA World App

LALA World announces the launch of its new service – “Pay by Crypto” today. This will allow the users to top-up and recharge using cryptocurrency through the LALA WorldApp in all crypto-friendly countries.

“LALA World is thrilled to endow utility to crypto-currency which can now be used as a payment method for bill payments and other utility services,” said Sankalp Shangari, CEO of LALA World. He further emphasized, “We are even more excited about the fact that we are one of the first to offer this service on such a large scale.”

Pay by crypto in addition to fiat currency allows users to pay for services like Top-ups and recharges through LALA World App by using LALA Token. Users can easily buy LALA Tokens through exchanges like Kucoin, Cobinhood, Coss, and Qryptos and can transfer them to LALA World App. They can also transfer Ether from a third-party crypto wallet which will be visible in the form of LALA tokens in the App, in accordance to the last traded value.

LALA World takes care of the rules and regulations of every nation and is making its services available accordingly. Hence, “Pay by Crypto” has only been implemented in nations that are deemed crypto-friendly.

Pay Your Bills in Crypto Using LALA Tokens

Team at LALA expresses its gratitude to the community for continuous support.
Thank you!

LALA Highlights Of The Month, August’18

Launch & Expansions 

LALA World APP takes its footprint in 53 countries: LALA World users now will be able to top-up their ManGo balance in LALA World App (both Android & iOS) with fiat through ManGo self-service kiosks located in 450 locations across UAE. Post this, users can recharge/top-up their mobile in UAE or any mobile number from the 53 different countries including Afghanistan, Thailand, Russia, Botswana, China, Egypt, Ghana, Kuwait, Armenia, Iraq, and Indonesia to name a few.

LALA World iOS App Launch: We launched the much-anticipated iOS App. The App is now available on the Apple store. It allows users to make utility payments and recharges for several service providers. We are currently supporting these services in India and UAE along with our trusted partners ManGo Point Kiosks, recharges / top-ups can now be easily done from UAE to 50+ countries

LALA World in Media

Sankalp Shangari was featured in an interesting episode of Asia Tech Podcast (ATP.Show) with Graham D. Brown  giving insights on how #blockchain technology is helping LALA World make an impact.

Sankalp Shangari – LALA World, Global Wallet Local Partnerships | Asia Tech Podcast

News Mentions

The LALA World this month was covered by elite news portals and publication houses.

The Economic Times wrote “LALA World, a Singapore-based fintech company, has launched the blockchain and artificial intelligence-based payments app for iOS users in India and UAE.

Read more at: Blockchain-based mobile payments app launched in India 

The news was also reported by Deccan ChronicleInc42MedianamaChannel DriveDaily HuntTechherald & more.

Events & Conferences

Blockchain Technology Summit 2018

Sankalp Shangari, Founder & CEO of LALA World, was invited amongst Blockchain enthusiasts  to speak at “Blockchain Technology Summit 2018” held in Shanghai. The event became a safe crypto sphere in the presence of world’s renowned advisors and crypto specialists where visions that are a challenge to conjure were freely discussed. Sankalp to grace the Event “Blockchain Technology Summit – Shanghai

LALA World was added in the prestigious list of “Bloconomic Summit”. Sankalp contributed by sharing his vision on alleviation of poverty through social business implementing Blockchain Technology. He spoke about “Blockchain for the unbanked” emphasising the ways of utilizing Blockchain to break financial barrier for the disadvantaged. LALA World was hosted to a warm reception at the summit having excellent thought leaders. Sankalp Invited to Speak at “Bloconomic Summit”.

3rd Ask Me Anything with Sankalp Shangari went Live Opening the Month

The 3rd successful AMA session with LALA World CEO & Founder, Sankalp Shangari answering questions from the community went live in August.

For more information and insight into the road ahead and the action plan for growth.

Watch now at –

LALA World APP takes its footprint in 53 countries

LALA World has taken a step towards making its app globally viable. With the teams consistent effort we are excited to announce that LALA users can now top-up and recharge in 53 countries. We are soaring to new heights through rapid progress towards increasing our footprint in more geographies, as we make LALA products and services accessible to all.

“With this expansion we have increased our reach. It clearly defines that we are moving closer to our mission of bringing families together.”
– Ranjit Kumar, COO, LALA World

LALA World users now will be able to top-up their ManGo balance in LALA World App with fiat through ManGo self-service kiosks located in 450 locations across UAE. Post this, users can recharge/top-up their mobile in UAE or any mobile number from the 53 different countries including Afghanistan, Thailand, Russia, Botswana, China, Egypt, Ghana, Kuwait, Armenia, Iraq, and Indonesia to name a few.
Our community always motivates us to continue in helping us realise the dream that we all envisioned together. We are constantly working on expanding our offerings in products and services, making lives easier.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney

To stay updated on the latest happenings & product news, join our Telegram community here For any support regarding the services, please contact us at: [email protected]
LALA Team expresses its gratitude to the community for its continuous support and being with us in this journey since the beginning.