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How LALA WORLD is Going to Solve the Age Old Micro-Lending Problems



It’s a proven fact that a business can’t survive without financing. Sooner or later, every business goes for a round of investment in one form or another. Some prefer to start their business with a seed funding and then raise multiple rounds of funding with the help of micro-lending. Others would entrepreneurs bootstrap their businesses from their own pockets, but later on go for a venture funding or an IPO, depending on the stage their business is in.

Getting financed by an investor or an institute is a difficult task and takes weeks, even months. It involves a lot of boardroom meetings and heated discussions. And we are talking about established entrepreneurs and strong projects. In contrast, in the case of self-own small-scale businesses, raising a loan from a formal institute like bank is almost impossible.

LALA WORLD intends to fill this finance gap by extending loans to small-scale entrepreneurs and self-employed. It will help them to get financed by pledging LALA Tokens. Have a look at what huffingtonpost has to say about LALA word here.

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Small-scale businesses usually don’t have high-quality collaterals against which they can avail loans from the banks. Their businesses are pretty straightforward, having little or no innovation, hence they are not able to impress angel investors and other formal funding institutes. These businesses are often run by entrepreneurs living in tier-II, tier-III cities and sub-rural areas who don’t have flashy degrees to showcase, but some basic education.

But that this doesn’t mean that they are technologically illiterate!

Most of these entrepreneurs have Smartphones and use mobile apps in their daily lives.

“Today, if you look at financial systems around the globe, more than half the population of the world – out of six billion people, more than three billion – do not qualify to take out a loan from a bank. This is a shame”

  • Muhammad Yunus


To help these small entrepreneurs and to promote SMEs, many emerging economies offer various loan schemes via State-owned banks. However, these are not successful due to the huge demand for loans and many of those becoming non-performing loans.

Nonetheless, many small finance banks have popped-up in the emerging economies. However, their interest rates vary from 15% to a whopping 40%. Entrepreneur taking loans from these banks often find themselves in a debt trap.

United Nations Capital Development Funds (UNCDF) is actively working to finance the less fortunate in the world’s 47 least developed countries. UNCDF provides capital and technical support through inclusive finance programmes to ensure that more households and small businesses gain access to financial services.


Let’s analyze why Blockchain is relevant to plug holes in the present micro-lending process.

The Digital Identity

Micro-lending involves financing the small business owners. They live in tier-III and rural cities. It is difficult to expect that they would have complete KYC documents. There are many immoral people who can even produce fake or forge documents for availing loans.

Blockchain can store Identities immutably, so that they can’t be forged or misused by an impersonator. Thus, the lenders can extend credit to a borrower without worrying about ending up in a ‘bad loan’ situation.

High Transaction Cost

The cost involved in the traditional processes of lending to the small businesses is so much that it doesn’t make economic sense for the lenders to extend their services to these small entrepreneurs.

Blockchain removes a lot of intermediaries and eliminates much of the paperwork, thereby reducing the cost of lending.

Reliable Credit History

The way the present credit scoring companies collect transactional data gives the half picture about the actual economic well-being of an individual or a firm. The data is collected without their knowledge and often has errors.  These ratings don’t take into consideration the micro-transactions made in cash or those made in cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, these credit histories are not alter-proof.

Blockchain is a perfect platform to record each and every transaction immutably and build a history of credit data.

Lengthy Processes     

The physical verification processes are lengthy and can takes days even weeks. Even if the verification is successful, the time required for the funds to get actually credited in the account of the borrower is considerable, which leaves the borrower financially vulnerable for many days.

Blockchain-based Smart Contracts can streamline and automate many operational processes to expedite verification and overall lending process.

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LALA WORLD has embarked on a mission to help migrants who don’t have access to finance since they don’t have a history of credit information or collaterals to pledge, which are required by traditional micro-lending institutes. It has an idealistic vision of building a global financial system, in which migrants would still be eligible for loans in the target country on the basis of the transactions they made in their home country. They would be able to build their credit score by getting verified by more number of people in the LALA World’s ecosystem. What’s more, they would be able to pledge liquid assets for availing loans.

This is how LALA’s WORLD’s global financial ecosystem is going to take over traditional micro-lending processes:

Blockchain is an invaluable tool that has been chosen by LALA World to achieve its goals. However, the true strength of LALA World’s lending platform is in the sheer number of partners it brings to the table. It recently tied-up with world’s largest migrant database management platform – MiGram. It has been constantly striving to join more and more people in its endeavor – “Making Human Lives Better.”       

Daily Challenges in a Migrant’s Life and How CryptoCurrency is Changing it

The cryptocurrency concept, and blockchain, which is the technology associated with it, have been visualized to help bring a revolution in addressing a wide range of issues that a migrant might face away from home. Getting accustomed to a new environment isn’t easy, and a migrant faces a lot of challenges daily. Change in culture, lifestyles, currency, and technology, are important factors to consider in the process of migration. On top of it, migrants don’t get access to banking facilities readily, which creates problems right from getting their pay-check to paying for regular, basic services. There is a need to create a system, where flexible transactions can take place within a country irrespective of the citizenship or the location of the migrant. A migrant, though not being a citizen, needs to have access to basic financial services, and cryptocurrency can help a great deal in addressing these issues and assure easy access to services even before he begins his migration process.

Migrants from developing regions may move to more developed countries because of reasons like poverty, culture, political or economic circumstances, but mostly to move somewhere which provides a better quality of life. This change doesn’t come easy, as the migrant is expected to leave everything behind and move to a new location. Migrant workers don’t only contribute to the economy of the country they have moved to, but also to the country of their origin, as a migrant sends money back home to his dependents. Underdeveloped nations lag in employment opportunities and international exposures, which ensures that poverty thrives. Their population consists both skilled and unskilled labour, but the absence of opportunities prevents them from sustaining a good lifestyle. On the contrary, fast-growing economies always require human resources to propel infrastructural and economic growth. It is then, that the gap between these nations is bridged by providing labour for such growing economies and the process calls for migration.

When migrants cross borders in search of opportunities, they face challenges related to banking facilities. Something as simple as creating a bank account isn’t possible due to various compliance checks and minimum limits that banks impose. For private banks, the minimum limit balance for a salaried account is not enough to enable a migrant employed on daily wages. Besides these limits, insufficient documentation and no residence proof prevents migrants from getting access to basic banking services.

This is where LALA World can play a major role by providing a mobile LALA Wallet to the underbanked population. LALA is one of the pioneers of this vision of providing financial facilities to the underbanked, mainly through its own cryptocurrency, which is the LALA Token. Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, such as the US dollar, but is digital, and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds. Digital currency doesn’t have limits across borders, and it needs no repetitive documentation or futile paperwork to provide a migrant with a flexible option of storing currency, whether encrypted or fiat. These wallets also support the option of converting digital currency to fiat money, thereby satisfying the purpose of a fully functional bank account. LALA Card, being directly linked to migrants’ accounts, can be used for transactions at PoS machines anywhere. This way migrants do not have to deal with handling cash, bank accounts, unnecessary bureaucracy, and cashiers. The platform enables convenience and transparency, offering an easy learning curve for a population which isn’t much educated or aware of ways to utilise banking services.

Another advantage that comes with this technology is the freedom of international remittances without any unnecessary fees. MTOs (Money Transfer Operators) charge about 10% fee to conduct money transfers which reduces the utility of a money transfer and puts additional pressure on a migrant who values every single unit of his hard-earned money. And while converting to fiat currency might incur costs, it remains practical for a migrant who hopes to support his dependents back home in the most convenient way possible, by enabling them to access facilities that could improve their quality of life.

A secondary, although critical aspect of cryptocurrency is the provision of digital identities that it can provide. The idea of uploading identities of migrants on the Blockchain and providing them with digital identities across all basic services, is promising. Providing this identity can ensure easier access, and can facilitate integration and speed up the immigration process.

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem matures, the 350 million people migrating globally every year, will be among the many benefactors of the development of cryptocurrency. By paving the way for low-cost, cryptocurrency-based transactions and remittances, LALA World is a practical solution to enable the migrant communities’ inclusion into the financial ecosystem, and bridge the gap between underdeveloped and developing nations.

LALA World : Eliminating The Woes of Migrants and Their Unbanked Families

LALA is all for Happiness, financial freedom and upliftment of the unbanked. LALA team has been working on this for over a year now. Headquartered in Singapore, we all have a common mission, to uplift the migrants, unbanked and their families and connect them via an Ecosystem, which is not just financial but education, health, employment, to make them self-sustainable in the long run. LALA World is that Ethos. In this article, I wanted to highlight, very simply, the reasons why we are doing this, what we want to achieve and how LALA World is different.

  • Self Sustainability – by providing an Ecosystem – not just one or two niche services. The entire ethos around this populace in a strange new country and for families back home adapting to this new realm, is difficult, least to say. LALA wants to be THAT ecosystem which takes care of those issues in entirety. An ecosystem of trust and reliability. Someone there for them always. As we expand in countries across Asia, Africa, and CIS, we are partnering with local governments for subsidies, support and systematic change. Communities and camps with NGO’s to educate these migrants and their families. Education via these local channels is very important as ignorance is the biggest factor hampering growth. Health via a network of volunteers and doctors, Visa troubles via local consulate partners, employment issues via local lawyer groups and governments, its all about the LALA ECOSYSTEM.
  • Seamless, efficient and cost-effective technology – we have one of the best Blockchain teams and Blockchain by definition is about freedom from centralization. By removing these centralized networks of brokers, intermediaries, corporations, banks and educating the unbanked, we envision to achieve the unthinkable – a true peer to peer network for financial transactions, lending, rating, records etc. Simply put – Leveraging the power of blockchain to bring together 2 billion unbanked.
  • LALA ID – We believe the first step towards inclusion is to identify the person. There have been several attempts before but when working with such closed knit community engagements, LALA ID becomes a very powerful tool on blockchain, not only for governments, corporate and NGO’s but also for users themselves, to digitise them and their records and bring them into the world they have been deprived of for the longest time. LALA ID would be one single point of Identification combining a mix of software and hardware to bring over 1 billion people from oblivion to reality. Partnering with governments, cities, communities and NGO’s makes it possible. LALA Coin will be the enabler and incentivize people for using the network and digitizing their records at each and every step.
  • Cash is King – Cash is still the dominant medium of exchange in these areas. Let’s face it, this is NOT going to disappear overnight. The Ecosystem that LALA is building complements this with technologies like GPS tracking where a user can meet other local users to transfer LALA Coins for cash. This becomes an enabler for LALA Coins and ultimately the aim is for LALA Coins to becomes their own medium of exchange. This is not innovation, it’s already happening in over 60% of Africa via mobile money and alternates like m-pesa. Right incentives, frequent incentives, community engagements, micro-credits, localized support systems, all become an enabler towards self-sustainability and greater adoption of LALA World.
  • Third Party API’s – CSA – Corporate and Strategic Alliances – We believe in partnerships. We cannot do this alone. We are very clear of our strengths but at the same time, we are also aware of others strengths and availability of best solutions. The solutions we provide can be used by any third party Wallets, financial systems, niche players and global corporate to develop their own networks – as long as they are used for social upliftment. This further creates network effects and enhances the value of the LALA World Ecosystem. Rome was not built in a day and certainly not by Ceaser himself. Partners are what creates a true Ecosystem. We have developed these in the past and we are again going to do this on a global scale.
  • Local Networks – LALA team has extensive on-ground experience in these emerging markets. Having seen this first hand, created opportunities, build and sold companies, LALA team is one of the most competitive to be able to create these network effects. We are very focused where and how are we going to target these markets. Given the migrant issues and our strength in these markets, our initial focus is their families back home and themselves. In their home countries like India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Turkey etc, LALA is not only creating local partnerships as described above but also launching awesome experience via LALA Shops, LALA Franchises and LALA Force (on the motorbikes) to deliver services and create support groups. Proper training and tools are being deployed to create a local level structure to support LALA World Ecosystem.
  • We believe in the betterment of society. Billions of human beings suffering for too long. Capital markets, geopolitics and above all ignorance takes away even the basic amenities from them. Its time someone did something. LALA World and LALA team is on a mission to uplift these people. every bit helps and we need your support for this noble cause. Real people, solving real life issues, with real partnerships and real products.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

— Steve Jobs

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Here Comes The Much Awaited Bounty Program From LALA World

As you all know very well by now, LALA World (“LALA”) is all about providing much needed and much delayed financial services to migrants and their unbanked families. It is a financial Ecosystem, enabled by the LALA Wallet that works as a single sign-on platform. LALA serves to resolve employment issues, provide digital IDs, contribute to communities build-ups, provide for government and NGO partnerships, support in resolving health issues, and of course, providing a new financial ecosystem for the huge underbanked population in the world by capitalizing on the Blockchain revolution to bridge the gap between real cash and digital cash worlds.

By creating a whole new peer-to-peer ecosystem, LALA aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs transact, make payments, borrow money, etc. It also aims to revolutionize associated products like insurances, domestic and cross-border remittances, cash cards, and other general banking products.

We are announcing a Bounty Program for LaLa World, and the details are available on Bitcointalk forum:

We have a budget total of 7.2 Million LaLa Tokens, 3% of the supply equals 4500 ETH or 1,350,000 USD according to our hard cap of 150,000 ETH.

All these Bounties will be paid directly to all eligible wallets at the end of Main ICO Phase.

The General Rules for the Bounty Program are as follows:

  1. Payment Address will not be changed. Once the bounty seeker applies for eligibility using an address, that address will be locked. Everyone is responsible for protecting their address and private keys. So please do not click on any links you receive through suspect looking email ids or slack PMs.
  2. The Bounty seeker must join our telegram group to participate in this Project’s bounty program. Without joining the telegram group, you will not be counted on any Bounty. The telegram link is:


Let us look at some details today for the Social Media Bounty Campaign:

20% of the total Bounty Pool (1,440,000 LALA Tokens) is allocated for Social Media Campaign bounties, which will be divided equally between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram bounties!

Bounty payments will happen as follows: 5 Stakes per Week for every valid Twitter, Facebook and Instagram User.

Now, here is what you need to do to join the bounty hunt:

For Twitter:

  • Follow the Official Twitter Handle:
  • Fill this form:
  • Spreadsheet:

For Facebook:

  • Like Official Facebook page:
  • Fill this Form:
  • Spreadsheet:

For Instagram:

  • Follow Official Instagram profile:
  • Fill this Form:
  • Spreadsheet:

And here are the Terms and Rules specific to the Social Media Campaign:

1: Twitter Accounts must have a Minimum of 200 Followers; Facebook
accounts must have a minimum of 200 friends; Instagram accounts should
have minimum 100 followers.
2: Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts must be original. Fake, dead,
inactive, or bot accounts will not be accepted.
3: You must be an active Twitter/Facebook user, retweet/like/share
tweets/post at least 5 times a week. For Instagram, you should be
active and like at least 5 posts a week as well.
4: Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be
using multi accounts, will be blacklisted.
5: A user can participate in all three campaigns at the same time.
6: Owners and Managers have the right to change the rules, or apply
more and do any other reasonable changes in this bounty (Including
payment structure and amount)
We will be talking about the other platforms for Bounty Campaign in our upcoming blogs! Stay tuned!

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How LALA World Plans To Make Cryptocurrency Useful In The Future!

lala world blockchain

Technology continues to make life easier. Everything, from shopping to social connect, to digitizing the cable network, has been done to provide the factor of convenience. With the advent of technology, transferring money in the form of cash, cheque, demand drafts, or money orders, may seem like ancient and useless methods. These methods are far less popular when compared to faster electronic methods for transferring money between accounts, states and even across borders. But the cheapest method of transfer still varies from person to person depending on their circumstances and their ability to afford the cost.

Unfortunately, when it comes to transfer of money through phones and other advanced digital options, convenience comes with potential risks. There is a need to protect funds and personal information by being aware of the drawbacks to such methods and the security issues that entail them. There is an abundance of hacking and cloning methods, and tools, that are not very difficult to get hold of.

To prevent people from falling victim to these risks, fintech corporations have come up with the concept where you can encrypt your assets to send them safely to another user, without being bound by excessive regulations and through a completely legal process. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency system that makes use of peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange platforms, is normally decentralized and facilitates the capability of processing digital transactions. The currency holders maintain virtual wallets which can hold such transactions.

Cryptocurrencies have been in existence for quite some time, but were not properly acknowledged. In the present scenario of digital advancements and evolution of money transfers, the process and concept of cryptocurrency has come into limelight. They have generated the tremendous amount of attention as well as controversies after they started being used as a convenient alternative to the world’s leading currencies like the US dollar, the Euro, and commodity assets such as gold and silver. These currencies are quite comparable to those of real money that can be used in purchasing products and obtaining services. Their flexibility allows them to be used for buying automobiles to buying a cup of coffee.

LALA World is introducing an Ecosystem for the underbanked population by harnessing the power of Ethereum & Hyperledger blockchains and bridging the gap between real and crypto world. It is a new-age one-stop wallet based service that, with the help of tokens based on Ethereum’s technology, provides financial inclusion to the underbanked population of the world as well as allows investors to capitalize on the rise of blockchain technology. By creating a whole new P2P infrastructure, LALA aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs transact, make payments, borrow, lend, and conduct other basic financial services.

The LALA World Ecosystem is a complete financial ecosystem that consists of 5 major products;

  1. LALA Transfer        2. LALA BillPay              3. LALA Lends           4. LALA ID                5. LALA Card

LALA Transfer is a Peer-to-Peer local and global remittance that can hold fiat as well as cryptocurrencies. It is an essential service required for migrants working abroad who send money home to their dependents. LALA Bill Pay is designed to be a local and international utility, which facilitates any bill payments via country-specific partners for both Crypto and Fiat currencies.

LALA Bill Pay can process bill payments at the push of a button. This is being facilitated by building partnerships and cooperation with local government agencies.

LALA Lends is a borrowing & lending service that provides the money-lending facility in the form of digital currency, with EMI’s. It provides Peer-to-Peer and EMI based lending for small business and micro-entrepreneurial projects.

LALA Card, a virtual and/or physical debit card (and in time to come credit card), is synced to the LALA Wallet and ensures that you have easy access to your assets. It will be usable at millions of PoS globally.

LALA Wallet will be your single point access to all financial services in the LALA World ecosystem based on your global identity – LALA ID.

LALA ID will be able to consolidate all physical and digital identity into a single secure & private ambient identity, pointing to a secured trusted dataset about the individual, thereby enabling easily individualized interactions in the physical and digital world across multiple vertical applications and complement existing identity solutions.

LaLa World Making Life Easier For Migrant Workers and Their Families

Lala world underbanked service

International migration is an integral part of world economy. According to the United Nations, there were close to 230 million migrants worldwide, excluding refugees, in 2015. These migrants leave their homes and lands in search of greener pastures, to find an opportunity to eke out a meaningful living for the safe and secure future of their families.

Most migrants come from poor and developing nations to search for work in the countries of their more privileged brethren. Almost all migrants aim to earn enough for their own survival in the new country as well as save some money to send to their families back home. Migrants sent almost 600 billion US dollars to their families back home in 2015. And yet they had to shell out a whopping 54 billion USD as transaction costs on these remittances. That is a loss of $9 for every $100 they send. For many, $9 can mean the cost of ration for a week. High transaction costs are a problem that has plagued the migrant community for years now.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations calls on all countries to implement planned and fair migration policies to benefit the future wave of migration that is foreseeable and imminent in the coming years. One of the major points in this agenda is to reduce the transaction costs of migrant remittances.

It is obvious that what migrants earn at their workplace is definitely greater in value than the currency in their home countries. This clearly explains the pain points of migrants when they pay such exorbitant remittance charges for sending money home. What they need is a financial system that eases this huge burden from their shoulders. That such a system will have far-reaching and positive ramifications on the economies of both the home country and the adopted country of the migrants is a given.

Lala world underbanked service

The LaLa World Ecosystem: A Sustainable Solution

LaLa World aims to create an inclusive financial ecosystem that will serve the underbanked and underserved. The engines of the global economy can fire on all cylinders only when the vast majority of individuals on this planet becomes part of it. LaLa Wallet, the core of this new-age financial ecosystem, is a unique one-stop financial services platform that offers a fast, affordable and flexible solution for a range of financial transactions. It is powered by the revolutionary blockchain technology that uses cryptocurrencies as well as digital and fiat money to create a seamless financial system.

At the center of this unique system is LaLa World’s own crypto – LaLa Coin. The Wallet allows conversion of LaLa Coin into other crypto assets as well as fiat Money. Together they power LaLa Transfer, an efficient, cheaper and faster remittance service.

Is It Secure?

In this day and age of internet hacks, identity thefts and theft of digital assets that can leave anybody heartbroken, LaLa World assures the next level of security through LaLa ID. Ask any migrant the importance of a secure and authentic ID and you will realize what we are talking about. LaLa ID is a single, safe, secure, global ID that is on the Blockchain and totally under your control. A unique, all-encompassing identity akin to the social security number in the United States and the Aadhar in India, LaLa ID aims to be a truly global ID that you can carry anywhere in the world without having to maintain any physical form of the identity.

lala global id

LaLa ID is incorruptible, far superior to existing IDs and is available on demand. The LaLa ID is a consolidation of biometrics, national ID systems, digital records and a multi-level verification system that makes it truly comprehensive. LaLa ID and the LaLa Wallet marry in a fine amalgam to allow migrants to move about with confidence and carry on with their financial transactions in a safe, secure and seamless manner.

Rewarding Remittances: Changing the Game?

Whoever thought that remitting money could be rewarding? Well, it could be psychologically rewarding for a working migrant when he thinks of all the good things his money could buy for his family back home. But all the poor guy has ever known is the ridiculous charges he has to pay just to send his hard-earned money to his family.

With LaLa Transfer, remittances are rewarded. Every time you transfer money, you get rewarded economically with LaLa Coins. You also get incentives for referrals. As much as 20% of the net transaction fees is used to buyback LaLa Coins and are distributed among the network. So you get paid for simply using your LaLa Wallet.

Serving the Underserved

The migrant labor market is huge and is expanding at a rapid rate. More and more skilled migrants are traveling to distant lands to earn a decent living. These are the people who are readily exploited by elements of the mainstream financial system. Living in a strange new world and culture, they are unsure of where to put their money, who to trust and where to go in times of financial difficulties. Intermediaries, brokers, high exchange and transaction rates, employer compliance and financial laws of the country they work in are enough to overwhelm them.

Perspective LaLa Wallet services

LaLa wallet endeavors to empower these migrants whose only aim in life is to earn enough for themselves and for their families back home so that they live a life of dignity and fairness. In fact, a happy migrant workforce is an asset to any country’s economy. By partnering with multi-national employers, governments and financial institutions, LaLa World aims to create a safe, secure and affordable financial ecosystem. Such a flexible system can help them make daily financial transactions along with remitting money to their loved ones as and when they please. With this we hope to make lives for these migrants and their families easier.

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Say Hola to LALA!

Welcome to a new financial world that will make you go LaLa!

Well, to give you a very basic idea before we dive into the details, we at LALA WORLD PTE Ltd., have an objective,a vision and that is to integrate cryptocurrencies into the everyday lives of people, making them easy to buy, hold, spend or sell, making this operation cheaper, safer and decentralized. We are here to enable and empower the unbanked and the underserved.

Yes, cryptocurrencies the buzzword these days have attracted a humongous amount of attention in recent times. While the debates regarding their regulations rage on, one thing is for sure- the future of currencies is digital and the “Blockchain Technology” is here to stay!

LALA World (“LALA”) introduces a new financial infrastructure for the underbanked population (and mind you, that population is quiet huge out there) by capitalizing the Blockchain revolution to bridge the gap between cash, digital and the crypto world. LALA, is the new age one stop Wallet based on Ethereum Blockchain, allowing investors to capitalize on the rise of Blockchain, as well as the underbanked into the financial ecosystem. The company was founded in April 2016, in Singapore. By September 2016, our India office was up and running. The year 2017 has seen us expanding to Dubai and Malaysia, and entering into partnerships in Middle East and Africa. The next couple of years will see us taking our footprint into countries like Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, etc. In fact, we are talking about entering the remaining continents on this planet! And of course, before all that, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be upon you! It is coming soon, very soon!

LaLa Wallet services

You would definitely want to know how we want to achieve our objective, right? Well, there are a lot of things that we would be discussing about in the upcoming blogs. LALA aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses and micro entrepreneurs transact, make domestic and cross border payments, borrow money and associated products like insurances, cards, wealth and other general banking products by creating a whole new peer to peer infrastructure. Premise of your LALA Wallet starts by creating a single digital identity that you can carry globally – LALA ID, protecting your security on Blockchain and giving you freedom to conduct various financial services, all in one single Wallet. And the wallet is just one of the immediate products that we are offering along with LALA Transfer, LALA Bill Pay followed by other LALA products like LALA Lends, LALA Card, LALA Insurance, LALA Wealth, LALA Kit, etc. that will be available to our customers as we grow. More about them, later!

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