Arax Launches Signature Campaign

By February 28, 2019LaLa World

Arax is a multicurrency wallet that enables ease of control for all your digital assets. Supporting multiple Blockchains, the wallet serves as a one-stop manager to your cryptocurrency portfolio. Arax launches its Signature Campaign on Bitcointalk . 2,000,000 Tokens are reserved for the Arax Signature Campaign with weekly distributions.

Participate now and win LALA tokens every week!

How To Participate

Fill the application form, in order to participate in the Arax Signature Campaign.

Rules, Terms And Conditions

1- You Must join the LALA WORLD Telegram Group in order to Participate in Campaign (it’s Mandatory)

2- You must DOWNLOAD Arax App to participate in this campaign.

3- You must do a minimum of 8 posts per week. Less than 8 posts will not be counted.

4- You should not have negative feedback on your profile.

5- Your BitcoinTalk Account rank should be at least Member.

6- You must post in English, other languages post will not be counted.

7- Posts in any campaign thread, promotion or giveaway do no count.

8- You need to wear our avatar (Click to Download-  Bounty Thread).

9- Owners and managers save the rights to apply new rules, change rules and do any other reasonable changes if necessary (including payment amount and structure)

The distribution of the tokens to bounty participants will be after the end of the Campaign.

Payout Structure & Positions

Member: 10 Stakes/Week

Full Member: 20 Stakes/Week

Senior Member:30 Stakes/Week

Hero and Legendary: 50 Stakes/Week


1- To receive your LALA Tokens you have to create a new LALA Address in Arax. The old LALA wallet addresses will not be entertained.

2- For Any Kind Of Queries, Ask In Support Group-

 For more Info visit Here:

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